Warm hands spread across Michiru's back and pressed her forward on the Motorcycle. "Wha—What are you doing?" Michiru gasped. She felt Haruka's weight on top of her. Her breath tickled her ear. "I'm sure you'd like to try it out as well," Haruka said in a husky voice.

Haruka's hands traveled under Michiru's uniform skirt, caressing the smaller girl's buttocks. "Get on..." the blonde whispered.

"I'm not... I... I should be going home..." Michiru gasped. Truthfully, Haruka's hands on her butt where enough to push her over the top. She just didn't want Haruka to find out.

"That wasn't a request." Haruka's hands were easing their way more to Michiru's front, careful not to touch any sensitive parts... yet. "Get on..."

Hesitantly, Michiru got on, feeling embarrassed when she threw her leg over to take a seat on the bike.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" Haruka purred, walking around the bike. Running her fingertips across the unfinished vehicle as she went. "Still needs some work though," she murmured, more to herself. "I just can't help it. Fast cars, bikes, everything with a fast engine just... turns me on... You must think that's weird, huh?" She looked Michiru hard in the eye.

Not wanting to insult Haruka, and hoping she would be relieved of her imprisonment soon, Michiru shook her head violently.

The girl held her breath when she felt Haruka taking place behind her. A 'swoosh' sound told her that the loose shirt Haruka had been wearing had been discarded to the floor. She turned bright red when she pictured a bare-chested Haruka sitting behind her, not daring to turn her head to look.

Her blush turned even brighter when she felt that same chest pressed against her back. "Want me to turn it on for you?" she felt the hot voice murmur in her ear, while strong arms sneaked around her and grabbed the handles.

She let out a soft squeal when a hot tongue traced her ear, followed by a short nibble. "Thought so," Haruka said, before kicking the engine into gear. A soft purr told her the engine had started and Michiru squeezed her eyes shut, not knowing what to do.

Haruka gave the handles a few soft pulls, sending small jolts of stronger vibrations through the engine. Michiru didn't know what came over her. Every time one of those jolts came through it traveled from her crotch all the way up her spine to her neck.

She heard Haruka sigh contently behind her, while the girl kept turning the handles in short interfaces. Warm lips explored the back of her neck, adding to the sensation, and one hand sneaked under her shirt, caressing an already hardened nipple.

Instinctively Michiru's hand shot to Haruka's, grasping it firmly. But instead of pulling it away, she made sure it stayed in place. Finally allowing a moan to escape, she leaned backwards, closer to Haruka. She couldn't believe she was doing this... most of all that she was doing this with the person she desired most.

Haruka pressed her hips close to Michiru's, forcing the smaller girl to grind the saddle along with her. The aqua-haired girl didn't need much encouragement and adapted to the blonde's pace. Soft moans escaped her lips as she allowed the pleasure the bike and Haruka were giving her to take over.

The vibrations were getting stronger. So were Haruka's moans.

"Hah---Rukah---" Michiru sneaked her hands behind her and stroked Haruka's thighs, wishing they were facing each other. The tall girl's grinding pace had increased and Michiru matched the speed effortlessly. Louder and louder moans from Haruka told Michiru that she must be as close as herself.

Haruka buried her face in Michiru's mane, muffling her moans. Suddenly she pulled the handle all the way, causing the bike to hum at full power. Michiru stopped her grinding and pressed her legs tight around the bike, screaming at the top of her lungs before falling limply forward on the motorcycle. Haruka soon followed her example, nestling on the smaller girl's back while she caught her breath.

Her hand lost it's grip on the handle and the engine stopped almost immediately.

The silence was almost painful to Michiru's ears. She finally blinked her eyes open when she felt Haruka getting off. The combination of sweat and the dim light gave Haruka's body an unnatural shine. Michiru took this small chance to admire the tall girl's body, before Haruka put her clothes on.

"My... You sure are quite a sight," Haruka snickered. Michiru looked herself over in the reflection of the window. Haruka was right, her hair was disheveled and stuck to her forehead, her shirt undone and greasy from Haruka's dirty hands, her skirt all crumpled.

She stepped off the bike feeling all wobbly and nearly collapsed.

"Hey, be careful," she hear a warm voice say while strong arms held her tight. "Better gather some strength first." She felt Haruka's hand stroke her hair and melted at the other girl's concern for her. Lying here in Haruka's arms, the taller girl still undressed, was total bliss...


Michiru waited under the usual tree for her friend Elza to arrive at school the morning after. As usual the cheerful girl ran up to her, calling her name, waving.

She panted when she stopped in front of Michiru "So... were you able to deliver that wallet?"

At that precise moment Haruka walked through the school gates and both girls' gazes turned towards the blonde. Haruka locked eyes with Michiru and gave a playful wink.

Elza returned her gaze to Michiru, seeing how the Aqua-girl turned flushed and gazed at her shoes. "Yeah... I was..."

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