Author's note: This is an EO drabble challenge piece written for PlatinumRoseLady. The challenge word was "worn" but we were also to work in a Sick!Sam since she is down with the chickenpox. The things a grown woman has to endure!

Disclaimer: A crazy fling without a ring.

For PlatinumRoseLady: I am a bad seamstress but this was meant to be tailor-made for you. Considered 200 words a nice fit but only had a budget of 100. Think I covered the important bits. Get well soon!

Word count: 101. (Since I took a basic PRL research course on-line) And once again I have turned into a mass murderer, killing my darlings by the dozen. Oh me!

Going Bushido

"Stay here, it's safe." John's mistake, because Sam's shivers weren't the flu...

Dean finds Sam in the tomb, huddling by a sarcophagus, disoriented, unable to run! So he stands over him, a living, shaking shield. Holding his ground as the translucent ronin advances. Trembling hands steadied by the sarcophagus.

Suddenly fingers touch cold metal and worn leather and fear and hopelessness is banished! As Sam, through feverish eyes, sees Dean lift the katana he knows something has changed.

"Begone, ronin, this child has protection". Dean's voice, intermingling with the katana's:

"Old weapon
Young steel
Same battle"

The righteous samurai proves invincible.