The tall man settled his large frame into the ample chair, aisle side, of course, and noted with satisfaction that the window seat was empty. The sound of the fabric of his cheap navy striped suit rubbing against the buttery leather was inaudible to the other passengers in first class, but it reminded him that he was only there, as usual, on the government's dime.

Maybe this would be the assignment that would give him a leg up in his career, maybe a big raise or a promotion, even. The NSA and CIA brass had seemed kind of worked up about the whole thing. Not just anybody would have been able to tell, but John Casey wasn't just anybody.

Well, it sounded like a cakewalk. Find a certain computer or a disk with the important intel on it and deliver it to the NSA. Off any CIA interference. Easy. Routine. Boring.

He waved away the stewardess who was offering drinks. Better stay sharp. You never knew. Sometimes even the boring jobs could turn out to be interesting.