Title: Loverly

Original Title: My Life Would Suck Without You

Summary: Semi-long song fic. SasuSaku, SasuSakuNaru, SasuSakuNaruKakaSaiYama. Sasuke waged a war against the council of Konaha; Sakura goes on a mission and loses her memory.

Spoilers: Up to Manga 449. My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson. I'd also like to point out a lot of characters that originally died in the Manga end up being alive in this story, some I'll explain, some I won't! Mainly Itachi, possibly Jiraiya.

Loverly: like, characteristic of, or in the manner of a lover; lover like.

Chapter One:

"Guess this means you're sorry.

You're standing at my door
Guess this means you take back

All you said before
Like how much you wanted anyone but me
Said you'd never come back
But here you are again,"


Sakura was sore and tired, but more importantly she was surprised, hurt even. Why would he attack the council, Konoha? What had we done to him? Granted she wasn't part of the council, but it was part of Konoha, like she was, like Naruto.

Why did Sasuke hate us so much? Why did Sasuke hate so much?

She pulled her fist out of the sound ninja's chest and swallowed as she stared at her bloodied hand. Chunks of yellow and red flesh clung to her knuckles and her stomach turned as she walked over to the burned grass to clean the gunk off.

Konoha was losing. They were losing. They'd lost. She could feel it. God, she could see it.

Naruto was still recovering from the fight with Nagato or else they may have had a chance. No one had ever said Sasuke was stupid. He'd picked the perfect opportunity, only a month after Nagato's invasion. The town was basically in shambles from Pein and the Shinobi that weren't too injured to fight were dead, or just too tired to do a decent job.

Sakura whimpered slightly at the gash in her side which caused a jolt of pain to shoot through her as she limped towards a fallen Kakashi. She needed to fix him, he was a main fighter to Konoha, she needed to…

She collapsed against her sensei's chest. "Kashi?" was all she could manage. She'd have to save her strength if she was going to heal Kakashi. He should have been in the hospital being treated for his death encounter with Pain. It was considered a "death encounter" because he had died, Nagato, after his belief in Naruto to change the world, just brought him back.

"Sakura, save your chakra for the next person that attacks you," Kakashi coughed out.

She bit her lip in a half smile, a tear sliding down her dirt smudged cheek. "Not a chance! Especially when I can have you protect me," she whispered, gently caressing her hand down the Sharingan side of his face.

She'd almost lost him once, it wouldn't happen again.


Green chakra vibrated off her hand as she sliced through the fabric of his Jounin uniform.

"You should have just ripped it," he managed, his eyes focusing skyward with defeat.

"I couldn't run the risk of causing internal damage by jerking your body," she commented, trying to sound as casual as possible.

The wound was vicious. Kakashi must have pissed off the ninja, who'd given him this, she was thankful it wasn't fatal.

"We lost," he spoke suddenly.

"I know."

"So why haven't they captured the injured?"

Sakura glanced quickly up at Kakashi, and then went back to her healing. Was it a rhetorical question? Wouldn't he know better than she? "I don't know," she whispered, wondering how four people could take down the mighty Konoha, even if they had been weak from previous attacks. No one should be that strong!

Kakashi took a deep breath, as if he'd been holding it back, "Naruto and Sai?"

"Naruto, I don't think has even heard. It was short—it didn't even take two days. I haven't seen Sai at all since Wednesday. Yamato, I believe, is with Shisou." Sakura took in a deep shuddering breath and paused before she asked the question that had been plaguing her for a while. "Are we being punished for loving Sasuke?"

Kakashi stared at her with that knowing look of his. He lifted his hand and trailed it down the side of her face, over her bottom lip, before cupping her cheek. "You shouldn't love him so much, there are plenty of men in Konoha who love you and know a good thing when he sees it. If only you'd look their way."

Sakura snorted and rolled her eyes, giving him a small smile, but not believing him for a second. "You have to say things like that; you used to be my sensei."

His eyes crinkled, letting her know he was smiling, "Actually I shouldn't say things like that because I used to be your sensei."

Sakura frowned. "Oh."

Awkward, Inner Sakura commented, causing outer Sakura's cheeks to flush red.

A shadow fell over them. Sakura braced herself, but knew she wouldn't fight.

Should I ignore them then? Would they go away? Would they kill me?

"You are required in the hospital, Naruto's room specifically. Meeting is taking place" the boisterous blond Nin barked.

Sakura, careful not to make any sudden movements, lifted her eyes. "He can barely walk as it is. Just how do you propose we get him there? I need what little chakra I have left," she informed him softly.

The blond smiled down at her like he knew a joke and wouldn't share. "Not him, you."

Which was something that had not crossed her mind, though it made perfect sense; she was a Medic Nin after all.

She lifted her eyes casually to stare at the man in front of her. "Me? What for? I'm not injured much. If you think I'll heal your men, you've another thing coming—and if torture is your repertoire then you should be prepared for complications!"

He snorted, trying to cover up a bark of laughter that threatened to escape, before getting dangerously serious. "Konoha lost. Your Hokage is no longer in charge, so move your ass or do I have to move it for you?"

Sakura held her tongue. Her chakra was low; if she was needed in the hospital to heal someone she would need it, but first Kakashi…fighting was never an option. "Let me heal him first please? Then I won't fight you at all."


Sakura sighed. Fighting wasn't ruled out however. "Then I guess you'll have to fight me."

His eyes sharpened and he reached for his sword as if on instinct, but stopped just short of touching the handle. "I have orders."

She gritted her teeth as she continued to force the subject, fighting the tears that were about to flow. This was too much, if he wouldn't let her heal Kaka-sensei then… "And I have a duty to my friend."

Kakashi coughed, blood dribbling down the corner of his mouth, as he reached out and patted her thigh. "Sakura, just go, I'll be fine. The Hokage may need you."

She didn't take her eyes away from the blond guy as she spoke. "You have five broken ribs and one is about to puncture your lung and these minor cuts on the outside aren't so minor when left alone. Also, don't forget who was knocking on heavens door not but a month a go, even if you were brought back to life!"

The silence that followed was almost enough for Sakura to avert her attention away from the blond Nin. She could feel Kakashi's eyes boring a hole into her, the blond Nin whom reminded her a bit of Naruto, carefully assessing the situation. "You think I would go to heaven?" Kakashi whispered softly. The shock was evident in his voice. "If there is such a thing for men like me," he added softly.

Sakura turned her attention back to the silver haired Shinobi and smiled. "What do you mean if there is such a thing for men like you? I know you would go to heaven. Heaven would be so lucky to have more men like you, Kaka-sensei."

Another cough, "I'm not your sensei anymore," he replied, his voice husky with emotion.

The blond ninja, who reminded her somewhat of an eviler Naruto once again, rubbed the back of his neck. It was obvious this made him uneasy to watch any form of emotion. Sakura felt sorry for him.

He clucked his tongue with impatience. "Hurry up. And how the hell do you know all that? About his condition I mean."

Her stare moved from Kakashi, defiance filling her eyes. "I'm a Medic Nin! It's my job to know."

He glared at her, debating what to do. It was when he sighed however that she knew she'd won.

Strike one for Sakura, Inner Sakura squealed with pride.

"Heal him, but I'm blaming you for the lateness! Hurry up now!"

"Fine! I can't just do it with a snap of my fingers you know," she snapped, returning to fixing Kakashi. She bent down slowly to whisper in Kakashi's ear, "Now you really will be okay," she spoke affectionately, her voice a bit rough with the threat of happy tears. She placed a gentle kiss against his exposed skin and then rubbed her cheek in the same spot, a bit like a kitten would search for attention. Sakura was going for comfort, for him just as much as herself.

The blond Nin was now a candidate for being on her "good list."

Five minutes later the blond was getting agitated. "Are you done yet?"

There went the candidacy.

She was tired and very nearly drained. His constant sighing and that last bit were irritating the hell out of her too. "It's all I can do right now. I'm sorry," she spoke to Kakashi, purposefully ignoring the man standing above them. "It'll be enough for now though. Just try not to move too much okay?"

"Finally! Sasuke's going to be cranky."

"When is he not cranky?" Sakura muttered to herself, hoping it would be low enough that the blond wouldn't hear.

Apparently the hybrid heard it all the same. "Hear, hear," he replied, "the names Suigetsu by the way."

It was the red clouds on a black cloak she saw, once she entered Naruto's hospital room, which caused her to react without thinking much. Her heart still jolted as she looked at him leaning against the window sill. Immediately chakra flowed to her hands, which had now formed into fists. She hadn't realized he'd joined Akatsuki.

She couldn't believe it! After everything Akatsuki had put her through, Naruto through, the town! Itachi was a part of this group! Why in the hell…

She formed the conclusion instantly. "You are not taking him!" she screamed at Sasuke, enunciating every word, carefully avoiding his eyes. "What is wrong with you? We are not the ones who killed your family!"

Her chest was heaving; she couldn't decide whether she was out of breath or about to burst into tears.

"Don't jump to conclusions," Suigetsu started.

"Oh shut up! What are you? Twelve?" she growled angrily at him, her eyes continuing to stare at Sasuke's feet. "How could you join Akatsuki—after everything…I'll make you sorry if you do this Sasuke and I am not the weak, pathetic little girl I used to be," she spoke simply, but harshly. "I may not be up to par with you, but I will make you sorry."

"Hn," was all he said.

Oh he infuriated her. He hadn't changed at all! What the hell did she ever see in him?

"Why can't you just get over it? Villages burn and people die and it sucks, but you have got to just let it go!"

She flinched as his feet shifted. Diarrhea mouth, Inner Sakura yelled.

"Let it go? Get over it?" his voice was dull, monotone, like always.

Sakura took a huge breath. She was sorry for how she said it, but she wasn't going to apologize. He had put them through hell. "Revenge is so busy, it's so consuming. Forgive your brother before you end up killing yourself. You haven't a clue how much that would damage the people who care about you." she paused and quickly shook her head. She licked her lips before continuing. "There are two sides to a story and you only ever knew your side, but either way you're letting your brother win."

"Damn, you're long winded Pinkie," the girl next to Sasuke snorted.

Her eyebrow twitched. Pinkie? What the fuck? Inner Sakura growled so loudly Sakura wondered if it could be heard in reality. At least I'm natural! She felt like shouting, but didn't, choosing a different route, which was perhaps not for the better.

"Are you punishing us Sasuke? Are you punishing us because we loved you so much?" she whispered, her voice breaking and her vision blurring the tiles of the hospital room.

"They ordered him to do it." Sasuke's voice was low, but still no emotion.

"What? Who ordered who? I don't und-understand."


Her head jerked up, her eyes, still filled with tears, widening in shock. She understood as she stared into his Sharingan red eyes. She closed her mouth, which had fallen open at the confession. She couldn't stop it from falling open again.

Sasuke had never lied to her; sometimes he'd been brutal about his truth. She had no reason to doubt him. She also understood, more than anything, a Ninja's duty to a village.

So that's why Sasuke went after the Konaha council members, why he killed them. She'd been so wrong.

Sakura turned her eyes to a broken Tsunade, wondering how she hadn't noticed the broken, bloody woman draped messily over a chair. "Oh," she whispered.

After everything a tear finally escaped down her cheek. Itachi had been a child prodigy; she'd done her research extensively. He'd been so young when he joined Anbu. He was bred to kill, but the council took it too far. They needed to test his loyalty.

Sakura could see all too clearly now. "God!" she sobbed behind her hand.

Tsunade frowned as watched the young pink haired woman. She was so strong, but so innocent. This was knowledge Tsunade had wanted to protect Sakura from. She had just wanted to protect her and Naruto. Funny how things never work out the way you want them to.

"We are all here for a reason. So let's hear it," Tsunade finally spoke up.

"Konaha has been defeated. On the honor of "you keep what you kill," we would be in charge for a very long time, by killing your Hokage and a few others."

"So why haven't you?" Sakura prompted, also wanting to question why he was talking exclusively to her.

"We have a proposition for you, Naruto, and your Hokage."

"I should go get Shizune…" Sakura started, going towards the door. "She's Shisou's advisor."

"Stay," Sasuke's voice clipped.

Her hand had been on the door knob when he'd spoken. She gritted her teeth and let her hand drop.

"Why are we here?" Sakura asked irritation evident in her voice as she referred to herself and a currently sleeping, but snoring rather loudly, Naruto.

Dear lord he could sleep through the end of the world-literally! Inner Sakura snorted.

"The proposition," Tsunade pushed.

"You let the four of us stay here in Konoha as trusted Shinobi with extensive medical care issued to Juugo. Top medics will be administered and rumor has it the two top medics in the world are here, the Hokage and her apprentice—which we have yet to find," Suigetsu added, staring at Sasuke. "Sasuke will rejoin team seven and he should be treated as if he'd been there from the beginning. He will have access to his family fortune and estates; he will be upgraded to Jounin status-"

"No," Tsunade piped up. "I can agree to all of those terms except the last. I understand I'm in no position to barter at the moment, but I must say this. If you want Jounin status you earn it, you do the competitions like everyone else—that goes for all three of you. You want Jounin pay and the respect the status brings, you fight for it."

"I can agree to that," Sasuke spoke, his voice hinting to Tsunade not to push much harder though.

"So Hokage, we need the name of the second top medic. Who is it?"

Sakura sighed. "The woman I was about to get, before I was stopped." Sakura spoke at the same time Tsunade said, "She's in this room."

Sakura snorted, folding her arms in front of her chest. "What?"

Tsunade sighed, feeling extremely tired. "You never did believe much in yourself. People can be cruel and they sure did a number on you Sakura. You're ability has almost surpassed me. I know it, Shizune knows it, but yet you don't."

"I have a migraine," was all Sakura could manage, placing her fingers against either side of her temple.

"Your Hokage has agreed to some of the terms already. What do you say Sakura-chan?" Suigetsu asked.

She slowly lifted her eyes, anger evident in the green depths of them. "Don't say my name like you know me."

He put his hands up in surrender.

"I want to know why what I say matters? The Hokage said yes after all."

Suigetsu cocked his head to the side, his eyes searching her face, causing an uneasy filling in Sakura. "It matters. We'll ask Naruto as well."

"There are more members of Team Seven that should be here, that should be asked. Sai, Kakashi, Yamato, why aren't they here to hear this?" Sakura asked.

"Kakashi will do as he's told—it was what he was bred for, we didn't know of Sai and Yamato. In fact Sasuke could care less of the two, so it really doesn't matter," Suigetsu answered.

Sakura sighed. "Naruto will agree."

"And you?"

Sakura's shoulders sagged. She wanted Sasuke so much. She wanted him back, but the baggage he was brining…could she accept them? "I don't know and unfortunately I don't think I'll know for a while."

"Why don't you know?" Suigetsu prompted.

Sakura's mouth dropped. A freaking twelve year old! Inner Sakura growled, "Because I just don't okay!"

"Unfortunately," Suigetsu mimicked, "we need an answer. Now!"

Sakura looked to Sasuke, wondering whether blondie was serious or just being too hasty and apparently not. Sasuke was staring at her just like Suigetsu and the other two, whom hadn't been introduced yet.

"I don't know them," she spoke helplessly at Sasuke, her eyes searching his blank ones. "What the hell am I supposed to say?"


Here we go, Inner Sakura sighed.


"Naruto, lower your voice," Tsunade barked, clutching her head. "Sakura's not the only one fighting a migraine."

Sakura listened silently as the proposition once more was brought up to Naruto.

"Of course I agree if it means getting Teme back with us, right Sakura-chan?"

Naruto could make her believe anything. With one smile he'd erased whatever doubts she had about Sasuke's new team mates.

"She hasn't actually given us an answer."


Sakura walked carefully towards Naruto, making a 'move over' motion with her hands. "I just—"

"It's what we've wanted from the beginning, it's what you've wanted," Naruto spoke softly.

"Can you forgive him so easily?" she whispered, trying not to get lost in his cerulean blue eyes.

Suigetsu lifted an eyebrow. "Wasn't it you talking about forgiveness a few minutes ago?"

Sakura growled. "You really piss me off!"

"Isn't true though?"

Her fists clenched, as she failed to point it out loud that Sasuke's had practically his whole life to forgive his brother and they've had but three years.

Naruto lifted his hand and cautiously tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear. "Sakura-chan?"

"Fine. My answer is yes as long as the others agree."

"The others do not matter."

"They matter to me! You'll have my answer when you've gotten theirs."

"Why can't you just answer the question Sakura?" Suigetsu asked calmly.

Sakura started to pull away from the bed, advancing towards him, but Naruto's grip on her wrist managed to stop her. She let the anger in her voice prove her point; the fists would have to wait. "Because I can't help but think with that cloak Sasuke is wearing that there's an ulterior motive of getting us to trust you and then you all taking Naruto."

Suigetsu started to speak, but a quick glance at Sasuke caused him to be silent.

Apparently it was the red heads turn to speak. "Suigetsu shut-up! We will respect your fear. If situations were reversed I'd feel the same. Now our political demands…"

"Can we do this later? I'm dead tired and I could use a drink," Tsunade commented with a bit of longing in her voice.

"Me too," Sakura whispered, adjusting herself more comfortably on the bed so she could lean against Naruto's side.

"We feel for your situation, but we must do this now," Suigetsu commented, not sounding the least bit sorry.

The political demands seemed to go on forever and Sakura found herself wondering if they had a choice anyhow.

"…and finally Sasuke will be looking to revive his clan, he expects no trouble."

Revive his…how the hell did he plan on doing that? Sakura turned wide eyed to Sasuke. She had always been slightly afraid of Sasuke, but now…"You can raise the dead?"

"What? No," Suigetsu snorted, and then quickly turned to Sasuke. "Can you?"

Sasuke scowled, but didn't answer.

Silence filled the room and she found herself wondering if she'd said something wrong.

"Are you really the top medic Nin?" the red head asked, looking slightly shocked.

"Sakura-chan—" Naruto sighed, giving a 'he-he' before continuing. "I don't think he meant revive as in bring back to life so much as revive as in restart."

She took a breath, "Oh, well words can have so many meanings."

She could feel the heat burning her face and knew she was as red as a tomato. That explains the presence of the red head, she thought to herself.

How the hell were you supposed to know that's what he meant? Isn't he asexual anyhow? Inner Sakura commented.

"Suigetsu what do you get out of this? I understand Juugo and the girl, but what about you?" Sakura had finally managed.

Suigetsu shrugged. "It'll be nice to belong somewhere and not be just an experiment."

To Be Continued…

Movie quote references: Never Been Kissed (Kakashi—sensei line), The Crow (Villages burn line), and I'm positive there's something else, but I can't remember.

Definitely a work in progress! I've been working on it for a while now. Originally it started after Manga 444; of course it's been updated to be compliant with 449. Enjoy! Point out mistakes, review, and so forth!