(Shannen and Lewis are running on the docks, looking breathless and exhausted, in the dark. The moon is shining brightly overhead, and they have worried looks on their faces.)

Shannen – They're in Mako, they have to be.

Lewis – (sounding tired) Yeah, I know. It's where they go every full moon.

(They stop as they reach Lewis's boat, and Lewis jumps in and starts the engine as Shannen unties the rope that keeps it from drifting. Once that is done, she gets in and the boat starts to go through the water and head towards the silhouette of Mako.)

Lewis – (through the quiet) What I can't understand is why the guys wanted to do this in the first place.

Shannen – I told you, they want the girls' powers, and, apparently there's something at that island that's going to let them take them away from Emma, Cleo, and Rikki. (quietly, with a pained look on her face) It's what they wanted all along. They came all the way here to get their powers, and they're not leaving without them.

Lewis – Well, they're going to have to be disappointed, then, since they're not hurting the girls in any way.

(Determinedly, Lewis makes the boat go faster, and Shannen hangs on to the edges tightly, staring up at the moon, which is nearly halfway across the sky. Scene change)


(The Moon Pool's water shimmers in the cave, which isn't completely dark even though it's nighttime. Markus is leaning against the wall, Jason and Dylan standing by him. Markus stares at Emma, Cleo, and Rikki as the others switch their gazes from the water and to the sky. Longing is plain on the girls' faces.)

Markus – (chuckling slightly) It's not time to enter the pool yet, girls.

Cleo – (whining) But we've been waiting for ages.

Rikki – Yeah, we want to swim now!

(Markus grunts and elbows Dylan. Dylan sighs reluctantly.)

Dylan – What?

Markus – (pointing at the girls) Make them keep quiet.

Dylan – But they don't want to, and I don't feel comfortable controlling them.

(Markus glares at Dylan, as Jason backs away slightly.)

Markus – (dangerously) What did you say?

Dylan – I don't want to do this anymore. I think we should just leave.

Markus – I think that stupid girl affected you more than I thought. (he advances on Dylan, who steps back, looking afraid) See here, if you don't forget that chick, I'm going to give you such a big mental blast that you won't wake up until the next full moon. Now, shut up and keep the girls from jumping in.

(Dylan, still looking afraid, nods and heads over to the girls. He stares into their eyes as Markus leans against the wall contentedly, picking at his nails.)

Markus – (to Jason) The same goes for you too. If you start to have any thoughts against this whole thing, I'll blast you to tomorrow.

Jason – (nervously) Oh, don't worry. I'm not even thinking about anything.

Markus – (grinning) Good, keep it that way.

(Scene change)


(The sound of the boats motor is loud in the quiet of the night. Lewis and Shannen arrive at the island, and as soon as the boat runs aground, Shannen leaps out and dashes into the forest.)

Shannen – See you at the Moon Pool, Lewis!

Lewis – Wait! Shannen! You shouldn't go alone!

(Seeing that Shannen is not going to wait for him, he hurries and pulls the boat to higher ground, before running deeper into the island himself.)


(At the Moon Pool, the cave starts to brighten as the moon reaches the center of the sky and begins to shine through the hole in the ceiling. Everyone looks up, and the girls all sigh, as Dylan and Jason tense slightly. Markus seems relaxed and he smiles.)

Markus – It's time.

(He pushes Jason slightly.)

Jason – Come on, girls. Didn't you want to swim?

Emma – (sighing happily) Yes.

Dylan – (reluctantly) And isn't the water so beautiful and shiny?

Cleo – (eagerly) Oh, yes, it is!

(Emma, Cleo, and Rikki go closer and closer to the Moon Pool. They arrive at the very edges when a loud noise is heard. The boys turn around to see Shannen stepping into the cave. Some dirt from the passageway clings to her clothes and hands.)

Shannen – (forcefully) Stop.

(Emma, Cleo, and Rikki finally turn from the pool and look at Shannen, their faces confused. Dylan seems relieved, and Jason, confused. Markus is extremely angry.)

Markus – You stupid, meddling girl! I thought I'd gotten rid of you for tonight.

Shannen – (bravely) Well, you didn't. (she hesitates slightly before continuing) And if you're thinking of trying again, don't. I know what your plan is, and I've told Lewis about it. He's calling the police as we speak.

Markus – (his eyes narrow as he glares at Shannen) I don't believe you. What would he tell the cops? That his mermaid buddies are losing their powers tonight?

Shannen – (stutters) N-no, but he can tell them that-

Markus – (interrupting) That what? Nothing! He can't tell them anything! You can't do anything at all to stop us tonight!

Shannen – Yes, I can. (she turns to the girls) Cleo, Rikki, Emma, you're making a mistake. Don't go into the pool. These boys are trying to trick you.

Markus – (laughing) It's not going to work, Dylan's got the girls under control.

(The girls don't move from their positions, and Shannen looks imploringly at Dylan.)

Shannen – Dylan, I know you never loved me, but please, don't do this.

Dylan – (his eyes soften and he steps closer to Shannen. He takes her hands and kisses them) I did love you. I never meant to, but I fell for you. I'm still in love with you.

Markus – (almost growling in his rage) Dylan, damn it! You're going to be sorry for this! Remember what I told you!

Dylan – I don't care. What you want to do is not right. (he glances at Shannen) This is what's right.

(Dylan stares into the eyes of the three mermaids who are still unsure of what to do, and they slowly begin to become more aware of their surroundings.)

Rikki – (blinking) What are you doing here, Shannen?

Shannen – (smiling and stepping closer to the girls) Saving you from the dangers of the moon, again. (she glances at Cleo, who looks confused) Just don't blast me with wind this time.

(Cleo smiles, remembering what happened the last time the full moon rose, and Emma shakes her head to clear it. As this goes on, Lewis steps into the cave as well, his face breaking into a grin as he sees that the girls are clearly unharmed. He rushes to them, as Markus's anger finally explodes.)

Markus – (pointing at Shannon) You'll be sorry!

(Markus concentrates for a moment, and then makes a thrusting motion at Shannen. Dylan gasps and tries to block his girlfriend from the attack, but he's too late, and Shannen staggers for a moment, as if from a blow, before falling backwards into the Moon Pool. The water begins to react to the full moon, bubbling and glowing.)

Cleo – No!

(Cleo lurches forward, as if to jump into the water after Shannen, but Dylan grabs her before she does anything.)

Dylan – You can't go in! If you do, you'll lose your powers.

Lewis – Maybe she can't, but I can.

(Lewis dives into the pool. Markus steps forward angrily as a strange sort of mist begins to rise from the water.)

Markus – You will get into the Moon Pool right now or I will knock you out like I did to your friend!

Rikki – I don't think so. (she looks to her friends who quickly step to her side and raise their hands menacingly) We're not doing anything we don't want to do.

(Markus growls, and is about to use his power, when Jason tugs on his sleeve. He points towards the water.)

Jason – Look.

(Everyone turns to look at the pool,

Markus – What about it?

Jason – There's power rising from it.

(As everyone watches, the mist swirls into strange, unrecognizeable shapes, and it approaches the girls, touching them slightly before they back away from it.)

Dylan – (awestruck) But, that can't be. Shannen has no powers.

(The girls look at each other meaningfully. Lewis then rises from the pool, gasping from breath and, holding Shannen, who is still unconscious, in his arms.)

Lewis – Can you guys help me? She weighs a ton!

(Jason steps forward, and Markus tugs him back slightly. Seeing this, Emma quickly sets up an ice barrier between both boys and the group standing by the moon pool. Cleo uses her own powers to lift the water holding Shannen and set her gently on the ground. Dylan rushes over to her, as Lewis pulls himself out of the moon pool.)

Dylan – (not touching Shannen as she is still wet) She's not moving!

(Lewis kneels next to Shannen and listens to her breathing and heartbeat.)

Lewis – She'll be fine.

(Seeing this, the three girls approach Dylan.)

Emma – (seriously) Dylan, what would the pool do to us?

Dylan – (distractedly) The planet combination tonight would cause your active powers to leave you and go into the people nearest to the pool. (he turns to look at the girls) But what does that matter now?

Rikki – (looking at the other girls) Would it work on your friends?

Dylan – Yes, it would.

Cleo – (nervously) Should we? I-I mean, do you think it's the right thing to do?

Emma – (resolved) It would keep them from trying to hurt us every again.

(Cleo nods, and the three girls turn to the wall of ice that is surrounding Jason and Markus. Markus is pounding furiously on the ice, while Jason, looking frightened, is just hanging back. The three girls raise their hands, and both boys noticeably cringe. The wall of ice melts, and a sudden wind rises, lifting them into the air and over to the moon pool, which is still glowing with the full moon. The girls lower their arms, and the boys fall into the water with loud splashes, but quickly surface and begin to try and pull themselves out. Mist begins to rise as Shannen's eyelids flutter open. She sees Dylan, who is watching the moon pool with a strange look on his face.)

Shannen – (knowing what he's going to do) Don't.

(Dylan doesn't reply and simply runs and jumps into the pool, giving up his own powers. The girls and Lewis back away, helping Shannen to stand, as the mist rises from the pool and Dylan struggles to keep both Markus and Jason from rising. Finally, the mist stops, and the three boys pull themselves out of the water. Markus and Jason look defeated and stunned, as if they can't believe what has happened, but Dylan quickly stands up and heads over to the girls.)

Dylan – It's done.

(The group exits, leaving both Markus and Jason there, looking lost. Scene change)


(At Cleo's house. Emma, and Rikki are sitting on the couches, talking, while Lewis is typing into a laptop. Shannen is lying down, looking pained. Cleo comes out of the kitchen, holding a wet towel.)

Cleo – (placing it on Shannen's forehead) This should help, it always did with my mum.

Shannen – Thanks. (she closes her eyes)

Emma – I can't believe we fell for the full moon! We were so well prepared!

Lewis – (not looking up from the screen of his computer) Well, if it helps any, you were tricked into looking at it.

Rikki – No, Lewis, that doesn't help, because we nearly lost out powers again!

Lewis – At least the planets will not make that configuration in… (he checks the screen) two hundred and seven more years.

Cleo – That long? (she sits and leans against Lewis)

Emma – I suppose that's why they were so eager to throw us into the pool tonight. (she eyes Shannen) Speaking of which, what happened to you in there?

Shannen – (groaning) In the water? I don't know, I was knocked out.

Lewis – The pain is probably from Markus's ex-power, but, I'm curious myself about what happened to yours.

Shannen – My powers?

Lewis – Yes.

Shannen – (concentrating, and speaking haltingly) I can still hear you, but you're just not as loud as you used to be. It's a lot easier to block you out. (she looks at the rest of the group) Does that mean I lost some of my ability?

Cleo – (pointing to a flower on the windowsill) How about that? Can you make it do anything?

(Shannen squints at the flower, and it starts to bloom and grow more leaves. Lewis is watching intently.)

Lewis – I guess she wasn't in the water long enough for her powers to be completely stripped.

Shannen – Thank goodness, otherwise the guys might have gotten them.

Emma – Actually, they weren't standing close enough.

Rikki - No, we were.

(As realization strikes, Emma, Cleo and Rikki look at each other, wide-eyed.)

Cleo – (hesitantly) Do you think maybe we absorbed some of Shannen's powers?

Rikki – (shrugging) I don't know, but I've been feeling all tingly since then.

Emma – Me too.

(Cleo nods in agreement, and all three girls turn to Lewis for an explanation.)

Lewis – It could be possible, but I'm not the expert in mind reading.

(Everyone turns to Shannen, whose eyes are closed again.)

Cleo – How do you read minds?

Shannen – (squirming slightly under all the attention but then looking at her friends) All the voices just seem there, all the time, and I just have to tune into them.

Rikki – (shrugging) I don't hear anything.

Emma – But, how did you do it before your power advanced to hearing everything?

Shannen – Well, it was based on touch, remember?

(The three girls turn to each other, and without speaking, take each other's hands and close their eyes. Instantly, they gasp as they hear murmurs in each other's voices. After a while, they open their eyes again, looking extremely happy.)

Cleo – That was wonderful! I've never felt more connected to either of you guys!

Rikki – Ditto.

(Emma's phone suddenly rings, and she pulls it out of her pocket and glances at the display.)

Emma – Oh, that's my parents. I said I'd be home ten minutes ago.

(She grabs her bag from the floor and heads to the door.)

Cleo – See you later!

Emma – See you!

(Emma leaves. Scene change)


(Emma's house. Her mom is bustling around the kitchen, while her father reads the paper. Emma then enters the house, and begins to head upstairs. Her mother sees her.)

Mrs. Gilbert – Sweetheart, can we talk?

Emma – Sure.

(Mr. Gilbert, Mrs. Gilbert, and Emma go to the living room and sit down.)

Mr. Gilbert – Emma, I wanted to know if you'd thought about what we talked about yesterday.

Mrs. Gilbert – I understand if you don't want to leave, and, if you decide that you can't do it, maybe we can make some arrangements. (she looks at her husband, who nods slightly)

Mr. Gilbert – We just want to make you happy.

Emma – (sighs) I actually have thought about it, and, I believe that it's all right.

(Both of Emma's parents smile, looking relieved.)

Emma – I actually think that it might be good for us to get away some time, and this sounds like fun.

Mrs. Gilbert – Oh good. I'm so glad!

(Emma and her parents hug tightly, enjoying the moment. Scene change)


(Nighttime, on the beach. Emma and Ash are walking along, hand in hand. The waves are crashing against the shore close to them as they talk.)

Emma – Where are we going?

Ash – You'll see. It's a surprise.

(Ash tries to pull Emma forward, but Emma doesn't move, and instead, she grabs onto Ash's arm with her other hand.)

Emma – Wait, Ash. I have to tell you something.

(Ash pauses and turns to face Emma, a serious look on his face.)

Emma – I'm leaving. My parents told me today, my dad's job needs him somewhere else, and my whole family's going with him.

Ash – (lifting his hand to Emma's cheek) But, what about us?

(Tears begin to well in Emma's eyes, and she opens her mouth but her voice breaks as she begins to talk.)

Ash – You don't know when you're coming back, do you?

(Emma shakes her head, and Ash pulls her in for a hug.)

Ash – Oh, Emma. I'm going to miss you.

Emma – I'm going to miss you too.

(Emma looks up at Ash, and her eyes glisten with tears. Ash leans down and kisses her. The waves crash into the shore on the background as the couple kisses in the moonlight.)

Ash – (sighing) Our last kiss.

(For a moment, they watch the ocean, but then Ash starts pulling Emma forward again.)

Ash – Come on, you have to see something.

(Emma and Ash climb up on the beach and suddenly see many people gathered together, with lights and music playing. Cleo and Rikki come up to Ash and Emma, smiling widely.)

Cleo – Well, do you like it?

Emma – (shocked) What?

Rikki – It's your going away party, Emma!

Emma – (protesting) But, I didn't tell you guys what I'd decided!

(Cleo and Rikki smile.)

Cleo – You didn't have to. We read your mind today, remember?

(Emma nods, still very surprised about the party. Ash then pulls away.)

Ash – I'll leave you girls alone. (he walks off into the crowd)

Rikki – So, when we saw you had decided to leave with your family, we thought we'd give you a big surprise.

Cleo – It's a little present from us to you, so you can remember us!

Emma – Oh, you guys! This is amazing!

(A new song starts to play, and Cleo squeals and pulls both Rikki and Emma into the crowd, where they start to dance. Watching them from a table, is Shannen. She's smiling widely, obviously having overheard everything. Suddenly, a hand taps her back, and she turns to see Dylan.)

Dylan – Hi.

Shannen – Hi. How're the others?

Dylan – Oh, they've lost their powers, like me. (he kicks at the ground nervously) And, since there's nothing left for us to do here, we're going back home. We'd only planned on staying this long anyway.

Shannen – (smiles) Actually, I'm leaving too. My mum decided she liked her old job better, so we're moving back.

Dylan – (looking at the party) For some reason, even though we're going back to our old lives, I can't help but feel that it's going to be very different.

Shannen – (daring for once, quickly stands up on tip-toe and kisses Dylan on the mouth, before pulling him to the dance floor) Come on! Let's dance!

(Shannen and Dylan join everybody on the dance floor. Shannen, Cleo, Rikki, and Emma somehow end up dancing next to each other, and they all hug, jumping into the air and laughing, as the lights dim and the music continues. Scene fades)

End Credits

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