If you haven't read "Love, Abby", go and read it now so that this will make a tad more sense.

A sister fic to my story, "Love, Abby". I wasn't sure if I should upload it as a new chapter, but I figured it out. There will be a reply from Wally on this fic, and a reply from Hoagie on "Love, Abby". They will be uploaded as new chapters for their respective fics.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the pen she writes with.

Hiya, Wally!

I know that you told me not to write to you, but a girl in my cabin here was writing to her best friend and then I asked if I could have some paper and borrow a pen and here we are!

I miss you a lot! Like, more than I miss my old Rainbow Monkeys. Hey, Abby's laughing at me. What is so funny about Rainbow Monkeys? I mean, you're always laughing at me, but I thought that was just you, but seriously, now Abby's laughing?

Oh, yeah. Abby's the girl I borrowed the paper and pen from. She's really nice. It's like one in the morning right now. Apparently we have the same sleeping problem: We're allergic to snoring. Abby's best friend is a boy named Hoagie Gilligan. Didn't you mention once that you thought you knew a guy whose name was a sandwich? I thought you were joking, but maybe you did. Actually, we all grew up in the same neighborhood, according to Abby. (Her last name's Lincoln. Isn't that the last name of the doctor that was in charge of you when you broke your arm last fall?) (Yeah, Abby just said that her dad's a doctor. Maybe we saw her at the hospital.)

I think Abby wants to say something.

Yeah, I remember you. You're the Australian punk that gave my daddy all that trouble last year. I didn't realize that until Kuki showed me a picture. Blonde bowl cut boy is hard to forget. So you might know Hoagie, huh? I'm not surprised. Flyboy is pretty well known, ain't he? When he writes back, I'll ask if he remembers you. I'll bet all our parents put us in a playgroup or something when we were toddlers and that's why Kuki seems familiar to me and you think you might know Hoagie. Well I've heard weirder. I'm gonna give this back to Kuki now.

Playgroup? I never thought of that. It would be so awesome if it turns out that we all know each other, wouldn't it?

Hey, could you send me a drawing? I know that you don't like other people to know that you doodle, but I miss them so much! Just a small one? Please, Wally?

I miss you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! Please write back! I know that you don't like to, but you should! Please, please, please, please with extra nacho cheese on top?

I've gotta go now, see ya in two weeks!

Love from Kuki!

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