The Phoenix, The Dragon and The Horse

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A Fushigi Yuugi and Ranma ½ crossover

Chapter 1

The chaotic play

A lone figure tiptoe across the dark hallway looking for a room that contained his victim. He passed his mother room with out batting an eye and continued toward his destination.

His destination was a room that contained a peaceful sleeping girl, a girl who was dreaming of sweets nothing and food mostly. She was so lost in her peaceful slumber that she fail to hear the intruder as he entered her room when he accidentally made the door creak.

The intruder held his finger to his lips and whispered "Shhhh!" to the creaking door, even though he knew the door was nothing but an object not a person. He silently step toward his victim all the while grinning evilly. He got to his victim bed and smile as he saw the state of bliss his victim was in.

"Cheeseburger" she said out of the blue, nearly giving her intruder a heart attack. "Ice cream" she mumbled again and then quieted down.

The intruder sweat dropped as he heard what she said, giving him a good idea what she was dreaming about. He then had to smile as he saw her nibble on her pillow, "She is bad as I was a few years ago." He thought to himself, "Oh well time to give her, her morning call." And with that lower his mouth near her ear.

"Miaka chan, wakey wakey, you'll be late for class." He whispered in her ear, he saw her frown on her sleeping face then turn over and cover her head with her pillow. "Oh well she asked for it." He grinned.

Miaka was dreaming of being a super model, eating anything she wanted and that she can do anything when she heard someone whispered "Tempura Sushi." Miaka frown as she looked around for signs of Tempura, seeing none she got back to her eating frenzy but was disappoint to find that one of her favorite food, Tempura Sushi, was not there.

She then heard it again, "Miaka, if you don't wake up right now, I will eat all of the Tempura Sushi and leave you starving for the rest of the morning." That was when Miaka eyes instantly snapped open and she sat straight up so fast that she knocked the intruder to the floor. With total disregard for the intruder she rushed out of her room to eat all the Tempura Sushi that was being serve.

"Arrgh! I really hate it when that happen." Ranma said to himself. Ranma Saotome, age 19, the world greatest martial artist had been thoroughly caught off guard as his sister knocked him to his feet. "Sometimes I think she is better than I am." he said to nobody in particular.

He wondered how long it would take his ditzy sister to find out that there was no tempura sushi being served for breakfast.

"O-NII-CHAN!!!" Yelled a voice that promised pain.

Ranma sweated as he heard his sister war cry and turned around to face his piss off sister.

"Now, now Miaka you wouldn't have been able to wake up if I didn't use your favorite food to get you up. Have you forgotten that you have a test today?" he said, seeing that she was unconvinced and looking mighty unforgiving he then added "You do want to go to Juuban high with Yui don't you?" That stopped her, she and Yui do everything together.

Miaka thought about it and decided her brother didn't need the beating he so richly deserved, today anyway. She then realized that she was standing in her PJ and that school would begin in 20 minutes. "Oh no! I'm late!" and with that proceed to change her clothes as Ranma already ran out of the room.

"Morning mom." He said as he saw their mother setting out breakfast. "Mmm, smells good." He said, as he smelled the aroma of the miso soup.

"Did you get your sister up dear?" she asked him.

"Um hm, she's as bad as I was when I was her age." As he recalled the days when he and his father was on the road and was hit with a wave of pain that he thought had been gone for while now. "Pop" he thought sadly.

Just then he saw Miaka ran out sat, ate , then got up and kiss her mother on the cheek as she left muttering something about being late for and that Yui was going to kill her.

"Well, I best get going to school too." He said as he scarfed down his meal quicker then his sister ever could and head out for his college. "Bye mom" he said with a wave of his hand.

"Bye dear." She said, and then looked at the mess Miaka created. Ranma however had learned a long time ago how to eat cleaner then he used too. Unfortunately, Miaka had yet to learn that skill.

"Miaka! Where have you been you know that we are late?" she asked her friend.

"Hahaha, gomen, let hurry for it ok?" Miaka said to her friend.

"Alright, umm Miaka, your brother is not walking with you to school today?" Yui asked her friend with a blush on her cheek.

"Yui-chan, you still haven't gotten over that crush on my brother?" she asked in a sly voice.

"I do not have a crush on him!" she yelled to her friend, but the heavy blush on her cheek told her that she was lying.

"Well, to answer your question, he is not taking me to school today because he has to take Ryoga -niisan to school." She told Yui, "You wouldn't believe how bad Ryoga-niisan sense of direction is."

Yui just nodded, having asking Ryoga for direction once she ended up half way across the town. "Well let get going, if we run we might make it in time for class."

"Un." Miaka said in reply.

"Oh and Miaka?" Yui asked.

"Yes, Yui?" Miaka replied.

"Can you come with me to the National library today, I need to return some books and I wouldn't mine some company there." Yui said.

"Sure Yui, I'll go." Said Miaka, unaware of where their fate was headed.

"Yo! P-chan." Ranma said in greeting to Ryoga.

"Ranma , I told you don't ever call me that." Said Ryoga, trying to make his voice sound angry but not succeeding.

"So, Ryoga, Akari keeping you up late at night?" asked Ranma in a sly voice.

Ryoga blush in embarrassment then but not before he hit Ranma for that remark.

"Ouch man, you still packing quite a wallop but you are getting soft as a family man." Ranma taunted his old friend.

"Yeah? Well at least this family man is making better grades then you are in college." He shot back.

"Just you watch Ryoga I will be valedictorian in the end." Ranma said to Ryoga. It still agitated Ranma that Ryoga rank number one and he is number two, who would have thought the lost boy had it in him.

"Well we're here at your classroom, remember wait here until I come to get you, got that?" He asked his friend.

"Don't worry, I'll wait at my desk ok?" he said in reassurance to Ranma, "Oh by the way, have you decided if your gonna teach Miaka the anything goes style? Hell are you gonna even let her know that your not a mere black belt?"

Ranma let out a deep sigh, he had been debating for 3 years now if he should let his sister Miaka about his skill and teach it to her. He finally came to a conclusion a couple of days ago.

"Nah, I decided not to." He told Ryoga, seeing his friend questioning looks. "It is simple man, I want her to have a normal life, if she learns the anything goes style it might just bring chaos to her life, so as long as she only know a few black belt moves, then that enough to defend herself."

"I see man, we'll talk more later then." Ryoga said as he headed toward his class.

"Ryoga you idiot your going the wrong way," Ranma said, now seeing that Ryoga headed the right way, "Alright man, later."

He watched as Ryoga went away and he found himself thinking that so much has change during the past three year. The insanity and the craziness of his life and how he would do anything to make sure that his sister has a better life then he did. That he promised on his father grave.

"Pop" he thought sadly, in the end his father sacrificed himself so that his son may live. It was during the battle with Saffron that his father sacrificed himself to allow Ranma the killing blow on Saffron.

"He also remember the shock upon come back to find out that he had an 11 year old sister and that she looked up to him for guidance. It turn out that when Ranma left at five, his father apparently left his mother pregnant with Miaka, she didn't find out about it until two weeks later but by then it was too late.

Since then he edit his life stories for his ditzy sister and found that he actually like having a sister, she was someone he could talk to when things got tough. He decided to protect her by not telling her everything that happen to him and by not teaching her the anything goes style of martial arts.

He also found that although his sister does badly in everything just like he had once, she had a heart of gold. She had ways of making him feel better when everything was sad. He vowed he would protect her with his life.

He also gave her an edit version of how Akane left him for some one else. Although he try to tell her that Akane was a nice person, sort of, Miaka never liked her. Ranma figure that his brutal honestly does not mix well with telling stories. He wonders how Akane is doing with Shinnosuke now.

So after Akane married Shinnosuke, Soun never pushed for the engagement as he used to anymore. So now he, his sister and his mother is living together, his mother didn't really have to work because after Ranma won a couple of tournament, they were set for life but his mother needed something to keep her mind off of Genma. Ranma also didn't mind the fact the she was seeing someone. In his opinion anything that may his mother happy is ok in his book. In addition to keep up the change in his life, he no longer were his Chinese outfit anymore, now a day it just jeans, slacks and anything else his sister said would look cool on him. He even ditched the pigtail he had to complete his change from his previous life style, he's now sporting a ponytail which is a bit longer then his pigtail.

He barely registered that his class was over till his teacher threw a chalk at him. Snapping out of it he proceeded to go through school normally. He talked with Ryoga during lunch and after school was out he walked him home to a happy Akari.

He got up to their apartment and opened it and stepped right back just in case Miaka tried anything funny on him because of this morning. Extending his senses and feeling nothing he decided to that it was safe enough. He then started to cook dinner, his mom usually cook breakfast and he dinner because of the time she usually got back from her work place.

He was so busy cooking that he didn't noticed that it was unusual that Miaka was getting home later than ever. When he did realized that Miaka school got out 2 hours ago he covered all of the food up and went out and look for her.

After and hour of searching he finally decided to got home, maybe she was there. He opened the door and yelled, "I'm home!" And was suddenly hugged tightly by his sister that seemed to appeared out of now where.

"Oniichan, you never believe what happen to me today." She said excitedly.

"Whoa, hold it." He said trying to stop her barrage of information that she was telling him, something about a book and someone name Tamahome. "Let me grab something before you tell me, this should be interesting."

So having after making himself comfortable he told her to go ahead as he ate some of the dinner he cooked.

"Well it all started when Yui and me went to the National Library…" she proceeded to tell him of how she saw a Phoenix and how she followed it. She told him how she found a book call "The Universe of the Four Gods, Sky and Earth" and how she got sucked in with Yui at first but then ended up being alone. She told him how she got almost got robbed but a guy name Tamahome saved her. She told him how she ended up in a country name Konan and that she met the emperor name Hotohori. She told him how she met a mean girl name Nuriko who was really nasty to her but turned out to be a cross dresser. And she told him how Hotohori and Tamahome brought her to Tais-kun to get her home and that is where she is at now.

"So then I just gotten back but I don't see Yui any where Oniichan." She told her brother, but he didn't replied, "Oniichan do you believe me?"

"Of course I believe you as a matter of fact I happen to know that that book wanted your…" He then turn around dressed up in cape and looking very mean and in a demonic voice completed the sentence "SOUL!"

"Oniichan S-SCARY!" she said looking frighten while pointing a finger at him.

Ranma wasn't listening to her as he started to chant something while bowing to an altar that appeared out of no where.

"Onnichan , you didn't believed me at all." She said as she realized that Ranma was just playing with her.

Everything Ranma did suddenly disappeared and he was returned to normal. "Look Miaka, I know that those incantation books are real popular with you young girls right now but don't let it get to your head. It is just the market trying to take your money so you can spend more on the incantation." He explained to her.

"Go and get some rest and we go and take a look at this book together, alright?" he asked her.

"Ok Oniichan." She replied a bit sullen.

"Goodnight Miaka."

"Night Niichan." She said then went into her room.

In reality, Ranma did believed her, considering his past it wasn't too far fetch. He figure he go and take the book tonight and take a look at it after she asleep tonight. Just then his mother came home.

"Hello Ranma, how was your day today?" she asked him.

"Fine mom, well I am going to go to sleep now, dinners in the oven. Goodnight mom." He said.

"Night Ranma, oh is Miaka awake?" she asked him.

"Oh she just went to bed she'll see you tomorrow." He told her.

"Oh, ok I got her this new dress and was wondering if she would try it on." She told him , then her face got mischief, "OR, maybe you can try it on for her."

Ranma eyes widen, "Nu uh, no thanks you, I closed that chapter of my life for quite some time now." He told her seriously, thinking that she did mean it.

Nodoka laugh out loud, "I was just joking Ranma, you take it so seriously now."

Ranma just grumbled.

"Goodnight dear."


After a couple of hours and seeing that Ranma is asleep, Miaka tiptoed outside and headed for the library. After deducting that Yui was in the book she just had to get her friend out of there.

What she didn't know was that Ranma faked it and was following her. He saw how she snucked into the library.

"Impressive." He thought to himself.

He follow her to restricted room and saw a red light started to emit form the room. He got there just in time to see Miaka being surround by a red light.

"MIAKA!" he yelled out.

"Oniichan!" she said with surprise in her voice, and then was gone.

"MIAKA!" He yelled and moved with all his speed to grab her but was too slow. "NOOOO!!!" Yelled to himself, but all that was left was the book and the page it was turned too.

He then started to read the book, as he read he figure Suzaku no Miko was his sister and that Seriyuu no Miko was Yui. He felt anger that Yui got raped and wanted a piece of the Nakago guy. He felt anger at Tamahome for striking his sister when Tamahome was brainwash. He felt sad when Tamahome family was killed. He then decided that he had to protect Miaka himself. Her friends were good but not good enough. Her friends were outsmarted too much time for Ranma comfort, so he decided it was time for him to join the fray.

After sitting for a couple of minutes to figure out a couple of ways to go inside the book he finally stuck upon an object that might work.

"The Naban mirror, I am sure I still have that around some where." He thought to himself. He then started to make his way home, after digging around his old stuff for a while he found it. He then decided that he needed people he can trust to read the book.

Ryoga woke up to the sound of his door knocked by someone. "Who the hell can it be at this time." He said out loud.

"Open up Ryoga, its me."

"RANMA?" he was shocked the Ranma was at his house this late.

"Follow the sound of my voice Ryoga, so you won't get lost." He told Ryoga.

"Shut up!" Ryoga said in embarrassment.

"That right you're getting closer, this way this way, there that wasn't so hard was it?" he asked a glowering Ryoga when the door was finally open.

"It better be important for you to wake me up at this time of night." Ryoga warned him.

"Oh it is, you see what happen was…" and he proceeded to tell Ryoga everything.

"I want to come along too." Ryoga told Ranma after he finished the story.

"No way man I need some one here to read it for me maybe even warn me. You can communicate with me through this." He said as he plucked some strand of his hair and handed to Ryoga. "I found that out with my sister with her hair but then she went and burnt it on me."

"Alright man so are you ready?" Ryoga asked.

"Yeah, let me get change first."

(Fushigi Yuugi ending music beat starts to plays)

"R-ranma, you - your..." Ryoga tried to said but couldn't he just looked at someone he thought he would never see again.

Ranma walked out in clothes he hasn't worn in over 3 year. On both his arms were his combat bracers. He wore his black pants with his red sleeveless Chinese shirt. His muscle showed with out any effort on his part. His hair was retied back into a pigtail. He had the look of combat in his eye. In short he looked every inch the fighter he was back then.

"Let's do it, I'm ready." He said and with that he took an onion and rubbed it to his eyes to get a teardrop out.

"Miaka, oniisan is coming." He thought as he was enveloped in a burst of white light.

To be continued…

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