Afternoon Tea

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It was another glorious afternoon, but nowadays all days were glorious. I, Rosalie Hale, was the happiest girl in the world and I was letting everyone know. Today, I was hosting an afternoon tea party to share my wonderful life with some of the girls around town, and also to brag a little about the wedding.

Of all the girls in this room, I had the best fiancé. Handsome, rich, popular Royce King, son of the bank owner. I was already in the planning stages of the wedding, even though Royce picked a date a year and a half from now. For what I wanted to accomplish, however, it was going to take that long to get all of the preparations in order. No one was going to have a more memorable wedding than mine. It was going to be a fairy tale, the Princess was going to finally get her King and live happily ever after.

I was smiling to myself while I thought about all of this. The girls were chatting mindlessly amongst themselves, indulging each other in the latest gossip. Handsome Dr. Cullen and his sweet caring wife, Esme, had her brother staying with them to attend university. Out of my group of friends sitting here sipping tea, I was the only one fortunate enough to speak with him. The others had only caught glimpses of him as he walked around town with his head hung low.

If there was one man that could change my mind about Royce, it was the mysterious Edward Masen. While his eyes were nothing to brag about, a strange color burgundy that did not seem to be natural, the rest of him was definitely worthy of my beauty. His sister, Esme, had been the only one in town that could hold a candle up to me in the appearance column, but she was not one to show off. She always wore simple dresses, not wishing to draw attention to herself. With the amount of money Dr. Cullen must surely be earning at the hospital, I was sure she could afford the latest fashions from Paris. Maybe it was a mid-western mindset. However, I should not say a mean word about her aloud. The few times she has socialized with my mother and me, she had always treated me kindly and been very complimentary. I was sure she would be an excellent sister-in-law. Not like Royce's wench of a sister, the ugly old maid.

"Rosalie, I heard from your mother that you had picked out your bridal flowers," I was interrupted from my thoughts by Missy Roberts, the mayor's daughter. She is a pudgy little girl that rejoiced in everyone else's happiness because she never had any of her own. I once caught her once bragging to someone with a story that clearly belonged to my best girlfriend, Vera.

"Why, yes I have. I was actually assisted by Mr. Masen. He was out shopping with dear Esme at the florists when we met. He is an expert on flora and the meanings behind them," I shared. "He is quite the intellectual, going to university to become a doctor."

"What flowers did you pick?"

"I wanted to go with something different, roses are so over done at ceremonies. I'm going to have yellow hyacinths lining the aisle, and then my bouquet is going to be striped carnations."

One of the girls snorted a laugh politely into her handkerchief. My eyes narrowed on my target as she quickly recomposed herself. This girl had obviously never been in my company before, or she would have known better than to let such a foolish noise out of her nose. She is very plain, and that frizzy, curly mess of brown hair on her head was atrocious. I think Mother said that she is the daughter of one of the university professors. Mother had invited the girl over to introduce her to the Rochester socialites. Now, she was interrupting my tea party with rudeness.

"Do you have a problem with the flowers I picked?" I raised my tea cup to my lips, taking a small sip. I hoped the look I was giving her was intimidating. She wasn't fazed.

"Well, Rosalie, I think you were misinformed about those flowers. I think you would be much better off with red roses. They are known as being the most passionate and loving of bridal flowers. Yellow in flowers has bad connotations, while pink and red are associated with love and happiness."

"What makes you believe you know the meanings of flowers better than Mr. Masen?"

"I've taken several courses on the study of flowers. I'm close to finishing a degree in horticulture."

I suddenly felt all of my friend's eyes watching me. I took a silent deep breath and kept my composure.

"And what do you believe the meaning of striped carnations hold?"

She cleared her throat softly, looking around the room. All of my closest girlfriends were watching her carefully. Vera however was patting my leg in an attempt to calm me down. "They are typically given when you are refusing someone's love. Such as, if someone proposed and wanted to say no" The girl lowered her eyes to avoid my glare. The corner of her mouth was twitching slightly. For her sake, I hoped it was a nervous spasm and not the beginning of a smirk.

A few wet spots started to form on my dress in the deadly silence that took over the room. I looked down in my lap to see that my hands were shaking so terribly with rage that the tea in my cup had sloshed over the rim.

"Excuse me for one moment, ladies." I slowly rose from my seat, and headed towards my bathroom. I took slow and deliberate steps, controlling my body from the quick sprint of embarrassment. Once safely inside the comfort of my privacy, I let out a strangled scream. What was I going to do? The flowers had already been ordered. I was just mortified in front of half the town's most affluent daughters by a poor plain professor's child.

Taking a deep breath and staring at the fiercely beautiful woman in the mirror, I took comfort in one thought. I was going to kill Edward Masen.