He Who Smells, Mimics

Gazzy's POV

I decided I was going to start mimicking people today. Nudge had just stopped a few days before after a month of mimicking, the same amount of time we'd been in the E-shaped house. It had looked fun so I wanted to try it.

Who else better to start it on than Nudge? I went into her room where she was putting clothes away. She turned when she heard me come in.

"Hi Gazzy."

"Hi Gazzy." I repeated back to her.

"Are you mimicking me?!"

"Are you mimicking me?!"

"Oh man. MAX!"

"Oh man. MAX!"

Max came into the room a few moments later. "Yes?"

"Yes?" I decided I should repeat everyone I heard but Angel, my younger sister.

Nudge pointed to me. "He's mimicking now!"

I pointed to a stuffed bear, which happened to be in the same direction from me as I was from Nudge. "He's mimicking me now!"

Max sighed and turned to me. "Stop mimicking please, Gazzy."

"Stop mimicking please, Gazzy."

"Seriously! Stop mimicking!" Her voice was raised high enough that Fang, Iggy, and Angel same into the room.

I decided to try and use the same pitch that Max just had. "Seriously! Stop mimicking!"

The moment I said that, everyone in the room, including me, froze. I had just used Max's exact voice! What was going on with me? I thought about how Nudge has sounded and tried something.

"I'm hungry!" Every head turned to Nudge, but she was just staring at me.

Max turned to look at me again. "Was that you?" Instead of a nod, I decided to try Iggy's voice.

"Yeah, it was." Iggy started moving his head left and right for a moment in confusion when I used his voice.

"Can you stop staring at me please?" I asked sweetly while using Angel's voice, which I heard from her two-year-old talk. Everyone blinked including Iggy.

"So the Gasman can mimic now… God save us all." Max shook her head as she said that. I smiled innocently, even though I had evil thoughts on my mind.

"This is interesting…" My eyes swung to where Fang was standing; he seemed almost invisible.

"Interesting? I call it trouble!"

"That's because you're the leader, Max." Fang had gotten her there. She was the leader and that meant she had to worry about things.

I smiled innocently as we all went to the kitchen to find lunch.

I could make a terrible smelling gas and now I could mimic voices. Life was sweet.

James Patterson had never been specific to when this had happened except that Gazzy had been 3. I think that he sort of messed himself up with saying that because Itex would have known about it since he was 4 when they escaped, but Itex hadn't known until Book 3. I decided to make this just after they were freed.

I thought it would be fun to write, even if it is short. I hope you enjoyed it.