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~~ The Innocent Blood- Chapter 1: Introduction to Darkness~~

Lenalee was sitting on a bench on school grounds, quietly eating her sandwich that her brother had made her. Her brother, Komui, always made her sandwich heart shaped. She had tried and tried again to make him stop making the sandwiches. She even tried to switch out the sandwiches but, alas, he always seemed to get it back in there. She began chewing the sandwich. Her long, soft black hair was flowing in the light breeze. She decided to leave her hair down today instead of the usual pigtails. Her amethyst eyes gleamed in the light. She wore the regular school uniform, which was a plaid blue skirt and a white blouse with a gray sweater vest over it, that was embroidered with the school crest. Lenalee had a feeling she was being watched as she ate but, by who or what. The bell rang and she began to pick up and head into school.

Three beings stood beyond the school grounds in the dark forests. One pretty tall that had long hair announced "Someone has to watch her"

The one with red hair about the same height as the long haired one said " Yeah but who, I'm still watching that Emily girl."

" I'll do it. I can control people allowing me to get close to her." said the shortest one who had almost white hair.

"… Fine but do it right bean sprout." said the one with the long hair.

"Its Allen. A-L-L-E-N! Jeez and don't you think I know that. That's why I'll be going inside the school as a student." said Allen.

"fine but be careful. And don't get carried away." said the long haired one.

"You know me. When have I ever gotten carried away?" said Allen in a most sarcastic way as he began for the school.

"Yeah whatever just do it right bean sprout." said the long haired one.

"Don't worry. Bakanda." Allen said.

"Che!" said the long haired one.

Back at School

"Alright class. We have a new student with us today. He's from London. He has a few differences but treat him like you would every other student okay." As the teacher said that the door swung open.

A boy that was no more than fifteen or sixteen walked in. All the girls went in awe. He had hair that was snow white. His silver eyes were sorrowful yet mysterious. the boy had a strange scar over his left eye. And he had a wonderful build. He wore the regular school uniform. His white dress shirt had the top two buttons undone. His khakis were tight and accentuated all his leg muscles. The boy stood tall and proud, almost like he was superior to everyone. What was with him?

He said in the most gentleman manner "I am Allen Walker. It's a pleasure to meet you all." and he took a bow

All the girls practically fell off there chairs. Even Lenalee was in awe.

"Okay Mister Walker we'll seat you…"

Before the teacher could finish her sentence, he had already walked over to the desk behind Lenalee. The boy sitting there was Giovanni, a tall, black haired, idiot that liked to beat people up just for the fun of it. He looked at Allen with a what-are-you-looking-at look on his face. But Allen kept staring. Staring deeply in his eyes, almost like a connection was being made. And then boy sitting, got up and moved to the empty seat over in the corner and Allen sat in the seat. Lenalee was astounded. Giovanni was never the type to follow orders esecially from a stranger. Something about this Allen was different.

"Umm…Okay I guess that'll do for now. But Giovanni, Please don't talk to your buddies back there okay? So on to the assignment. Today were going to learn about Greek history. Read pages 492 to 500 in your text books. Then write two pages of summary front only. Mister Walker did your school go over a little Greek history yet?" the teacher said.

" Yes ma'am." said Allen

"Then I'll be expecting the same amount of work from you." said the teacher in a very snobby way.

Allen sighed to himself. Awe man I forgot just how much I hated school. Although this will be my 100th time to learn about Greeks. Maybe they changed a few things since the last time I learned about it. With humans, everything, whether it be opinion or appearance, changes.

After class Lenalee headed out to the court yard where her friend, Brandy was leaning on the fence. Brandy was a high-strong, flirty, blonde headed girl with lots of .

"Hey Lenalee! Come talk with me." Said Brandy.

"Hey Brandy. How are you?" Said Lenalee

"Good. But aren't you the lucky one. That cute new boy is sitting behind you."

"Yeah, I guess. But there's something different about him."

"You mean his white hair and strange scar yeah its weird, but it makes him sexy."

"No its not just that. He made Giovanni move out of his seat. You know Gio he's not the type to move out of his seat just for some new kid."

" Well… maybe he just felt like it today."

"Yeah right. Stubborn, mean, beat-you-up-if-you-look-at-me Gio would just happen to give up his seat that was personally marked with his name, to a strange new kid. Not Likely."

" Whatever. You're ruining the moment." said Brandy pointing towards the opening doors.

Then Allen walked out and all the girls started to swarm him.

Lenalee sighed to herself. I would never find someone like that. Plus he's probably a snob.

He looks it.

Then she heard a male voice. "Hey baby. Want to go home with me." Giovanni was leaning on the fence next to her.

Lenalee turned to face him and said "Leave me alone Gio. There is no chance in heaven or hell that I would go to your house."

Gio began to advance on her. he placed his hand on her waist."Come on baby you know you want me."

"I said… Leave. Me. Alone!!" She pulled away from his grip but Gio advanced more making her trip and falll to the ground.

Allen noticed Lenalee on the ground pushing Gio away and walked over to her.

"I don't nelieve thats the way you treat a lady." Allen said.

Gio gave him a smirk "What do you want short stack?"

"Wait leave him alone Gio!" Lenalee pleaded

'short stack huh?'

"Look leave her alone or I'll have to make you myself."

"Humph I like to see you try."

"Stop it!" Lenalee pleaded.

Allen kicked the ground from underneath Giovanni.

Gio fell to the ground shocked at what had just happened

"Ugh…Damn it" Gio said as he rubbed his head.

"Try it again. " Allen said and he gave a glare that could kill.

Gio got up and headed the other way screaming "You'll regret this!!"

"Humph!" Allen turned towards Lenalee.

"Are you alright Miss Lenalee?" He offered her his hand.

She took it. " Yes. Thank you, so much."

"It's no problem at all. Why don't I walk you home today okay?"

"Okay…" She stared back at Brandy who was giving her the thumbs up.

They both began the walk to her house.

~In a Dark Space~

A little girl with blue hair skipped to a big fat man in a chair looking in a crystal ball.

"Earl! Hehehe! We found her! We found her!" The little girl said.

"Yes but we have a little bug in the way" The Earl said.

"Who?" the little girl asked.

"Allen Walker" The Earl said as he looked into the crystal ball in front of him.

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