Last but not least...

The wind was building up, a tear escaped my eye.
I saw the concern and sadness in Vaughn's eyes and face.
"I should be going. Things... to do tomorrow." I broke the silence. Vaughn was still silent, not a word. I got up.
"You left to go to a care home?" Vaughn finally said. All those other memories came back.
"I DON'T want to talk about it!" I snapped. His eye's widened at the outburst.
"I..." I tried to say sorry, say... how I reconised him but never met him in my life until now.
I simply turned and started to walk away, tears rolling down my cheeks silently as the rain was falling.
"Wait!" Vaughn shouted behind, standing, I turned back.
"What care home?"
My hair wisped across my face.
"I said I didn't want to talk about it. Don't you understand?" I walked off.
A hand caught me.
"I understand. I was in a care home once you know. A girl, about two years younger than me was there as well. She had perfect saphire blue eyes, pale skin and wavy dark chocolate hair. She got badly tormented by another girl called Lucia.
I think we know who this girl is. Chelsea."
I faced him.
"I think we know who the boy was. Unique silver hair and the most beautiful purple eyes. Vaughn."

We slowly got closer to one another.
We were nose to nose.
My lips were sealed with a kiss. Not just any kiss.
A kiss that would always protect me.
A kiss that will always stay with me forever.
A kiss that coloured my heart.


I know. Very short, very fluffy... I hope you enjoyed the story.
I will improve it in the (near) future.
R + R please.