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"Bells, honey, I'm sending you to live with your father" My mum sighed; I knew this was going to happen. She had tried everything from banning me from dancing to military camp. Nothing worked.

"What? Why mum?"

"I was never a fan of your street dancing, but you've got out of hand" Out of hand? It was one punch! And the nerd deserved it! He shouldn't have told me to move.

"You've changed Bella Marie Swan and it's not for the good!" And with that, she sent me packing and on the plane to Forks.

I was met by a very unenthusiastic Charlie. He doesn't really like me. It's mainly because I chose to live with mum and Phil right after I said that I loved him. Forks back then wasn't exactly my scene. It was full of women in sundresses and there was just me in a hoodie and ripped jeans.
The journey to his place was awkward; we both didn't speak. I laughed internally. It was funny because we used to be so talkative.

"Your hair has changed" I looked at my hair, boring brown. But it wasn't curly, it was straight and the tips of my hair were electric blue. I wore hoodies a lot now. But they were fashionable.

"Yeah, it needed change, it was to plain for my liking" I smiled at him, and I swore I saw a tear in his eye.

"So, have you been street dancing lately?"

"Not since I got kicked out because I was moving here." I noticed his hurt expression. "I stood up to them about what they were doing. You know the crimes and stuff. And they kicked me out. I'm not bothered; mum said that it's their loss for losing a good dancer." I grinned, and Charlie defiantly grinned back. We engaged in an easy conversation, and when we pulled up on the drive, his grin disappeared. Then a fake one plastered across his face. I was about to ask when a blonde replica of Katie Price walked out the door.

"That is my wife, Kelly, be nice Isabella"

"It's Izzy. And I'll be nice don't worry."

Now when I said she looked like Jordan, I meant that. But Jordan even looked natural compared to Kelly. She had gone orange with the spray tan. Her breasts were practically bulging out of her VERY LOW tank top. And a very high mini skirt along with knee high black leather boots. Her daughter came out then. She was wearing exactly the same thing as her man-eating mother. She must be the popular girl that all the boys longed for.
Then as of a sudden I was hugged to death by Kelly.

"Isabella! Nice to meet you babe! This is my daughter Joanie!" Joanie stepped forward; she had the bleach blonde hair and the boots and the other stuff. I knew I wasn't going to get along with her. Charlie's fake grin faltered, he married her for the tit. I know it; I smiled at him and wiggled my eyebrows. He blushed; I bet he'd thought I'd throw a fit. I would of, but I want it to be like the old days.

"Let's go inside then?" I nodded and walked in. They had made it more modern since I lived here. The couch was black leather, and the wooden flooring was light. The plasma screen glowed in the sunlight. This house had totally changed; the kitchen was black granite and modern.

"So, dad, where's my room?" I asked Charlie, I saw Joanie doing her makeup, and something told me I was going to have trouble with her.
"It's were it was last time you came, I didn't change it. I thought you could go shopping for some stuff." He was going to get his wallet out when I stopped him.

"I'll get the money on my own; I'll get a job or something. Don't sweat it!" I added that to make him feel better. He nodded and I made my way up to my room.

It was purple.

Not nice.

It had fairy lights and everything. It had an oak desk in the corner, the bed was pink. That would have to change. I looked to the bookcase, fairy books, the can go to the charity store. I went outside and bumped into Joanie.

"Hey, do you know if there are any cardboard boxes around do you?" She rolled her eyes at me and glared at a cupboard built in the wall. I nodded my thanks in which she made a hand gesture at. I rolled my eyes and returned it. I opened the cupboard and found a box. I made my way back to my room and went over to the books.

They have to go. Then the fairy lights went and so on. I made a small list:

Books – Charity Store

Fairy Lights - Charity Store

Old Clothes - Charity Store

Posters – Bin

Wallpaper – Bin

And so on. I decided to leave my furniture until I had brought my new furniture. It was already 9:00 pm so I decided to hit the hay. It took me awhile to get settled, new mattress tomorrow. Before anything else.

I woke up feeling groggy; not a good sign on the first day of school. It was summer as well. I didn't want to be gothic, so my jeans and a heavy hoodie were out of question. I didn't want to be slutty so borrowing anything was out of the question. I settled for white cropped pants and a dark grey sleeveless. I wore my hair straight and I put a black base-ball cap on and I turned it slightly. I then got a black hoodie and put it on top of the cap. (A/N: Pics on my profile) I looked weird but I didn't know what the other kids would be wearing. I did the usual morning stuff and came down to breakfast. I poured some cereal and sat with the family.

"Isabella? Is that what you're wearing for school?" Kelly asked me, well no shit Sherlock.

"Um... Yeah I am" I tried to look deadly "You alright with that mom?" I'm sure I looked deadly by the look on their faces. Charlie looked unfazed.

"Izzy come outside, I wanna show you something" He smiled slyly and I looked to Joanie. She looked furious. I knew it must be better than whatever he got her. I stepped outside and saw a man in a wheelchair.

"Izzy, you remember Billy and Jacob Black?" He pointed to the man in the wheelchair who was like a cow boy and then looked at a kid with long black hair. I nodded and smiled at the irony of their hair and their car.

"Nice car man, I'll have to save up for one" I looked to the black smooth car. It was like one you see in spy movies. (A/N: Pics on my profile) Suddenly I heard hysterical laughing. Billy, Charlie and Jacob looked at me with big goofy grins on their faces.


"You think I would drive that?"


"I brought this from Billy, welcome home Iz" He smiled at me. I grinned like a goof. It was an awesome car!

"What? Seriously?" He nodded "Oh my god! This is mint dad! Thank you" I ran up to hug him. Not cool, I know but nobody was looking. Apart from the Blacks, according to Jake, they were always watching.

"You best get your step-sister." I nodded and walked into the kitchen.

"Yo, its time to go to school dude" I said to her. She grimaced at 'dude' and we split ways. Me to my awesomeness car. And she went to her to her small pink convertible. I looked the bomb when I was riding through the streets with the Barbie doll in front. We arrived at Forks High School in no time. It was just around the block. Everybody stepped back when the Slut-mobile went through but they gasped when they saw my car. I had tinted windows so nobody could see me.

"Oh my, probably her bodyguard or something" I laughed at that. I spun pretty fast and did a slide to snag the only spot in the parking lot. It was right next to a silver Volvo. I saw a pixie stare at my car. I then saw everybody who got out the car look gob smacked. All apart from a gorgeous bronze haired boy who just told them:

"Show off, this kid isn't going to fit in here" I took that as my cue to get out. Again that group gasped, apart from Mr. Hot Shot who didn't even bother to look.

"I mean, who would be friends with a total arse-"

"Edward!" The big scary looking dude smacked Edward's shoulder and he turned around. I pulled my baseball cap on and pulled my hood on my hoodie up and walked away. I wasn't going to let him get to me. I made my way to reception. The woman at the counter was an old-ish lady, she looked about 50.

"Excuse me miss?"

"Yes dear?"

"I'm Isabella Swan, I'm new here"

"Ah Chief Swan's daughter, nice to meet you. Here is your schedule and this slip to say you're new" She handed me said items and I made my way to Mathematics. I walked through the door and everybody looked at me Crap.

"Isabella Swan! Nice of you to join us."

"Sorry I'm um late sir"

"It's alright" My teacher grinned at me. "You'll be sat by Mr. Cullen over there" He pointed to hot shot. All the girls gave me looks that obviously stated that I was seriously lucky.

"And Isabella?" I winced at the name "I'm sorry, you dad says you prefer Izzy correct?" I nodded; I didn't turn to look at him. "Take the cap and hood off" I took them off and plonked them by my stool next to Edward. I felt all eyes on me when I popped my hood off and they saw my hair. My blue tips stood out a bit. I turned to Edward when the teacher turned to write some questions to answer on the board.

"Hey Izzy, I'm Edward Cullen and I'm sorry I called you an arse this morning" I used a real low voice and pretended to apologise for Edward.

"It's alright Edward! Don't worry about it" I used my own voice. I wrote an answer to the first question. I looked up at him to see him smirking.

"I'm not going to apologise Isabella" He strained my name to make me wince.


"Because I don't regret it" The girls were staring at Edward as if he was a god. And then they smirked at me.

"Yeah, chav, you are a piece of trash" They boys agreed. The bell went and I ran out of the class room- with my stuff, I grabbed it. I made my way to Drama and found Edward Cullen sat there smirking at me.

"Ah, Izzy, you are seating next to Edward Cullen" I shrugged my shoulders and didn't speak to him. We were doing Romeo and Juliet. We were given parts and we had to read them as we thought the character would say them. I didn't join in. I sat in the corner and did my Math homework. I felt Edwards stare on me and just before the bell went I stood and ran from the class-room to lunch. I pulled out my brown paper bag with my lunch in it. I walked over to a bunch of girls and smiled at them. They ran away and left their trays behind.


Must've been desperate to get away from me, again I felt someone's gaze on me. I looked at the table next to me and saw the Cullen family. Edward was laughing at me whilst the others were giving me pitiful looks. I sat down and ate. This is going to be a long school life. Everybody hates me, not a good way to start off. The rest of the day passed a breeze. Nobody talked to me though. I got in my car and drove away a split second before anybody else.

I got home and said I was going job hunting. Charlie said I had until 9:00 pm. It was 3:45 that gave me plenty of time. It would be a breeze.

It wasn't. Everywhere was full; nobody wanted me to work anywhere. I was about to go home when I heard a hip hop beat come on. I followed it to a young boy trying to dance. He was 13, it said on this piece of paper behind him. I looked in the basket and there was nothing. I sighed and looked at the kid; I drew out my wallet and put ten dollars in there. He smiled and thanked me.

"What is your name kid?"

"Jordan Harris, what is yours?"

"Izzy Swan. Say, Jordan, mind if I help you get some money?"

"Sure, I suck anyway" I smirked and he moved a side. People had stopped to see what I was doing. I stretched and flexed then I danced.

I did some break dancing moves and the cash flew in. I could see the Cullen's stopping and making their way through the crowd to see what was going on. I dragged Jordan with me and he copied my dance moves and everybody applauded. Except for one.

Edward Cullen.

He smirked and put 20 dollars in the basket. I smiled at everybody and then the crowd moved away. Me and Jordan counted the money and we got over $500. I was about to walk away when:

"Izzy, have half"


"Here, have $250. You earned it. I didn't get a single dime before you came"

"Thanks kid. Here is my number if you need anything" I smiled and winked at him. Edward Cullen will never be the same again.


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