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City of Lights.


The City of Lights. That's what we called it. The floodlights from the stadium, the many neon signs in store windows, the constant glow of bulbs everywhere, even in the day time- we were the City of Lights. The City that never Slept. We were the party animals, party now, ask questions later- you know, that kind of thing. Every day and night, morning and evening was constant life of luxury for every one of us. We only had eyes for this place, our haven which we all adored. Zanarkand.

And aside from that, most of the people in Zanarkand only had eyes for the game. Blitz. Oh, yeah. And I just so happened to be the youngest Captain that the Zanarkand Abes had ever had. I'm not gonna lie. I was their star player. Every other team we played envied me. But that wasn't just because of how good I was. Huh. My dad made sure of that.

But never mind that right now- I'm getting ahead of myself. You have to listen to my story. This… may be our last chance.


I'm not exaggerating. This blonde girl almost throttled me. All the air flew out of my lungs when she rammed her body into mine, and knotted her hands in my locks of platinum blonde hair. I almost passed out. Her friend, brunette, giggled and thrust a Blitzball under my nose, a midnight blue pen in her other hand.

"Sign it, please?!" she begged, her brown eyes wide and pleading. I pried the blonde off of me and smiled my famous dashing smile. She went visibly weak at the knees. I resisted the urge to snicker. I then scrawled an autograph across the ball, and handed it back to the girl.

"What seats?" I asked, keeping up my pretty boy façade. The blonde's eyes sparkled.

"East block, first row!" she squeaked. I did smirk then.

"If I score a goal, I'll do this-" I threw my hands up in the air and did a thumbs up, grinning all the while- "that'll mean it was for you, okay?"

The two nodded and giggled, scuttling off, gossiping every second. I shook my head, and turned to another person, a little kid, also wanting an autograph. His mother was standing with him, smiling at me in that motherly way that made me instantly sad. My mother never smiled at me like that.

"Will ya teach me Blitz, Tidus?!" the little boy asked, taking the ball back and twirling it around in his hands. I smiled at him. His mother bopped him on the head.

"Kanna! Call him sir!" she hissed. I laughed, shaking her hand.

"It's okay. He can call me Tidus. But thanks for asking- no one else ever does," I smiled, and his mother's face melted and she fumbled for words, that seemed just an inch out of her reach.

"Thank- you. Come on, Kanna," she pulled her son along, and I laughed and waved as he threw the Blitzball back and forth with her as they walked away.

I heard the commentator's voice ring out on the overhead, so I headed towards the sphere pool, adrenalin suddenly pumping through my veins, like it always does just before I go into a game.

"You know this is the Jecht Memorial Cup, folks? Well, we're all fond of nineteen year old Tidus Inida, Captain of our precious Zanarkand Abes, but of course, his father mustn't be forgotten. It's ten years ago today that Jecht Inida disappeared. I remember that day all too well. News came to us all, that he'd went out to sea, training, and hadn't come back. Probably attacked by one of those sea dwelling monsters, ain't that right, folks? Well, my father and me went out onto the porch and just reminisced about that fantastic Blitzer. Don't think me and my old man ever talked so much- But hey! Enough sad talk! Let's hope Tidus can bring the cup home for us! What's your status, Renko?"

I very nearly screamed to high heaven. Why did everything always have to be about my father! All he ever did was tell me what a failure I was, how I'd never succeed in life, how I'd have to live with them until I died. After he disappeared, he, in effect, destroyed mom. She never loved me half as much as she loved him. She died not long after, and I remember thinking, I'm gonna prove that excuse for a father wrong. And I went outside, and practiced the game until it hurt. Look were I am, ten years later.

I went straight from the street to the entrance of the sphere pool- going into the locker rooms just made me nervous. My team mates were all standing, waiting, shaking last minute jitters out of their system.

I heard them calling my name.

Without thinking, I walked out, and saw the screaming fans, the camera flashes, the noise, cheering, banners, and the sphere pool. I grinned and leapt in, feeling the water make me soaking, my clothes sticking to me, and I swam up to shake hands with the other captain. She squeezed my hand a little to tight for my liking, so I smirked, and winked and watched as her smug look was wiped from her face.

And then the game started.

I can never fully remember what happens during a game. Alls I know is, it ain't a sissy sport. I got rammed about six times, and when the captain of the other team punched Pharfalaa, my star defender, I had no choice but to send her hurtling out of the sphere pool.

Catching the Blitzball, I smacked it with my boot, and sent it hurtling into the opposing teams goals. A resounding cheer echoed throughout the stadium, and I did my thumbs up sign for the girls I'd promised. Grinning, I carried on, hunting for the ball. Time for a big finish. My father's famous shot, that I'd been practicing all this time.

Catching the ball, I threw it up and out of the pool, leaping up myself. I heard the fans gasp, and a million breaths caught. I smiled. Now would be my moment to shine.

As I turned and came down, about to slam the ball, I saw something coming.

A light, so bright, it blinded even the City of Lights. Zanarkand was being attacked. And by what I had no idea.

The force of whatever the hell it was smacked me, and I fell from my height, tumbling to the ground. I screamed louder than I ever had in my entire life. I managed to grab onto one of the stone dragons that embossed the front of the stadium, but under some invisible pressure, they crumbled, like sand between my fingers.

And as I fell to the ground, as Auron waited at the bottom of my fall- I think that's when my life changed forever.

For better or worse?

You'll just have to wait and see.

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