(Chatter in a school classroom. Ricki and Cleo are sitting, Cleo on a seat, Ricki on a desk opposite her. They're talking in whispers.)

Ricki – Tonight's the full moon. We've got to be careful.

Cleo – Oh! That's right! I'd forgotten.

Ricki – Emma gave me these this morning (shows Cleo some blindfolds), she thinks they'll help.

Cleo – Let's hope by tomorrow none of us will be all gaga.

(Teacher comes in and calls class to order)

Teacher – Hello class! The bell has rung, so please sit down!

(All the students start moving around, finding their seats)

Teacher – Oh, and before we begin, I would like to welcome a new student to our class.

(Shannen enters the room, looking down shyly)

Teacher – Everyone, this is Shannen. (Turns to Shannen) You can go sit over there.

(Shannen moves to desk in front and sits down, scene changes)


(Emma, Ricki and Cleo are all walking along the school gardens)

Emma – My teacher left me a TON of homework, I'll have to spend all night on it.

Ricki – Emma, why so long? Just DON'T do it, it'll do you some good, right Cleo?

(Cleo doesn't answer, she's staring off into space, thinking)

Ricki – (waving hand in front of Cleo's face) Earth to Cleo! EARTH TO CLEO!!!

Cleo – (startled) What?

Ricki – Zone out much?

Cleo – I wasn't zoned out. I was just thinking.

Emma – About what?

Cleo – The new girl. You think she might be like Charlotte?

Ricki – Cleo, you need to relax. She's not going to find out about us, didn't you see her? She's too scared to talk to anybody, let alone find out this huge secret!

Cleo – Yeah, I guess you're right.

Emma – What new girl are you talking about?

Ricki – Her name's Shannen, she came into class today (sees Shannen walking out of building, carrying backpack). Look, there she is (nods head in Shannen's direction).

Emma – (watches Shannen) Ricki's right, she could never find out. Just look at her!

(All turn and look at Shannen)

Emma – She's so nervous, she could just pass out any second. (Thinking) We should go say hello to her.

Ricki – Nu uh, you go. I've got something more important to do.

Emma – Like what?

Ricki – Like not going.

Emma – (turns to Cleo) How about you?

Cleo – I think I'll pass.

(Emma walks to Shannen, Cleo and Ricki shrug at each other and head off in a different direction)

Ricki – Think she'll have any luck?

Cleo – With what?

Ricki – Making Shannen talk.

Cleo – Oh, maybe.

Ricki – I'm betting on a no. She probably won't be able to get two sentences out of her.

(Camera turns to Emma and Shannen)

Emma – Hi!

Shannen – (mumbles) Hi.

Emma – I'm Emma.

Shannen – Shannen.

Emma – So, you're new, huh?

Shannen – Yeah.

Emma – Do you like the school?

Shannen – I guess.

Emma – Where are you from?

Shannen – Far away.

Emma – Oh.

Shannen – I'm sorry, I have to go. (Walks quickly away)

(Emma looks disappointed)


(In the Juicenet café, Emma, Cleo and Ricki are all sitting together, drinking some smoothies)

Ricki – Ha! I knew it! Pay up Cleo!

Cleo – It's not fair, we didn't even shake hands.

(Ricki holds out hand and looks meaningfully at her, Cleo sighs and puts some coins in her hand)

Emma – I just don't understand, why won't she talk?

Ricki – Hel-oh! She's a new girl, she's obviously shy.

(Lewis enters the Juicenet café and walks towards the girls. He sits down)

Cleo – Hi Lewis!

Lewis – Hey, I've got a brilliant idea of how to avoid the full moon tonight.

(The girls look at each other)

Cleo – Lewis, I don't think-

Lewis – Come on! It's the best idea ever!

Emma – Actually, Lewis, we've already planned our night out.

Lewis – But it's still-

Ricki – Lewis, we've sorted it all out. We're fine.

(Lewis looks upset, Cleo leans against him)


(Emma's in her room, fast asleep. Her blindfold is on. Elliot enters the room, he shakes Emma)

Elliot – Emma! Wake up!

(Emma groans, sits up, takes the blindfold off)

Emma – (sleepily) What are you doing here, Elliot? (checks her watch) It's midnight.

Elliot – I'm thirsty.

Emma – Then go get a glass of water.

Elliot – It's too dark, and I don't want to wake Mum up.

Emma – (getting up) All right. Go back to bed; I'll take you some water in a sec.

Elliot – Thanks (leaves room)

(Emma gets up, puts her slippers on, and leaves the room. She walks down the stairs, and into the kitchen. She grabs a glass from a shelf and goes to the sink. Once there, she notices the reflection of the full moon on the glass she's holding. She turns, and sees the moon through the window. She stares for a while, then smiles)


(Cleo is sleeping in her bed, her blindfold on. Suddenly, there's a noise that sounds like a dolphin. Cleo stirs, and wakes up. She takes the blindfold off, and looks around. The noise is heard again. Cleo, confused, gets up and walks to the window, the noise seems to come from outside. She opens the curtains, and sees the full moon. She stares at it, and then looks at Emma down in the garden. They smile at each other)


(Ricki is fast asleep, her blindfold on, in her room. The door silently opens, and in creep Emma and Cleo. They go to Ricki, and Cleo tears the blindfold off her face. Ricki, startled, sits up)

Ricki – What's going on?

(Emma and Cleo start tugging at Ricki, they pull her up, and start taking her to the door)

Ricki – Oh no! You've been moonstruck, haven't you?

(Emma and Cleo keep pulling Ricki to the door, Ricki struggles, gets free, and runs inside her room. She closes the door, locks it, and grabs her phone. She dials a few numbers, and presses it to her ear. After a few rings, Lewis's voice sounds inside the phone)

Lewis – Hello? (sleepily)

Ricki – Lewis! Emma and Cleo have seen the moon!

(A wind fills the room, Ricki looks up)

Lewis – What? I thought you had it all planned out!

Ricki – Now's not the time for "I told you so", Lewis. Emma and Cleo are here, at my house.

(The wind starts making the key turn)

Lewis – What are they doing?

(The door bursts open, Cleo and Emma stand in the doorway. Ricki turns to look at them. They walk to her)

Emma – You must see the moon.

(They grab Ricki, the phone falls, and they start pulling her out)

Ricki – Let go of me! I don't need to see the moon!

(A wind tears around Ricki, pushing her, helping Emma and Cleo drag her out. They exit the room. The camera turns to the phone on the floor)

Lewis – Ricki! Ricki!


(Lewis is running along the beach. He's dialing some numbers into his phone. He puts it to his ear)

Lewis – Come on, come on! Pick up!

(Zane's voice sounds inside the phone)

Zane – Hello?

Lewis – Zane! I need your help!

Zane – What?

Lewis – It's the full moon, Zane. The girls should be heading to Mako Island right about now.

Zane – All right, all right. I'll meet you at the dock.

(Lewis shuts his phone and keeps running)


(The dock. Lewis is waiting for Zane. Some steps are heard; Lewis turns, sees Zane, and sighs in relief)

Lewis – I thought you wouldn't come.

Zane – (untying a boat) Of course I came. Now hurry, we've got to get to Mako.


(There's a boat in the ocean. A dark figure sits in it. The camera gets closer, it's Shannen, she's looking at the moon through a telescope. She writes something down in a notebook. She peers through the telescope again, and suddenly, some wind starts moving the ocean. The boat rocks, and Shannen, terrified, hangs on. It starts raining, and lightning is seen in the sky)

Shannen – I've got to get to land.

(She sees she's gone too far from the dock.)

Shannen – Shoot, I've gone too far. I can't make it there in this storm.

(A flash a lightning illuminates Mako. She turns on the boat's engine, and goes towards the island)


(Shannen lands at Mako, she drags her boat up higher onto the sand. More lightning flashes, she looks up, and runs into the trees. She runs, trips and falls. More lightning. She sits up and limps over to under a tree.)


(Lewis and Zane arrive at Mako. They get out of the boat.)

Zane – Lewis! Go find the girls!

(Lewis nods and runs. Zane drags the boat up to higher ground. He turns, and sees Shannen's boat.)

Zane – (turns) Lewis!

(Lewis is already gone. Zane takes off in the opposite direction)


(Lewis runs to the cave. He sees the girls there.)

Lewis – You guys have GOT to stop!

(Ricki raises her arm, lightning shoots across the sky)


(Shannen is sitting under a tree. Suddenly, lightning flashes in the sky. Shannen's face turns horrified, there is a bright flash of light and an exploding sound. The light disappears. Shannen is lying on the ground, a hole through her chest, in the center of a large circle with everything burnt and destroyed.)


(Zane is running through the trees when he sees the lightning flash and its landing. He covers his ears in pain, then looks up. He runs to where the lightning fell, and sees Shannen. He grabs his cell phone as the sky begins to lighten.)

Zane – Lewis, come on, pick up! (into the phone)


(Lewis is still trying to convince the girls to stop the storm. He hears his cell phone, answers it.)

Lewis – Um, now's not a really good time, Zane.

(He listens for a moment, his face getting scared)

Lewis – What!? Ok, I'll be right there.

(He turns to go)

Cleo – Le-wis (singsong), where are you going?

Lewis – (turns around) Well, I have to go, Cleo.

Cleo – (calmly) You're not going anywhere.

(Water rises from the moon pool and forms a cage around Lewis. Cleo looks at Emma, and Emma freezes the water. Lewis grabs the bars and tries to break them)

Lewis – Cleo, this isn't funny.

Cleo – Of course it's not, it's hilarious.

(Lewis rattles the bars, the girls laugh. The sky keeps getting lighter and lighter. Lewis looks up)

Lewis – Thank goodness.


(Zane is kneeling next to Shannen's still body. He tries to find her pulse on her wrist, gives up. He puts his ear next to her mouth. He immediately opens his cell phone)

Zane – Lewis! She's not breathing.

(a moment while he listens)

Zane – Mouth to mouth! Lewis, I don't-

(listens a bit longer)

Zane – Ok.

(Zane leans closer to Shannen, opens her mouth, puts his on hers, and forces air inside. He then pushes on Shannen's chest)

Zane – 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10



(Lewis is in the cage, the girls in the pool. The moon sets, the girls all shake their heads to clear them.)

Cleo – Uh oh.

Lewis – Could you let me out of here?

(Ricki melts the cage and Lewis steps out and runs off)

Emma – Wait, where are you going?

(Lewis is already gone)


(Zane is still doing mouth to mouth when Lewis arrives. He kneels next to Shannen's body and starts feeling for her pulse)

Lewis – Oh no!

(The girls arrive, and stare shocked at the body)

Emma – Oh my goodness! It's Shannen!

Ricki – (fearfully) Is she-?

Lewis – No! She won't die! She can't!

(Cleo starts to cry into Emma's shoulder, Ricki looks shocked)

Zane – Lewis, we should just give up.

Lewis – We can't!

Ricki – I killed someone… I KILLED someone!

Lewis – You didn't, she's not dead.

Zane – I can't find a pulse, Lewis.

Lewis – (looks at Ricki) Ricki, shock her.

Ricki – What? B-but that's what killed her.

Lewis – It might re-start her heart.

(Ricki looks at Emma and Cleo)

Cleo – Try, Ricki. Please.

(Ricki grits her teeth, and concentrates. Electric sparks appear between her hands, and shock Shannen)

Ricki – (amazed, looks at her hands) What?

Zane – (excited) I can feel a pulse, Lewis!

(Lewis does mouth to mouth)

Lewis – Zane, call the hospital. Tell them to meet us at the beach.

(Zane takes out his cell phone and walks away)

Ricki – How did I do that?

Lewis – Power advancement, you guys should be used to it by now. (turns to Cleo) Cleo, I need you to use your power to take Shannen to the beach.

(Cleo nods, winds pick up)


(Shannen is lying on the beach, Lewis is still doing mouth to mouth, Zane and the girls are keeping a lookout.)

Cleo – (to Lewis) Lewis, why are you still doing that?

Lewis – 1…2…her heart might beat on its own (does mouth-to-mouth) 1…but maybe she can't breathe by herself.

Cleo – Oh.

Ricki – (looking out to sea, loud) I see something!

Emma – (going over to look) That's just a dolphin.

Zane – (looking) No it's not, it's the boat.

(All wave except Lewis and Shannen, boat approaches, lands. Zane and girls go over. Paramedics get out and run over to Shannen)

Lewis – (to paramedics) I did my best.

Paramedic – You did good, kid.

(Other paramedics start lifting Shannen onto a stretcher. The girls look at each other, and then at the boys. The boys notice and nod, then walk a bit apart from the paramedics)


(In Hospital, in doctor's office. Zane, Lewis, and the girls are in there, standing on one side of the desk with a doctor on the other side. He has a clipboard in his hand)

Doctor – So, how did you find the girl?

Cleo – Shannen, her name is Shannen.

Doctor – Well, then, how did you find Shannen?

(All kids look at Emma)

Emma – I talked to her earlier yesterday, she mentioned something about going out in a boat. I didn't really think about it, until late last night, when I saw the storm. I got worried about her, and I called my friends to help me.

Doctor – I see. And how did you know where to look?

Zane – That was me. Everyone had gone looking, and I decided to go that way. There was a lot of lightning, and one fell pretty close once. I thought I'd look and see what it hit. There, I found her.

Doctor – All right, thank you very much. I'm sorry for all the questions, standard procedure, you know. (ushers kids out)


(Outside doctor's office. Kids talking)

Lewis – I think he bought it.

Emma – Well, it was true enough.

(Nurse waves them over, they go)


(Hospital room. There is a bed, a small table with flowers in a vase. Shannen is lying on the bed, her chest covered in bandages. IV is connected to her. There is also a heart-beat rate machine. Nurse is looking at machine)

Nurse – You were lucky, you know.

Shannen – I guess.

Nurse – You have such good friends here. They went and saved you. (turns to look at door.) Well here they come now!

(Girls and Lewis and Zane enter room, look awkwardly around)

Nurse – Well, I'll leave you alone now. (leaves)

(All stand awkwardly)

Shannen – Thanks for finding me.

Cleo – You're welcome.

Shannen – Um, I don't mean to sound ungrateful or anything, but, how DID you find me?

Emma – Oh, it was easy. You told me you were going boating, don't you remember?

Shannen – No, not really.

Lewis – (breaks in loudly) Well, it must've been the accident, that's why you can't remember; because you did tell Emma.

Shannen – I guess.


(In the Juicenet Café. All three girls are sitting at a table, laughing. Lewis comes, carrying a tray full of drinks and sets it on the table. He sits down)

Lewis – Well, that was close.

Cleo – Too close.

Emma – Do you think she suspects anything?

Ricki – Emma, give the girl a break. She did die, you know.

Cleo – And how are you feeling?

Ricki – Me?

Lewis – I expected you to go into shock right about now.

Ricki – Why?

Emma – Well, you did kill her.

Ricki – But I also brought her back to life. (Looks around table, groans) Don't you guys get it? I've always known my power is the most dangerous, the one that harms the most. I've made up with it. Sometimes, I do bad stuff with my powers, but most of the time I do good things. See? It's a sort of balance, and I've reconciled myself with that.

(Zane enters Juicenet café, he waves at Ricki. Ricki turns, sees him.)

Ricki – Now, if you'll excuse me…

Cleo – I thought you weren't going out with him anymore.

Ricki – Well, maybe, I'm not sure yet.

Emma – Whatever you do, I'm sure it's the right thing.

(Ricki grins, leaves with Zane. Cleo, Emma, and Lewis turn to look at each other, then laugh.)


(Shannen's hospital room. She's sitting in a small wheelchair, by the window. She's looking at a small vase with a few flowers in them. The flowers are wilting. Shannen raises her arm and softly touches the flowers. A nurse enters the room, Shannen turns to look at her.)

Nurse – It's time to go.

Shannen – Alright.

(The nurse wheels Shannen out of the room. The camera turns to look at the flowers. The flowers stop wilting, turn upwards, and their petals open.)

End credits