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Bella begged the rest of the group to stop at a coffee shop for some coffee and a light breakfast, so we did that on the way to the dock. We shared a vanilla latte and a muffin in the backseat. Alice was practically on Bella's lap due to how squished we were, but at least we made it in one car.

Emmett parked at the dock and then began to mutter something to himself before finally speaking up.

"What the fuck is he doing here?"

"I invited him," Alice said with a huff, hopping out of the car and into Jasper's arms. Uh oh.

"Nothing you can do about it, Em, might as well give up. Look how happy she is, dude. Let her be."

"Oh, sure, now that you're not cockblocked anymore, you're just all fucking rainbows and sunshine for everyone?"

The girls stepped out of the car and I hopped over the center console to sit next to Emmett.

"Emmett, seriously. This has nothing to do with me being or not being cockblocked. Look at Alice. She was never that happen with James. What's your problem?"

"Edward, did Bella fuck your brains right out of you?" I was slightly irritated that Emmett had used my own words from the other day against me. Bastard. "For such a smart guy, you're being really fucking stupid. LOOK at her. I see her, do you? She's in love with that guy, Edward. Not grade school crush. Do you see them?"

I looked over at them and I realized he was right.

"Okay, so they're in love," I shrugged.

Emmett groaned in frustration.

"Dude, it's like you said. We're only here for two weeks. Less than that, now. What's going to happen? Alice is going to get her heart broken when she has to leave. What if she decides to do something rash, like stay?"

Then I realized; I had been so wrapped up in Bella and what was changing between us that I failed to really think through Alice's crush.

"I dunno, Em, but we'll figure it out, okay? Let's go have a fun day and watch some turtles."

We rejoined the group and Emmett even shook Jasper's hand in greeting. I gave Jasper a genuine smile as I shook his hand and we all made our way onto the boat.

The trip was a blast – watching the turtles with my friends and Bella had been fun and something I would never forget. Watching Bella was more fun, though. She had another bikini on and I constantly had to contain my raging hard-on. Good thing we were in the water most of the day. At one point I floated up behind her and wrapped her in my arms, whispering dirty things in her ear. I couldn't wait to get back to the room, even with as much fun as we were all having together. Even Emmett loosened up a bit and seemed to be going with the flow.

Once we were back on dry land, we talked about how the rest of the night was going to go. I wanted to sit and enjoy the sunset with Bella, so we all went our separate ways with a plan to meet up after dinner at the suites to play cards and have a few drinks. We stopped at the grocery store on the way back to pick up some alcohol, a deck of cards and some snacks to keep on hand.

Back at the rooms, I left Bella to change out of my board shorts while she changed out of her swimsuit and shorts. She knocked softly on the door to my room moments later and I let her in. I hadn't yet put my shirt back on and she eyed me from her spot at the door. She was wearing a flowy purple dress that accentuated her curves. It was gathered just beneath her breasts and I tried to suppress the urge to molest her at the sight. I grabbed a t-shirt from my suitcase and threw it on.



"Why don't you just bring your suitcase over to my room?"

I stopped looking for my glasses and looked over at her. This time I really looked, and I noticed that her hair was down and messy, but beautiful. She had lipgloss on, or chapstick? I wasn't sure; I'm a straight male, her lips were shiny, that's all I knew for sure. Bella's cheeks were pink and she had the most beautiful expression on her face.

"Are you sure?"

Walking over to me, her dress flowed around her and her flip flops made that unmistakable noise. Her hands rested on my chest and she looked up into my eyes, holding my gaze and just being still and quiet with me for a moment.

"I love you. I don't want to be apart from you anymore."

Her right hand moved up my chest and behind my neck, pulling me down for a soft, gentle kiss. I pulled her to my body and wrapped my arms around her. We stood there for what could have been hours, softly kissing as our hearts and lips made up for the years our minds had kept us apart.

Finally I realized the sun was lowering in the sky and I broke our kiss. I really wanted to enjoy both a sunset and a sunrise with Bella on the island and I already had plans for our sunrise in a few days.

"Let's go, love. I want to sit with you on the beach and watch the sunset."

We made our way down to the sand, walking by the pool and cabana we shared the other day. I squeezed Bella's hand as we walked past and she smiled at me, sharing the memory. We plopped down on the sand together, still holding hands, and watched the sun sink in the sky. Bella rested her head on my shoulder and I wrapped an arm around her waist.

"Do we have to go back?"

"To the room or to Washington?"

"Both. Either," she sighed.

"Yeah, we do."

"Just five more minutes."

We watched the waves roll in and out, the calm quiet moment setting the mood.

Contrasting with that moment were the next several hours. Alice surprised us with Jasper's presence in the suite. Emmett was uptight, until the drinks began to flow. We played Texas hold 'em and everyone learned more about Jasper, but also about each other. We talked about silly, random things and serious topics as well.

Jasper explained to us that his family was from Portland and he and Alice exchanged gazes when he talked about possibly moving back. I was certain they had already made their plans just from the look in her eyes, but it seemed they weren't yet ready to share with the rest of us, so I let it go.

Sometime very late at night, we all went our separate ways. Bella and I slept in the room we had been in the night before, Alice and Jasper stayed in the room next to us and Emmett and Rose got the other suite to themselves again. I made a mental note to negotiate with Emmett for the private suite at some point, and crawled into bed with Bella. We fell asleep quickly, wrapped up in each other, too tipsy to care about anything but sleep.

When I woke up the next morning, I giggled at what I saw and heard. Bella was still sound asleep, a little drool coming from the corner of her mouth. She was also snoring. Not a light, delicate snore, either. I got out of bed to brush my teeth and get rid of the cotton-mouth feeling. As I was standing there brushing, thinking about the day ahead, I felt Bella's cold hands on my bare back, followed by her forehead.

"Oh God, how much did we drink?" she groaned.

"Too much, apparently," I said around my toothbrush.

I rinsed my teeth and brush, then turned to face her. My hands ran up and down her arms and I placed a kiss in her messy hair.

"You okay?"

"Need. Coffee. Badly."

Laughing, I guided her back to the bed and tucked her in, promising coffee and medicine. I went into the living area and ordered a few pots of coffee, certain that everyone else would need it just as much as Bella and I did. While I waited for them to arrive, I opened my laptop and finalized some plans I had made for the next morning. I also checked my email and updated Facebook and Twitter.

Room service knocked on the door and dropped off our coffee. I let him into Em and Rose's room to leave their coffee as well and by the time I got back into the other suite, Bella and Alice had poured themselves cups and were sitting next to each other, chatting away. As I got closer, I saw Bella had poured me a cup as well and I smiled and thanked her, sitting on the arm of her chair.

Emmett came over a few minutes later to thank me for the coffee and find out what the plans were for the day. We all agreed to hang out by the pool and relax; everyone needed to recover and I knew that I was going to have Bella up early the next morning, so a relaxing day before sounded perfect.

Once the coffee was gone, we all changed and went down to the pool. Emmett, Jasper and I took the cabana again while the girls laid out in the sun. Bella tortured me again with the sunscreen, but this time I took my time and lingered, placing a soft kiss now and then.

Around noon, she came into the cabana and sat with me, laying back against me as we talked softly. Emmett had gone out to find Rose and Jasper seemed to be asleep on the lounge chair next to us, so we had a sense of privacy. We whispered to each other about the future. What we wanted from each other. What we needed. It was a moment that I knew I'd never forget, and then we just laid quietly together. Bella's head rested next to mine on the chair and her fingers were laced together with mine.

A very brief time later, we were woken up by Emmett's booming laugh, and I mused at how he was always interrupting us.

"Come on, rope swing!"

As he spoke, he rotated his hips and made a lasso motion, which just made me laugh. Of course, that made Bella bounce on my chest and Emmett's eyes threatened to bug out of his head.

"Emmett!" I scolded him, and he looked appropriately like a child who just got caught in the cookie jar at that moment.

Bella turned her head and kissed me before curling up on my body.

"Come on, baby, let's go swing."

She winked and I was lost. I'd follow her anywhere, do anything, say whatever. I was hers, forever. She took my hand in hers and pulled me up off the chair. I tossed my glasses onto the table before it was too far away and I saw Emmett dragging Rose in a similar manner. I shrugged and smiled. Alice and Jasper were bringing up the rear of our group, casually walking hand-in-hand behind us. We each took our turn swinging from the rope and dropping into the water and then agreed to get dinner.

We got dressed and gathered our things, going to the cafe where Bella and I had s'mores the first time we acted on our feelings for each other. The same server was working and he requested that we sit in his section. I guess he appreciated his tip. I let everyone know at dinner that I had early plans for Bella and I. She quirked a brow at me in question, but I just shook my head, wanting it to be a surprise.

Once we were stuffed, the sun was beginning to set and we all split up again. Jasper had to work the next day, so Alice was bummed through all of dinner, knowing he'd be gone. I promised Jasper that we'd keep her busy once we were done with our plans for the day, and she and Bella immediately began to scheme.

Bella and I walked around the grounds of the hotel and came upon a beautiful little chapel. The sun had set and it was beautifully lit up on the inside, the stained glass almost glowing. We walked in together and looked around, both of us amazed at the beauty of the tiny space. Bella let go of my hand and walked over to touch some stained glass and I sat on a bench and looked around. When she had taken it all in, she sat next to me and we soaked in the moment together. She was tucked into my side, my arm around her, resting her body against mine.


She tilted her head up to look at me. I pulled back slightly and took my arm back from around her. I needed to make sure I meant the words I was about to say, before I said them. As I slid off the bench, I was certain. I took her hands in mine and looked up at her.

"I've known you most of my life. I've loved you a great portion of that time. I want to spend every day of the rest of my life with you, no matter how we work the details out or where we do it. Not today, or tomorrow. Probably not even this year. But someday, someday, Bella Swan, will you marry me?"

As I spoke, Bella's eyes began to water and then tears fell.

I waited.

And waited.

Until I began to feel, honestly, a little foolish. Had I moved too fast?

Bella's body shook from her crying. Sliding off the bench, she wrapped her arms around my neck and sat in my lap.

"Oh Edward," she sighed. "I love you so much. Yes. The answer is yes."

I lowered my head down to hers and kissed her, my lame attempt at trying to convey everything I felt in that moment. My heart was pounding and I was certain she could feel it, but she never said anything about it, she simply sat there and kissed me back.

Realizing that we were perhaps about to step over the line of acceptable behavior for a church, I broke our kiss and pulled her tightly to me. As I caught my breath, I closed my eyes and imagined the life it felt like I was stepping into. I smiled.

"Do you know what I've thought about ever since the first day we got here?" I whispered.

Bella shook her head no.

"That fan-fucking-tastic bathtub and your naked body in it with me."

I groaned and nipped at her neck as she laughed. She pulled back to wipe her eyes, then stood. I followed her and we walked back to the room. Taking my iPhone from my pocket, I texted Jasper to make sure they had no plans to come back to the room for the night. He texted me right back and let me know we had the room to ourselves, and I was so glad, I almost skipped. Almost.

Once we were in the room, I put the security lock on the door, in case Emmett or Rose decided to come over, or Jasper or Alice changed their minds. I walked to the tub and began to fill it, using some of the bubbles that were sitting in a bottle on the edge. By the time I realized it was ready to get into, I turned around to see Bella undressed and standing next to me.

"Let me help you with that," she said. Her voice was rough and unfamiliar to my ears.

Pulling my shirt up and over my head, she tossed it off to the side. She took my hand and motioned for me to stand with her, fingers moving quickly to my waistband. As she pulled my shorts and boxers off, she looked up at me.

"I can't wait. I don't want to wait, Edward. I want to get in the tub with you, but I need you first. Please."

I moved us over to the bed and Bella began to crawl up, but I held her ankle. She turned back to look at me questioningly. I simply smirked and shook my head no, tugging on her leg to bring her back to the edge. Once her feet were flush with the floor again, I ran a hand up and down her spine.

"Spread your legs wider."

Her cheek was pressed against the mattress, her round ass high in the air. I bent to lick her; I just couldn't resist a quick swipe before fucking her. My hands were at her sides, holding her steady as I dipped my tongue into her quickly and then pulled back, placing one last kiss against her. She groaned in frustration and pushed back against me.

"Anxious, baby?"

"Please," she whimpered out, turning her head to look at me.

Curling my body over hers, I reached under and cupped a breast with my right hand. My mouth was at her ear as I spoke.

"Fuck, I love it when you beg me. Do you feel how hard it makes me?"

I teased her, running my cock up and down her slit. She whimpered and I pinched her nipple, causing her to gasp and drop her head. My fingers slid down from my erection to her wetness. I made a pass over her clit and as she raised her head back up to moan, I slipped inside of her. I raised myself back up to standing so that I could thrust deeper and at a better angle.

An appreciative hum left my lips and I was lost in the moment, pulling back and pushing into her over and over. As my fingertips found her clit again, she ground back against me and I pushed forward. I pressed my fingers to her and moved them in circles, needing to please her. My hand worked faster and her breath became more labored and obvious, moans escaping now and then as well.

"Yes. Fuck, yes, Bella. Come for me, baby, please."

I could feel my orgasm beginning and knew I couldn't hold out much longer. Thrusting into her harder, I felt her body begin to shake as she began to mumble incoherently. Each time she pushed back against me, it broke one more piece of my restraint. Bella cried out, screaming so loud I was worried half the hotel would hear her, as she began to climax and I fell swiftly after her. I leaned down to her body, kissing between her shoulder blades and nuzzling my neck into her hair.

"Edward?" she squeaked.


"You're crushing me."

We both laughed as I rolled off her and she turned to face me. Bella curled up in my arms and sighed, throwing her leg over my hip to pull us closer together.



I really did want to get her into the tub. I knew that I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off her soapy body, and I wanted to feel her fall apart several more times in my arms, weightless in the water. The water had cooled while we were enjoying each other, so I drained some of it and re-ran it with hot. We rested together in the scented bath, talking more. It felt like we had talked more in the last few days than our whole lives, but maybe it was just that we said more.

Once the water was cold again, we pulled the plug, carefully climbed out and wrapped up in towels. Bella walked to the bedroom and I undid the security lock, in case someone really did need to get into the room. I quietly called room service to setup a breakfast delivery for 7am the next morning, then set the alarm clock on my phone. I joined Bella in bed, what had become our bed, and we slept soundly.

The next morning it was the knock at the door and not my phone that woke me up. I slipped my boxers back on and groggily answered the door. Thankful for the coffee, I let room service in and smiled as he left. I snuck into the bedroom, retrieved the pearl Bella had gotten on our first day in Maui and took it next door. I left it at the designated spot for Emmett on the table and crept back to the other suite.

Bella came out of the bedroom wrapped in a fluffy hotel robe, hair sticking every which way, looking every bit as radiant as she always did. We exchanged a smile and she sat at the table across from me.

"I know you're not going to tell me where we're going or what we're doing," she said between sips of hot coffee. "Can you at least tell me how I should dress for our adventure?"

"Yes. Dress comfortably." I smiled.


I shook my head no. "No dresses."


I shrugged and nodded.

"Flip flops?"

That one made me furrow my brow and think for a minute.

"Probably not. Safer to go with your standard Chucks."

We ate in silence the rest of the time, then enjoyed a shower together. Once we were dressed and on the road, it wouldn't take long to get to our destination. I parked the car and walked around to help her out, taking her hand.

"Stables? We're going horseback riding?"

Bella's face was completely lit up and I knew it was worth waking early for.

"I know you love to ride and haven't been since we left for college. Surprised?"

She squealed and hugged me, jumping up and down in my arms.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," she said between kisses to my face.

We got matched to horses and went on our ride. It was a beautiful, cloudless day. From the shore, we could see for what seemed like forever. The turquoise water twinkled and shined. We got off our horses and the trail leader took the reigns for us as we walked around a bit.

I walked around behind her and wrapped her in my arms. The expansive ocean in front of us felt a little bit like our lives – open, endless, ready for us to dive in. We made plans to go down to the ocean later, but took a moment to enjoyed the views from where we were.

As we rode back down the trail, I thought about the upcoming school year. As much as I wanted to marry Bella and live my Happily Ever After with her, I still needed to get through the next few years and figure out where I was going with my life. I had to push the thoughts from my head as I dismounted my horse. Bella and I thanked the man leading us and walked slowly back to the car.

Bella called Alice on the way to the room, to coordinate their afternoons. I simply accepted my fate as innocent bystander and allowed them to plan and direct me. We were all three going to the beach and Emmett and Rose were taking the car somewhere, having spent the morning over at the Shops at Wailea again. They agreed to pick us up at six for a trip down to Lahaina for dinner and drinks. I would be the designated driver for the evening.

I gave Bella my Kindle to put in her bag for some beach reading and we quickly changed into our swimwear. Bella put on a light dress over her suit and then walked over to talk to me as I dug through my bags, looking for the t-shirt I wanted.


"Yes, love?"

"I was just thinking. About last night."

Panic hit me. Was she regretting saying yes to me? I stopped what I was doing and looked up at her.

"Well, we're about to go spend the afternoon with Alice, and I know if we don't talk about it now, the news will come spilling right out of me. Do you want to tell our friends, or wait?"

"What do you think?"

She sat on the bed beside me and hummed in thought.

"I think I'd like to keep it between us for now. It seems like a wonderful little secret we get to share together. Our friends might freak out if we got engaged so suddenly, even though we agreed to wait to actually get married."

"Yeah. I confess, I think I'd like the opportunity to properly propose to you." I smiled at her and gave her a soft, slow kiss.

Before we could get too lost in one another, I smiled against her lips and rested my forehead on hers.

"Let's go get Alice and enjoy the day."

I finally found the shirt I was looking for and slipped it on. We got Alice from the other room and agreed to stop on our way to the beach for a quick bite to eat. While we ate, Alice filled us in on things with Jasper and Bella and I listened intently. She finally spilled and said that even though it had been a little less than a week, she was pretty sure Jasper would indeed be moving back to Portland, and soon. She glowed with happiness and my heart swelled for her.

Alice picked up the lunch tab and we headed to find a spot on the beach. We found two umbrellas with empty chairs next to each other and parked, Alice and Bella together and me under the other umbrella, Bella in the middle. She handed me my reader and then sprayed some sunscreen on. I chuckled softly enough so that she wouldn't hear, at the knowledge she had been intentionally torturing me on that first day, asking me to rub on her lotion.

Several magazines and part of a book later, Bella was straddling my waist in the chair.

"Wanna go out in the water?"

Not anymore. Now I want to go back to the room.


I slipped my Kindle into her bag and watched her as she walked into the water. I looked over at Alice, a devious plan forming in my head. Alice smiled at me and tilted her head toward Bella, a silent approval of the unspoken plan. I broke into a sprint and caught up with Bella in no time, scooping her in my arms and falling on my back into the water with her.

We splashed and played, laughing and having a good time together. For several minutes, we bobbed, letting the surf carry us as we kissed and caressed each other, as much as was appropriate for being out in public. Bella had her legs wrapped around my waist and we talked more about living together, and how that would be with the other three people. Originally, James and Alice were supposed to share a room, Rose and Em would share, and Bella and I were supposed to each have our own. Now Alice would have her own room and Bella and I needed to decide if we wanted to share or stay separate. We talked about some pros and cons and agreed to decide later.

Alice waved us in from the water and reminded us of the time. We packed up everything and went back to the room for showers and to change for dinner. Alice, ever thoughtful, went to the other suite to shower, giving us privacy for a moment.

The moment the shower warmed up, I pulled Bella in and we began to play. It was fun to explore her body, after all these years of hearing her comments on other guys and learning the little things that made her tick. I touched and kissed her everywhere, my need for her never seeming to be quenched.

Back out of the shower, dried and dressed, Alice rejoined us in the suite as she and Bella put on some makeup and finished getting ready. I laid on the couch and read more, waiting for them. Once they were ready, we all went over to the other suite and Emmett discreetly gave me back Bella's pearl. I made up a lame excuse and went back to the other room, tucking the box safely into my luggage.

I went back to the other suite and we all drove to Lahaina, enjoying the warm breeze on the drive. We ate at Cheeseburgers in Paradise, and everyone enjoyed a few drinks with their food. We walked along Front Street as the girls did some shopping and Emmett and I hung back and talked about how things were going to go next year. Emmett had plans to ask Rose to marry him after graduation, but I knew from talking privately to Rose that she just wanted a simple wedding and would have preferred to do it sooner, so we debated the merits of both plans. Little did he know, I was having the same debate in my own head. Knowing I had reservations for a fancy restaurant the next night, I told Em to go ahead and make plans without us.

We finally got back to the car and I drove everyone to the hotel for the night. Alice was staying in the room next to us again, so we simply curled up together and whispered back and forth, making more plans for the future, until we were too tired to talk.

The next day, the girls had a spa day scheduled, so Emmett and I hung out by the pool. We grabbed lunch at some point, but basically just sat together reading, talking or napping under the shade of the cabana. The girls had things planned literally all day, so I told Bella about our dinner and we agreed to meet back in the room.

Emmett came with me and after I showered and changed, we hung in his suite and watched TV. We could hear the giggling group before they came into the room, except that it was only Alice and Rose.

"Where's Bella?"

"She wanted to change," Rose said, exchanging a laugh with Alice. "She said to give her twenty minutes and then you could come collect her for your date."

"Okay." I made a note of the time and exactly twenty minutes later, popped out of my chair to get Bella. I could hear the rest of the group laughing at me as I left, but I didn't care; I just needed to see her and be with her again.

I put the key in, turned the handle to the room and my eyes went straight to her. She was standing in the middle of the room, waiting for me. She had a sleeveless black dress on and her hair was wavy and gorgeous, but nothing compared to the sparkle in her eyes and the smile on her face.

She blushed and looked down as she greeted me with a meek "Hi".

I crossed the room to take her in my arms and kissed her in greeting. When I pulled back to take another look, I had the perfect accessory for the night.

"I'll be right back," I said, dashing off to my room. I found the box and ran right back to her. She looked slightly stunned, but I kissed her again, this time slightly more forcefully.

"Sorry. I lost all my manners the moment I saw you. You look amazing. I have something for you."

Bella raised an eyebrow and I moved us over to the mirror, then slipped behind her, opening the box. I carefully took the chain out, undid the clasp and moved my hands over her head. As I focused on refastening the chain, she noticed what it was.

"Is this... did you... my pearl?"

Her voice wavered briefly and once I had the claps in place, I rested one hand on her lower back and looked up at her in the mirror and nodded.

She turned to face me, her eyes still full of questions and tears.

"When did you do this?"

"I had Emmett do the legwork for me, actually. I saw how much you girls loved finding those little pearls, so I had them all made into necklaces for each of you, to remember our trip."

"Oh Edward, it's perfect. I never would have thought to do that. Thank you."

"The night isn't over, don't thank me yet," I winked. She blushed again.

Leading her out the door, she wove her arm through mine and we were on our way. I made sure to book our reservation so that we would have an outer edge table, right before sunset. The plan was that by the time our dinner was served, we'd be hearing the blowing of the conch shells, signifying the setting of the sun. Sure enough, as our entrees were placed on our table, we heard them begin. Dessert was a shared crème brulee in a hollowed out pineapple bottom. It was the perfect way to end dinner.

All through dinner and dessert, we shared touches, kisses and flirty comments. At one point, my hand went up her dress and I felt the top of her stockings as she giggled. I was glad to be going back to share her bed. I briefly thought about all the nights we had shared together and then separated; the ache I felt was like nothing else I had experienced and I was grateful this night would end different, finally.

In the room, we continued our soft touches and caresses, loving and adoring each other. Walking to the bed, I lifted her dress up and over her head to reveal that Bella had no bra on, a black lace garter with her stockings and small, black, lace panties. I almost lost it right there.

She was frantically working on the buttons of my shirt, finally finishing them once we were almost to the bed. I helped her out by undoing my shorts and pushing them to the ground with my boxers. Our hands were everywhere.

At the bed, she sat and pulled herself back, resting her head on the pillow before motioning for me to join her. First, I needed to get her undressed. I slowly unclasped her stockings and removed them, followed by her garter and then her panties. I could have removed them all at the same time, but this wasn't a rushed moment.

Once she was naked and laid out for me, I crawled over her and partially rested my body on hers. Her skin was warm and soft against mine and I needed her so badly. I brought my hand up to her breast as we kissed, soft, slow kisses. The kisses of skilled lovers who know each other, no longer the frantic, unpracticed kisses. I moaned into her mouth as my hand moved lower and skimmed her wet lips. Her hips bucked into my hand and I knew exactly how she felt; the need to reconnect overwhelming her.

We didn't speak, or cry out, or talk dirty to each other this time. As I I guided myself into her, I knew we wouldn't need any extra theatrics in this moment – we simply needed each other.

Bella hooked her legs around my torso pulled me down to her again, angling her hips to bring me deeper while kissing me furiously. She whimpered as I slowly pushed into her as far as I could, and then drew back, repeating the motion. My fingertips stayed where they had been, rubbing slow circles on her clit as I kissed and nipped around her collarbone and back up to her ear.

"You are so beautiful," I whispered to her. There was so much emotion inside of me, so much love, I couldn't contain it in that moment.

"I love you, Edward. I love you so much."

Her eyes were tightly closed and I watched her expression as it morphed from one of love and tenderness to the edge of her orgasm. I pressed my fingers slightly and sped up. Bella's head tilted back and a strangled cry left her mouth as I felt her muscles around me. So fucking beautiful.

Every move I made, she was meeting now. Our bodies moved as if we had done this thousands of times, despite the newness of it all. Her arms wrapped around my torso and her hands hooked up over my shoulders as she began to kiss everywhere she could reach. I moved my head to bury it in her neck as I felt my orgasm approach and then take over, again pushing myself as far into her as I could.

My body tensed and stilled as I came. I was holding myself up slightly on my elbows, placed on either side of her head. I wasn't ready to leave her, to lose this feeling of connection yet, so I simply began to kiss her and repeat "thank you," in a soft voice, all over her face and neck. Finally, I rested my head on the pillow next to hers, catching my breath. I made sure to keep myself semi-propped, not wanting to smother her like the night before.

I felt myself go soft, and I would never ever have been in this position with another girl. The fear of embarrassment would have taken over and I'd have moved long ago. As we both came back to earth, Bella began to run her hands up and down my biceps, leaning up to kiss each one.

"Baby, you are seriously buff."

Laughing, I collapsed onto the bed and pulled her into my arms. I decided it would have to be enough, to be this close.


As I tuned back in to my conversation with Ren, I realized that she was nearing the end of her description of the final wedding preparations. She was agonizing over her last few days of freedom. In three days, she was going to marry a man named Jacob. In the same small chapel that her mother and I got married. The small chapel that Bella and I had explored on our very first trip to this place, all those years ago. Even though the Cullens were long gone, I sent a silent 'thank you' out to them for sending us on that trip. It changed the course of my life forever, in a way I could never repay or properly thank them for.

I was grateful that, along with my own parents, they had been around to see Alice get married to Jasper. To see Bella and I marry, here on Maui, on the same anniversary of the first summer trip, which we came back for every year. They had seen our daughter's birth, both of Alice and Jasper's sons, and had been there for Emmett and Rose when they finally were able to adopt a child, after years of heartache and trying.

Bella walked into the room, distracting me from my thoughts, radiating beauty as usual.

"I recognize that smile," she said as she sauntered over to me. Here we were, old enough to have a daughter getting married, and just the sight of her still made me want her.

Standing to greet her, I wrapped my arms around her waist and she laced hers up around my neck. We stood in this same familiar position to our bodies as we had countless times.

"I love you, Edward. I'm so glad we're back here."

"Me too, love."

We kissed softly and a throat clearing broke us apart, causing all three of us to giggle.

Renesmee had been sitting in the chair across from me and Bella walked toward her, and then went around the back of her chair.

"I've been saving this for you." I couldn't see what she was fiddling with, then the chain fell from her hand and the pearl hung on the end. "I had a sparkly diamond added to the top, which I'm sure your father won't mind." She looked over and gave me a warm smile. "This is the pearl that I bought on our first trip. Pearls are a sign of rebirth," she had the clasp undone and was resting the chain gently against Renesmee's skin now, trying to do the clasp back up. "When your father and I first came here, I was a little lost. I wasn't quite sure where I was headed, moving into the second phase of college and trying to figure myself out in perhaps a few of the more wrong ways," she laughed. "After that vacation, I was found. It felt like a second chance for me; a rebirth in every sense of the word."

Bella rested her hand on Ren's shoulder and I saw a tear slip from her eye.

Renesmee stood up and I watched the two most important women to me embrace. I even got a little misty-eyed. When they parted, Ren wandered off to find Jacob and Bella walked over to me, taking my hands in hers. She pressed her soft body to mine and rested her chin on my shoulder.

"Think you can still make me scream like you did that first week?"

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