I will search the world, the skies and the whole universe and beyond to find my other half.
The colour that truley belongs in my lonely broken heart...

Chapter 1.

I always believed in soul mates and how people are destined to be together, how all people are connected as one.
Not anymore, it's all gone now.
My heart was broken once too many times, glue can't fix it now.
I always thought life was amazing, you'd find that one someone, get married and settle down, but life isn't that easy, not for me anyway.
Life sucks.

I was brought up in a care home for most of my life, then I was kicked out when I turned 18.
In the end I ended up on and island as a rancher.
It was a nice job and the people were also very nice.
Unlike them, I had a past I wanted to hide.

beach, 6pm, 16th spring.

I sighed, kicking the fine sand underneath my feet. I finished a long day working and yet I had more to do tomorrow.
The sun was setting, making the sky turn into warm colours; red, orange, yellow, purple and pink. It was beautiful.
I continued walking down the beach, the next thing I knew, I tripped over something and was on the ground.
"what the hell?" I said getting up and brushing the sand off of my tattered clothes.
A smooth velvet like voice spoke up behind me.
"I was just about to say the same thing, you should watch where you're going..." I turned around and looked down to see a man sat down rubbing his arm. He had silver hair and was dressed like a cowboy.
"And you are?" "I'm Chelsea, the rancher here. Um, sorry about that."
"Whatever, my names Vaughn. Animal dealer." I looked closer to see that he had violet eyes, I was sort of... drawn to them.
"So, you'll be here often?" I asked still looking at them.
"Only Wednesdays and Thursdays."

I realised the time, I gotta get up earlier than usual tomorrow, a ton of work to do like weeding. Oh how I jump for joy just thinking about it.
"Nice to meet you, I have to go now, see you er, tomorrow." I said simply and left.

short and random but it gets good, chelsea's past slowly unravels in the next chapters.
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