WARNING: Chapter contains spoilers from the Manga!


June 15, 2009

Sakura walked up to a shop. "Hi ya, Saki-Chan!" She waved at the girl behind the counter."Oh hi Sakura-Chan!" Sakura looked sad as she looked at the picture the auburn was holding."Oh this it's just a picture of a wanted man!" Sakura looked at the picture and mumbled "Sasuke-kun?" Saki heard her, she has very good hearing."You know him?" She looked at Sakura with a confused look.

"Yeah he's an old friend." Sakura smiled remembering the good times she had with Sasuke and some of Naruto. She just stopped and thought about something. "Have you heard anything about the blonde I told you about?"

Saki turned around and went to the counter and got the newspaper. "Is this him?" She pointed to the picture on the page. Sakura was shocked and read the newspaper out loud.

" Naruto Uzumaki Defeats the Akatsuki Leader!

Naruto Uzumaki, a ninja from konaha, defeated Pein the leader of Akatsuki after an a attack on the village. Thousands die and come back to life even the White Fangs son Kakashi Hatake!

Thank you Naruto you may have saved us all!

Reported by

Rena Rose "

Sakura looked and looked at the paper till Saki finally snatched it from her. "You know him don't you? Is he that blonde Baka you told me about or not?"

Sakura toke in all of what she read and finally turned to her friend and answered with a "Yes he is". Saki nodded and waved goodbye to Sakura as she left the shop. "Oh wait Sakura!" Sakura turned around. "Yes, what is it Saki?" Saki was on the verge of tears when she said."When are you leaving?"

Sakura was shocked and stayed looking at the door way."I'm leaving at the end of the season!" Saki sighed and turned to her counter."Good we can have a girls night out this week, how about it?"

Sakura turned right when Saki turned too."You got it, I promise unless Haruka makes me go with her to see the Kaze-kage again!" They hug!"I want to make the most of what we have together got it!" Saki started crying.

"Got it!"Sakura smiled and then left the shop while waving goodbye.

She better not be lying to me, I know when she lies. Saki thought as she returned to the counter. I'll just have to check in the morning!


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