Finally the bell rang, and this long dull school day was over. But school wasn't all dull and boring, Michiru Kiaoh thought with a contented sigh, turning to catch one last glimpse of the object of her desire. She flicked some of her Aqua-coloured curls over her shoulder doing so.

Haruka Tenoh, as usual adorned in the boy's version of the uniform, quickly grabbed her belongings and stuffed them roughly into her schoolbag, not caring what state they would come out in tomorrow. She ran a hand through her short sandy hair and, without saying any goodbyes, rushed out of the classroom, ahead of everyone else.

Michiru blinked confusedly when all that was left of her Blonde Goddess was a faint waft of the male cologne that Michiru had grown so familiar with.

She turned and locked eyes with her only friend Elza Grey, who shrugged her shoulders in return. The pink haired, exotic girl leaned back in her chair waiting for the rushing school kids to leave first, never understanding what the hurry was.

When they were left alone in the classroom, Michiru stood up and drew a hand through her curls. "I'm glad this day is over," she sighed. "My back's aching from sitting all day long."

"Your back?" Elza teased. "I'm surprised it's not your neck, from glancing over your shoulder all the time."

Michiru turned bright red and stammered "I—I..."

"I'm surprised no one else noticed it by now." Elza yawned as she moved towards her friend. She suddenly felt an object under her foot. "Huh, what's this?" She quickly grabbed the item and flipped it open. "A wallet."

"It's Haruka's!" Michiru almost screamed as she yanked the item from Elza's hands. Her eyes never left the picture in the ID.

"Hey, you want me to copy that pic for you?" Elza teased as she took the wallet back.

"We have to take it to her," Michiru breathed.

Elza scratched her head. She knew how Michiru had longed for the tall, blonde girl for so long, but she never had the nerve to tell Haruka how she felt, most likely due to the fact that Haruka and Michiru were both girls and if they ever were together that might involve a series of misunderstandings from 'the outer world'.

"What do you mean 'we'?" Elza stated suddenly. "I have to change and get ready for baseball practice. I don't have time to chase Haruka across Tokyo."

"But... but she might need it," Michiru pouted.

"Well, you return it then," Elza grinned widely.

Michiru almost went frantic at this statement. "Wha--- I couldn't possibly..."

"Now, you be a big girl and return that wallet," Elza said, patting her friend on the shoulder reassuringly. "Maybe, she'll give you a kiss as a reward."

"Y--- you think?" Michiru asked sheepishly. A goofy grin appeared on her face.

Once again, Elza was amazed at how bad Michiru had it for Haruka. The girl next to her stood trembling in... Maybe it was the anticipation of what might come or maybe she was just scared of making a fool of herself in front of Haruka. Elza wasn't sure.

"Well, Michi-chan, I really have to go," she said turning on her heel, leaving Michiru with no other choice. "Good luck with the wallet!"

Michiru stood, alone in the darkening classroom. She sighed and looked at the brown leather flap in her hands. Even her wallet was manly, she thought. She flipped it open once more to admire the face smiling at her from the ID picture. She slapped it shut and raised her head in determination. She was taking this wallet to Haruka.