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That Night

Chloe was nervous.

Actually, no. Nervous was an understatement. She was panicky verging on frightened.

She slumped over, thuncking her head onto the kitchen table into her arms and breathed out a shaky breath. Chloe closed her eyes and told herself that she needed to calm down. Which was true, she did. She had to keep telling herself that it wasn't that big of a deal and thousands, if not millions, of people all over the world did it on a daily basis, but…

They weren't engaged to a werewolf.

Chloe leaned back in her seat and sighed again, turning to look out the window at the front yard. She trained her eyes up and down the road, looking for the familiar car that belonged to Derek. When she didn't see it, her eyes flicked over to the clock hanging on the wall above the sink.

Five thirty. He should be home any minute, back from Simon's. Chloe stood and brushed her hands over her hair in a half-assed attempt at flattening out any fly-aways. It was longer than she was used to because she had forgotten to go in and get a trim. She shook her hair and looked again out the window, almost in a paranoid fashion.

Today would be the day, she had decided. Today she would lose her virginity, and she would give it to the man she loved. The one she knew would never just toss her away like a dirty tissue or garbage once he had his sex. Derek wasn't like that.

They had been through more together than any other couple ever had and it had grown into something that she had come to identify as love. Once things had cooled off and they had both come to terms with the fact that they had feelings for each other, it had been rather awkward. They would avoid each other with a passion and, on the off chance that they did meet; they would avoid eye contact and mumble quick hellos before running off in opposite directions.

This went on for the broad side of a year before Chloe realized how childish this was and worked up the courage to at least make conversation with Derek. One thing led to another and they ended up "dating" if you could call it that. They would go out to eat once and a while and they would occasionally go see a movie, but they would mostly just hang out in a designated spot they would meet at in a cluster of trees off to the side of a park.

Then, one night, after a fight that they had over something so stupid that she didn't even remember it anymore, she was about to leave their meeting spot to avoid any further clashing when Derek had stopped her and kissed her. Right full on the mouth. Suffice to say, Chloe had no idea what the hell to do. It had been her first one and she was in such a state of shock that she didn't even really have time to react before he was done and back far away from her mumbling apologies. He had been about to flee into the night when Chloe finally regained her ability to form coherent sentences and had informed him that she had quite enjoyed it. There was a lot of stuttering and blushing involved but she had said something somewhat similar to that.

It was only after that they had started to get "hot and heavy", if you will. They were still more like good friends but there would be occasional moments where they would have a bit of a kissing session. Chloe liked to think that she had gotten pretty good. The years went by and after about three of them, Derek had finally scraped up the courage to propose.

Chloe smiled distractedly as she remembered him, all fumbling and nervous, so completely un-Derek that she knew something was up. Supposedly, Tori had helped pick out the ring which obviously meant that Derek loved her if he was willing to go shopping with Tori.

She had squealed and cried and leapt at him and said yes so many times it was like a chant. They moved in together three months ago, into a small twin home that was perfect, in her opinion. They shared a bed, but they hadn't done anything in it.

Until now.

Chloe hadn't actually thought about how she was going to go through with this, but she figured that she should just kiss him and make her… intentions clear. If that didn't work then she was actually going to have to say something. She hoped it didn't come to that.

Almost as if by an act of fate, she heard the crunch of gravel and turned to see the car pulling itself into the driveway. She took a few more calming breaths. She waited and counted. Seventy five seconds later, the door's lock clicked open and Derek came into the house. He hollered that he was home, something he had gotten used to doing so that he didn't scare Chloe when she wasn't paying attention.

Chloe cleared her throat and rubbed her hands up and down her arms, chasing away the goose bumps. Derek, silent as ever, walked into the kitchen and saw her standing there. He froze with a surprised look on his face which quickly turned into a vaguely happy one. Chloe's heart skipped a beat. It was now or never. He opened his mouth to say something but was intercepted when she crossed the floor quickly and stood on her tiptoes, pulling him down by the collar of his shirt, and pressed her lips firmly against his.

There was about a fraction of a second in which he didn't move, no doubt surprised out of his mind at the fact that she was initiating something. Then his large hands were at her waist just below her bra line, pulling her to him and holding her in place at the same time while his lips moved restlessly along with hers. Chloe took that as a good sign.

His shirt slipped from between her fingers as she brought her arms around his neck and stuck one of her hands in his hair. She felt his tongue tap her lips and she opened her mouth obediently. He ran it along her canine and then engaged hers in a sort of erotic wrestling match. His thumb was tracing circles where it sat, dangerously close to her breast. She moaned softly as he moved his mouth away from hers and trailed his lips down over to her neck where he began to kiss, quick and hot.

Chloe closed her eyes and reveled in the feeling. He lightly traced his unusually sharp teeth down her neck, not piercing the skin because that was bad, but hard enough so that it sent a shock of awareness lacing through her body and ending between her legs, which buckled. He tightened his grip on her to keep her on her feet and then drug his tongue along the same trail his teeth had just been.

She made a small whimpering noise and clutched at his hair, pushing his face into her neck. He made a low rumble that resonated through his chest, vibrating down into her and causing a delicious feeling. She could never actually tell if he was ever growling or moaning. Not that it mattered. And she soon found that it didn't, because she was distracted by his hands, massaging her through her shirt.

She clenched her teeth together and dropped her head forward into his chest as he continued his assault on her neck. The kisses were once again quick, hot, and open mouthed. The familiar tingling sensation had begun in her lower regions and a restless heat had sprung up, making her want more and feeling like the clothes were restricting.

Chloe's breathing matched his, coming out in fast pants, and she tried to calm it as she slid her hands carefully up his loose shirt and over the hard stomach muscles. He froze at the contact and the coolness of her fingers seemed to force him to his senses, because he stopped and leaned back away from her, straightening up.

He didn't let go of her, but he didn't continue. He just held onto her limp, panting form. She looked up at him and he had an intense look of concentration on his face. She gradually moved her hands out from under his shirt and moved them to his arm, rubbing it to get his attention. He slowly looked down at her.

"Why did you stop?" Chloe asked between pants. He shook his head and frowned.

"I was getting…" He trailed off. Chloe knew what the rest of the sentence was. They had made a deal, when they first started their making out, that they didn't want to have sex yet so they would stop before they got too carried away. Apparently he figured this rule still applied. On the night that Chloe was perfectly ready to copulate.

"Derek." She said, getting her footing better and forcing him to look her in the eye. "It's okay. Don't hold back." He looked at her, confused, before what she was saying dawned on him. He looked shocked, then worried, then contemplative, the hesitant.

"You're… Sure?" He asked her, his voice gruff. Chloe gulped and nodded. Derek grunted something that sounded like; "Thank god." Before he was kissing her again, and wasn't beating around the bush about it. Tongue was in the mouth and his hands were all over her. Chloe was slightly overwhelmed but matched his pace, just as excited and relieved as he was to finally get this off of her chest.

The tingling that had never stopped intensified with every movement of his hands and mouth. He moved then, never once breaking the contact he had with her mouth, lifting her up by her thighs and holding her up so that he didn't have to crank his neck down to kiss her. She yelped in surprise at the speed he shot her into the air, but she soon forgot her surprise as he kissed her collar bone and squeezed her thighs at the same time.

She leaned into him and brought her hands up to the side of his head, holding him there. Her eyes slid closed as she hissed in pleasure. Chloe was vaguely aware that they were moving towards the room, but it seemed trivial. When he moved his hands to her butt, she was lowered, her center resting right on his growing erection. She moaned and he rumbled. There was a tightness in her lower regions and she wanted to relieve. Seemingly by instinct, she wiggled around, inadvertently rubbing herself against him. He stiffened in response and the rumble got louder, almost an honest to god growl.

The world tilted as he dropped her and she landed with an; "Oof!" into the duvet of their bed. The brisk air surrounded her for but a second and she didn't even have the chance to miss him before he was above her and kissing her again, just as fast and demanding. His hands were under her shirt and pushing her bra out of the way. She didn't have time to wonder when he did that before his large thumbs were brushing across her nipples, coaxing them into erectness.

The electric jolt that shot through her body in response was surprising. They had never done this before. Sure, he had copped a feel through her clothes a few times during their more vigorous kissing, but he had never actually gotten past her shirt. Chloe was left wondering why the hell they never had as he gave the nipples a sharp pinch that had her rearing her chest up against his own broad chest.

His mouth left its place at her neck, where it had been sucking at a spot right below her jaw, and trailed down her, to her breast, now exposed where Derek had pushed her shirt up to her shoulders. Her bra was still around her shoulders, but she had thought ahead and put on her front clasping one so it was unclasped and hanging off her oddly.

He kissed her pert nipple attentively. Chloe shuddered in anticipation, curious what he was going to do. He went from kissing to licking. Her breath caught in her throat at the wonderful feeling and she fisted her hand in his dark hair. Then from licking, he went to sucking. She cried out, half in surprise and half in gratification, thrusting her whole body up to meet his. He did that growling thing again while her body was still flush against his and it vibrated through her, boosting the effects of his ministrations.

She whimpered as the tightness in her loins intensified along with the tingling that felt more like a burning now. When he lightly nipped at her, she bucked herself forward onto his hardness. He stiffened and repeated the gesture, grinding himself into her this time. Chloe groaned when she realized it relived the pressure and that it felt so good

He stopped and stiffened, suddenly, sitting up quickly and looking down at her through his hair. Chloe stayed in her position, sprawled out over the bed, still in a daze from all the new sensations suddenly bombarding her at the speed of light. There was a flash and she looked at him to see that he was pulling his shirt off. She couldn't stop the blush that worked its way onto her face at the sight of his abs, despite what they were, and going to be, doing.

She took the hint, reaching up to take her shirt and bra off the rest of the way and throw them off to the side where his shirt was. He was working with his pants, trying to get them off fast and carefully at the same time, mindful not to break the zipper. Chloe was mimicking his struggles, but hers were because Derek was still sitting over her she was having trouble getting her pants off. They both finally got them off, Derek following her by a few seconds and then they were sitting there just looking at each other in their underwear, his a plain plaid and hers a frilly blue.

Now that he was wearing no pants, his arousal was evident, tenting his boxers. Now, Chloe wasn't exactly an expert at this, but she knew the size of her own hole and that did not look like it was going to fit. She bit her lip worriedly and hesitantly brought her hand up to drag the tips of her fingers along the bulge in the boxers. His breath caught in his throat and Chloe looked up at him worriedly, but his eyes had closed and he made no move to stop her so she figured that it was okay to touch.

She sat up and brought her other hand up to join in the exploration of a man's penis. Her brow furrowed as she fisted her hand around him and squeezed, still curious how he was supposed to fit. He groaned in response and Chloe released him quickly, looking up at him apologetically. He cracked open one of his eyes and looked down at her inquisitively.

"Sorry." Chloe whispered. He let out a wheezy laugh and kissed her.

"You didn't do anything wrong." Derek said, kissing her between words while his hands busied themselves removing the cloth barrier holding him in. When it was off he tossed it over with the rest of his clothes at random, and moved his hands over her whole body feverishly, until he got down to her panties, which he also removed, kissing her leg as he pulled the frilly blue thing down, and also tossed it off to the side.

Then he began his way back up her legs, evoking her arousal in places she never would have thought, like the back of her knee. As he continued his way up past her knee and over her thigh, what he was about to do became evident and Chloe moved restlessly, trying to get him to stop. He looked up at her.

"S-sorry. It's just… it's weird." She whispered to him. He chuckled.

"Not in a moment."

Chloe was about to ask what he meant before he sealed his mouth over her and all thoughts left her mind and the strongest jolt of desire she had ever felt seared its path around her body. She shouted wordlessly and grabbed tightly onto his hair, drawing her legs up to frame his head. His tongue – god she loved his tongue! – once again darted out and licked her. She clenched her jaw and made a sound that was a combination between a groan and a whimper.

His large hand splayed itself out over her stomach and stroked the skin there restlessly. He was pushing her towards the cliff. She could feel it coming, the end that she anticipated yet didn't want. When she lifted her hips so that she was shoving herself into his face he growled again and the vibration that it generated pushed her over the edge.

Her world was wiped blank and everything turned white as she orgasmed for the very first time. Her head rolled back and forth as she shouted gibberish. The waves of pleasure lapped over her time and time again, crashing down violently and leaving her feeling wonderful.

As the tides drifted off, she lay there panting, shaking, and trying to get her bearings. He leaned up and kissed her again. She could taste herself on him, bitter and bland, but it was soon forgotten as he positioned himself over her, his tip brushing her entrance. He ran his hands over her breasts again and thrust his tongue into her mouth the same time he thrust himself into her.

Chloe broke the kiss and clenched her teeth and eyes shut. She gasped in pain and tensed up. Apparently it didn't matter that she was horribly wet and aroused, it still hurt! She felt tears prick her eyes at the pressure in the junction between her legs that drove into her harshly. It felt like what she imagined a railroad spike being shoved into her would feel like. Derek bent down and murmured to her, kissing her gently.

She breathed in and out quickly, trying to find a way to get the pain to leave. He hovered above her, stiff and still, not moving except for breathing and kissing her face gently. After a few minutes the pressure didn't seem so bad anymore. It was still uncomfortable but it was bearable. She relaxed and fluttered her eyelids open. Derek was looking down at her worriedly.

"I'm okay." She said, nodding her head. Derek smiled lightly and kissed her forehead gently as he slowly pulled out and then pushed himself back in. At first it was a little tender, but she soon found that it felt better the more he did it. And that she liked it. She began to move her hips with his, hesitantly at first, but growing in confidence as her pleasure began to wind up like a spring, tightening.

Above her, Derek kept a steady rhythm. In, out, in, out. The whole time, he looked down at her. When Chloe felt herself nearing her second orgasm, he seemed to also be able to tell. He drew himself out of her all the way and flipped her over onto her stomach. She landed and looked behind her in confusion. His hands ran under her stomach and lifted her up onto all fours. She complied and held the position as he mounted her from behind and brought his hands around so that the circled her and he squeezed her breasts as he thrust himself into her again.

Chloe reared her head up and cried out at the feeling, the wonderful, glorious, delightful feeling. The sounds of skin slapping skin and the restless pants and moans of Chloe and the occasional rumbled from Derek filled the room. Chloe whipped her head back again as she came for the second time, eagerly milking his member while his thrusts broke their steady rhythm, becoming faster, wilder, and uneven.

She leaned herself back into him as he spurted hotly into her, his fingers gripping her hips so hard that she was sure there would be bruises. He tilted his head back and she heard him choke back something that sounded like a howl. Her limbs went limp and she fell down onto the bed as he lay back down over top of her. She had the oddest sensation in her lower regions, like inside her he was almost growing.

"Fuck." He grunted breathlessly. He was still holding onto her from behind and had yet to draw out of her. She turned her head and tried to get a look at him.

"What? What's wrong?" she asked, suddenly worried that she did something wrong. He relaxed against her but didn't draw out. His lips found their way onto her cheek again.

"I just…" He cleared his throat awkwardly. "I just… knotted inside you." He said sheepishly. Chloe was speechless. Not because she was surprised, but because she had no idea what knotted was.

"Is that… bad?" she asked carefully, reaching a hand up to brush some sweat out of her eye. His chest moved with his chuckle.

"Not necessarily, but it might be awkward for you." He must have caught the confused look on Chloe's face because he leaned forward and whispered to her; "Knotting is what happens to a male wolf when they mate so that they can stay stuck to their mate."

"Oh." Chloe said, blushing delicately. That explained a lot. "H-how long does it last?" There was no answer aside from his breathing, which was gradually slowing down.

"I'm not sure." He said vigilantly. Chloe wasn't sure whether that should have bothered her, but it didn't. She liked the feeling of closeness that it brought. It made her feel wanted and safe. She smiled and hummed happily as she snuggled back into him. His arms tightened around her waist and he rested his chin on top of her head.

As the minutes ticked by she slowly drifted off. Then she was snapped back to reality when Derek made a grunting noise and pulled himself out of her, which hurt just as bad as the initial entry because the flesh down there was tender from the beating it took. He kept her wrapped in his arms and whispered to her while he reached down and pulled up the covers they had somehow managed to throw towards the end of the bed.

He tucked them around her securely and resumed his position around her. They talked lazily. She asked him how his day went and how Simon was doing, he answered her. She loved the way he spoke to her now, the soft lulling deep tone of his voice in her ear, the way he absentmindedly rubbed her hand with his fingers.

She fell asleep like that, wondering happily how the honeymoon was going to go.

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