Here's a riddle for you; Why is Jess hitting her head on the computer table repeatedly?

Answer: Because this is one of the worst things she's ever written. Wally's out of character, it's short, and I wish that I could shoot it!!!!

Sorry, I needed to rant a bit. If you feel the need to continue reading, be my guest, but please don't hate me.

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What part of 'Don't write to me' doesn't make sense to you? You know I like hearing how you're doing, but I'm not good at writing. I had to type this on the computer before I wrote it so I wouldn't misspell anything. I hope you can read my handwriting.

You want to know why people laugh at you when you say anything about Rainbow Monkeys? Because you're fourteen and still play with stuffed animals. You're just lucky you're immature enough to get away with it.

Abby Lincoln, huh? Yeah, I remember her from the hospital. Came in and told me to shut up. I was not kidding about knowing a guy that had a sandwich for a name! As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure that his name was Hoagie. We had detention together once. He's crazy.

Kooks, there's a lot of kids our age in this neighborhood. How the heck am I supposed to remember all of 'em if I only saw them once or twice? I'd need a picture to remember. But you're right, it would be pretty cool if we had two long lost friends that we never knew about.

Alright, alright. I put a drawing in the envelope. Show it to NO ONE. Not even Abby. DO NOT SHOW ANYBODY.

I wrote back, are you happy now? Oh, I guess that I outta say that I miss you. I actually do. I'll see you in a week and a half.

Joey says hi. He misses you too. Give him a big hug when you get back, he's driving me up the bloody wall, asking when you're coming home.

I have to go now. See ya, Kuki!

Your Best Friend, (I better be your best friend)

(And Joey)

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