James age three

Albus Age two

Harry POV

"Daddy!" I heard Albus cry.

"Yeah buddy?" I said

"Jamie stealed my Beans!"

I knew he was referring to Bertie Botts beans.

"James." I called "Come here please."

"Yes Daddy?" James said a small grin on his face as he entered to kitchen

"Did you steal Al's Beans?"

"No" He lied.

"Really?" I asked "then why do you have two boxes in your hands?" James looked a bit scared. "James, give Albus back his candy and go sit on your bed." I said. James slammed the beans on the table and ran to his bed.

Five minutes later I went up to talk to James.

"James?" I asked as I knocked on his bedroom door. I received no answer. I let myself in and immediately saw the lump under the covers. "Oh no!" I said my voice full of mock surprise. "Where is James?" I sat gently on the lump on the bed. I heard a giggle. "What was that noise?" I asked. It must be the mice! And everybody knows that the only way to get rid of mice is to tickle them!" I started tickling James. He emerged from under the covers. "There he is!" I cried. "Now James," I asked, pulling him into my lap. "Why did you take Al's Beans?"

"Because I was still hungry and I knew you would say to wait for supper!" James said.

"James," I said "You are right that I would have told you to wait for supper but that is because I want you to be able to eat supper so you can grow up to be big and strong. Now I want you to go and apologize to Al please."

We walked together down the stairs. I grabbed Albus from his play pen and brought him to James.

"I'm sorry." James said and he offered Albus the rest of his beans.

"Wow James," I said, amazed "that was really nice of you." But as soon as I said it, I realized that neither of them were in the room with me. The beans lay, forgotten, on the table. James and Albus were playing together in the other room.