Albus age 15

James age 16

Lily age 13

First day of summer Holidays.

Harry and Ginny's Godric's Hollow Home.

"Get away from me Albus!" James screamed "I hate you! You sicken me! Get lost and NEVER come back!"

"It's not my fault that your EX- Girlfriend likes ME better!" Albus replied, also screaming

"It's your fault for saying yes!" James cried. "I caught you two snogging in a closet!"

"I didn't think you cared!" Albus responded, his voice lowering. "You were the one who told me you didn't care about her anymore."

"Seriously, Al?" James asked, disbelieving. "Don't you know ANYTHING about the brother code?" When Albus shook his head James continued. "BROTHERS DO NOT GO OUT WITH THEIR BROTHERS EX GIRLFRIENDS! NO MATTER WHAT!"

"You know what I think James?" Albus asked, his voice rising. "I think you are just jealous that she likes me better. All your life you have been used to everybody liking you better than me. It just KILLS you that someone might like ME BETTER!" And with that he stormed off to his room.


James POV

"James?" I heard a small voice say through my bedroom door. It was Lily.

"What do you want?" I asked

" I wanted to talk to you." She replied calmly

"Did Albus send you?" I asked the thought suddenly occurring to me.

"No I sent myself." She replied, still calm. "I heard the two of you fighting."

"So?" I asked.

"I think you two should make up." She told me "I mean, its just some stupid girl."

"A stupid girl that he shouldn't have gone out with! She broke my heart!" I cried

"It's still a bit stupid." She said, frowning. "He's the one who can help mend your heart again."

"But he helped her break it!"

"How was he supposed to know it would hurt you? You told him you didn't care about her!"


"But nothing! She cried "You're letting a GIRL come between you!" She sighed loudly. "You guys are such idiots!" She got up and left the room, leaving behind her many things for me to think about.


Albus POV

I sat fuming in my room, petting my black dog, Padfoot. I heard a knock on my door. It was my sister Lily.

"What?" I asked her.

" I want to talk to you." She said. "Can I come in?"

"I guess" I told her. She came in and sat down. "Wait." I said. "Did James send you?"

"No" She sighed "I sent myself."

"What do you want?" I asked her

"I wanted to talk to you." She repeated

"About what?"

"You and James are being really stupid you know." She told me. "You guys are brothers!"

"He's not acting like it."

"Well you did go out with his ex-girlfriend."

"He told me he was over her!"

"Did you honestly believe him?"


"How would you feel if he went out with your ex?" She asked me.

"It depends if I'm over her or not."

She sighed. And said, "Well I think you should apologize."

"But I'm ALWAYS the first one to apologize!" I told her.

"But it kind of is your fault." She replied. "And I for one can't stand you two fighting." With that she left the room leaving me surrounded with a cloud of thoughts.


Lily POV

"Hey Mum?" I asked. "Can you make your brownies? James and Albus are in a fight and I'm trying to get them together again."

Mum sighted. "What are they fighting about this time?"

"Albus went out with James' ex- girlfriend and James is mad."

She sighed again. "Those boys...yes I'll make the brownies."

"Thanks Mum." I said.

When the brownies were cooked I could smell them all throughout the house. I knew that the boys could too. I wen tup to James' room and barged in.

"Mum made brownies. Come down if you want some." as he was going downstairs I did the same with Albus. When they were both in the kitchen I ran out, shut the door and gave mum the signal. The signal was the wand movement "Swish and Flick". Mum quickly locked the door by magic.

"Mum! Lily! Let me out!" Albus cried.

"Not until you two make up." I said through the closed door.

"Hey! Where are the brownies!?" I heard James call.

"Out here." Mum replied. "You boys aren't getting any until you make up."

I gave mum a high-five and pulled out a pair of Uncle George's Extendable Ears. I gave her one and together we listened.

"But James." We heard Albus say "How was I supposed to know that you still liked her?"

"I guess you're partly right." James replied "I should have told you how I really felt. The truth is, I do care. I loved her and she went and broke my heart and dumped me for you. My brother!"

"You thought you loved her." Al corrected. "If you truly loved her you wouldn't have given up so easily."

"You're right." James replied.

"And I'm sorry for what I said." Albus told James. "I have always been jealous of you. You always do everything first. It's hard being second best. When I found out the Jennifer liked me, I didn't think. All I could think was "Wow. She likes me better than James." It was probably the first time that I wasn't known as James' little brother."

"Are you kidding, Al?" James asked incredulously. "I've always been jealous of you. "You're the younger one who gets all the attention. You are better at school than me. Do you know how many times McGonagall has told me I should be more like you?"

"Really?" Al asked.

"Yeah." James answered.

"I'm sorry for what I said to you." Albus said. "I had no idea you felt that way."

"I'm sorry too Al." James said. "I should have guessed that you felt that way."

"No worries," Al told him. "And by the way, I'm dumping Jennifer."

"You don't have to do that." James said.

"I will though." Al said. "From now on I'm going to be a better brother. And that includes not going out with your ex."

"Thanks, Al." James said. There was silence so I knew the two were hugging. I decided that they had been locked in the kitchen long enough. I gave mum the signal again and we walked in. "Now that we have that settled," Mum said "Who wants brownies?"

As we were munching away Al said,

"Thanks, Lils." Without you we probably would still be sulking in our bedrooms right now."

"It's my job in life." I told him. "Its why mum and dad had me you know. In hopes that it would stop you two from fighting."

"It didn't work." Mum said and we all laughed. And for the first time since we got home, we felt like a family.