AN: I'm on a roll here? Aren't I? LOL. Here's a one shot about Sam's break up with Leah. ENJOY!


I blinked. "What did you say?"

"Leah, I don't think we should be together anymore."

"Why? We love each other."

"I'm sorry." Sam whispered. Angry, hurt tears stung at my eyes.

"No!" I loved Sam. I wouldn't let him go.

"I'm sorry, Lee-Lee. So sorry." He kissed my forehead and drove away. I knew it. I just knew I shouldn't have fallen in love. I stood there, on the concrete pathway to my house, staring at his car. I didn't care if it was raining. I could cry in the rain. Nobody could tell if tears or rain made my mascara run. I didn't care if I got sick, I would live. A sharp pain pulled from the middle of my chest. I gripped my sweater closer to me and started walking. I walked down the dirt road, which was turning to mud beneath my feet. I didn't stop until I realized where I was going. Sam's house. I turned around and ran. My pink dress was now a deep red, like blood. Quiet sobs were now overtaking me. I ran until I saw the "La Push Reservation" sign. Cars passed me, probably going to their lovers. The wind picked up. My braids flopped and slapped against my face. It was cold. I went into Forks, but still kept walking. My cell phone rang, breaking the silence. I took it out of my sweater pocket with shaking hands.

Sam 3 calling

The screen flashed. I dropped my phone into the mud. An old rusty red truck stopped beside me.

"Leah?" A voice called my name. It sounded distant. Jacob Black got out of his truck and ran after me. He caught up pretty quick. "Leah, what's wrong? Who left? Was I saying that out loud. Sam left, Sam's gone.

"Sam." I shuddered. I faced him and I felt weak. I gripped his arm and started sobbing. He somehow managed to drag me to his truck. He helped me in and wrapped his jacket around me.

"Leah!" voices yelled. I barely heard them. But one voice stood out. Sam. I whipped my face on Bella's jacket and saw him. He opened the truck door.

"Lee-Lee! I was so worried."

"Why?" I spat back. He looked hurt.

"I'm so sorry Leah, let me explain."

"No. I don't care. I hate you!" I screeched. I stomped on his toe and ran into my room. I looked into the mirror. It reflected a bitter looking girl with copper skin. Her once beautiful face was turned up into a sneer. Her jet-black hair was plastered to her skin. I looked at the counter. A picture of Sam and I was mocking me. I hit it to the ground. The glass shattered. I stepped over the mess, too tired to pick it up and flopped down on my bed, sobbing. Tomorrow, I promise I will never shed another tear for Sam Uley. I wouldn't be the same sweet, innocent Leah. I would be bitter and mean, trying to not let anybody see past the act.

That's how the new Leah was born. Don't like me? Deal with it.

AN: Jacob had Bella's truck because he hasn't given it to her yet. This happened before Bella came to Forks.