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A whisper at night keeps me awake wanting...waiting… loving to see you again!

December 21, 2007

"Sasuke-Kun!"A pink haired girl was running towards a boy with black hair that looks like a ducky's but.

The boy ignored the girl."Sasuke wait up!"I hope he likes my present I got him for Christmas. The girl thought. The boy finally answers her."What is it Sakura?"

The pink haired girl held out a box with a card on it. "Merry Christmas! I had to get you something before I transfering!" The boy was surprised."So you decided to go then it's better than being here!" He hid his face and toke the present.

"Sakura-Chan how's it going?" A blonde headed boy walked up and looks at the box and card in Sasuke's hand."I see your fangirl got you a Christmas present!" Sakura was now getting mad."I'm not his fangirl Naruto!"

The blonde looked at her."So that means the rumors are true you are tranfering!"He looks sad I guess not everyone hates me. Sakura giggled before answering."Yeah, this is my last day with ya'll!"

She held out a camera and toke a picture of Sasuke before going to the other classes to take pictures of her friends.

A another blonde head saw Sakura and yelled for her."Yo Sakura over here!"She waved her hand!

"Ino Hi!"She was now searching for her card she made."Ah ha here you go!" There was a choker necklace with the card. It matched Ino's outfit."Aww Sakura Thank you here you go!" She held out a card for Sakura.

It is now time to go home and Sakura was almost to the verge of crying. "Bye Hinata!" She hugged Hinata and waved goodbye and started to walk home but stoped and looked back at Sasuke leaning against a wall with a emotionless expression. She breathed the words" Bye Sasu-ke..Kun!" By the looks of it he heard her say the words and just stared at nothing till she was gone.


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