Chapter Eight: However, these unholy actions caused by them will anger a God.

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Shock . It was apparent in all faces that was seeing this fight who can do nothing but watch.

The sword attack, that was aimed at Liane's damaged breastplate. It was caught by some unknown force. An unknown force ... that soon came into view.

Soon, from the feet and hands up/inwards. Armor started to 'de-cloak', the thing that cached the attack that was for Liane was a claw bigger than a man's head. The other arm also de-cloaked, holding a twin-blade sword with markings of the unknown. The feet looked like someone had specially made this armor to have Dragon-like feet with the claws razor sharp.

Everywhere that the cloak hid from plain sight, there was golden armor with the holiest of symbols that would make any priest jealous. Soon his breastplate was seen, and there was the symbol of a two headed eagle on it.

And Finally the head and face was 'De-cloaked' revealing the face... of an angered god.

Echoes of terror in this old land
I see the result of their quest

"You DARE strike down one of my living saints!" He bellowed, his voice was filled with holy rage, his eyes are nothing but dark pits that will consume anything.

Skulls of old heroes lie everywhere in this mystical place

Dust in their eyes, dust in my pride

"B..B...B.." Roger tried to get his own butt out of the grave he just dug himself into but he was to far gone. With no remorse, no effort and no emotion. He tore the sword that Roger has right out of his grip. Dropping the sword as he kneed him with a force so powerful that he even felt one of his ribs breaking and with the same claw/fist, smoked him in the face, sending him at least 7 feet away and into the dirt, blood poring from his broken lip.

in this infinite journey ...

"But .. They are in love with the same sex!." Roger finally got out, weakened... but what had shocked him, the still alive allies and everyone else in the village was the next word words that came opening out of this gods mouth, the only person who was not shocked of his words was Liane.

... to the ancient sword

"So? They are not commenting any of the sins from that. I am not who you think I am, yet. You let your own greed, your own theory's, your own insecurity control you into making everyone fear me and if anyone disregards of these 'rules' that 'I' have put down. You have them casted out as a heretic. Claiming that they shall be cleansed in holy fire in order to repent." The deity responded as he slowly walked up to the wounded warrior.

I can hear their lament between these rocks
the whisper on an angry ghost

"No ... God wouldn't wish that! You heretic! He wants a normal society ... without monsters like ... her!" Roger started as he then grabbed a spar sword that he had on him, slowly getting up. Only for this 'God' to literally send lightning from palm of the now normal left hand.

he speaks for them all trapped on this lost world
I am their very last hope

"You DARE call me a heretic! Sinner! You DARE call my saints 'monsters' !" This deity responded, his holy rage anew, his grip on the sword started to increase as he finally stopped the onslaught of thunder. Making Roger almost crash to the ground after his muscles got back in control.

to ride from hell free once again
to break the chains from a bloody past...

"Yes! and you are not a god!" Roger screamed as he with his last bit of strength, charged at him. Not even 1/10th of a second has past when the deity repeared from behind Roger, sword looked like it missed.

...for my victory!!!

"No ... I am no god ..." This man said as Roger was somewhat confused, yet had a grin on his face, only for that grin to be wiped clean, replaced with a look of pain, shock and vain. As he felt his legs stop working, then slowly the top half of Rogers body fell in half, then the man twisted the blade, only for it to be covered in blood. The last words that this man heard before death took him...

Eternal glory! ride fast to me!
pound in my heart for the Algalord kings!

Eternal glory! spread your wide wings!
fly and forever lead my holy steel!

"I am a God-Emperor, and you shall repent in death!" This 'God-Emperor' said, smirking at how familiar the words where to Roger as he opened up a rift from this realty, to another filled with demons as the remains of his body was torn to shreds, atom by atom was sucked into the vortex of doom. Soon nothing of Roger was left as the portal then closed.

I'll fight, I'll cry for your silence your name
You'll live through me, I will end all your pain

"My you soul rest easy." The 'God-Emperor' said as he then 'flung' the sword, spraying the ground red as the sword was now blood free as he put it away and looked at the villagers and the 'Former' friends of Jeanne and Liane.

for the swan in the lake, the bird on the tree
the peace for my beloved lands

"Remember this day. A day that a emperor, a god-emperor of mankind that finally said 'this isn't what I want' and seeing his saint endanger for the last time. Made him come down from the golden throne in heaven and vanquished a heretic himself." He then turreted his attention away from the villagers and walked to Liane.

"Are you alright my saint? Have these misguided fools hurt you." He said as he crouched down to eye-level with his saint, but she was more than physically hurt... She was traumatized, seeing Jeanne die right in front of her, protecting herself (Liane) from a fatal attack, by her own friend. Really did a thing to her mind.

"..." She didn't say anything as tears started to pour down from her eyes. Barely a week ago, she was re-united with her ... now ... She's gone. Forever. Killed by the former friend that they used to know as Roger.

Almost as if reading her troubled mind, the god emperor got up and looked at Jeanne's still-moving corpse. His eyes looked at the wound that was straight though the heart, but the style didn't kill her quickly. Buddy that 'was' there wanted her to suffer a broken heart before dyeing.

Checking if there was any pulse what-so-ever. He was making sure that she was dead before he stepped back from the body, soon the body started to glow blue as it was starting to lift up in the air.

The black king is near and Algalord calls
so heroes of the lost valley ...

Soon, he started to say ether a Prayer, or a litany. They cannot tell as it was in some strange language as her major wound, and her bloody heart started to heal itself as she started to glow white.

...raise all your voice!

Then a Pillar of light from heaven itself cascaded on the fallen warrior as her eyes immediately open up and her soul is forced back into the body.

Eternal glory! ride fast to me!
pound in my heart for the Algalord kings!
Eternal glory! spread your wide wings!
fly and forever lead my holy steel!

Liane couldn't believe her eyes at such a act that a god could do. He had let a soul that was already in heaven transcend down back into the mortal planes and back into her body.

Eternal glory! ride fast to me!
pound in my heart for the Algalord kings!
Eternal glory! spread your wide wings!
fly and forever lead my holy steel!

The minor wounds where not healed as the white glow turned back to blue as Jeanne was laid down gently on the ground. However such power did have it's toll. Even for a god-emperor as he almost lost his balance and wend down to one knee. Letting out a low grunt.

"My lord!" Liane said as she ran to the somewhat drained God but he was muttering some thing.

"It...has been over fifteen-hundred years since I used that spell ... ugh ... forgot how draining it was. Even for me." This Emperor said as he got back up to his two feet but behind both god and saint was the towns people muttering on what feat this god-incarnate did as Jeanne's 'Former' friends just stayed quiet not saying anything due to fear and shock. Where as the whole town was still shocked that god himself would protect even the lowest of people.

Unfourtanly for them ... He heard them talk about such trash.

" 'High-Archaic Law no.3: Anyone can fall in love with anyone along as they share the same feelings with each other.' This includes any type of relationships, even bi or homo-sexual people and 'Archaic Law No 7: Anyone who dose not accept, disregards, blackmails, or even kills anyone just because of there sexuality preference. Will be punished from 3 years in prison to death on sight!'." The God-Emperor screamed the last part as the villagers almost leaped back, terrorfied at this law. This was not in any of the books.

"The Archaic laws where hear before your people could even organize governments. You people where still primitive, still fighting to see who will reach the top. While my rules where laid down on planets beyond the furthest cosmos and it took me ten-thousand years to get to your own planet." This god said as the Village people where still shocked, not only that they where dealing with a god, they where dealing with a god from possibly a different world.

"I mainly came here to see how this 'human' race was doing. I am a god, yet not the god I wanted to be. In your eyes... I was feared and loved. Many wars where fought in my name ... but this is not what I want, what I want ... Is peace throughout the Entire cosmos. A peace that in which all races are treated equally, a peace where you can worship anyone, and no one will have to say that is wrong. A peace ... where you can fall in love with anyone and not have to get shunted out of society." He finished as he looked down upon the smaller villagers, staying silent as they saw what he can do with his wrath. They had a first hand at seeing how he punishes people, and they don't want him on his bad side.

"W..W..Was I dead?" he could hear Jeanne say in shock as he turned around as she got up. not standing, but she was still moving and Liane was beside her, almost crying tears of joy.

"You ... Where, but he brought you back. " Liane answered as she looked at the golden Emperor, and Jeanne followed her eyes to see the god-emperor.

"I see that my powers where successful at bringing you back to life." The God Emperor said as Jeanne started to look around rather franticly.

"Where's Roger? Did he ..." She couldn't finish as she didn't want to say it but the God Emperor knew what was going on in her mind.

"He went crazy with jealously, his anger for both of you was just enough for him to ... be possessed by a demon that no living man of this world has seen yet. He wanted you for only himself and wanted to get Liane out of the picture but instead of striking Liane down, you took the full blow protecting the one you love... and died. I had to intervene when he was about to strike down another one of my saints." He started to explain as she just listened quietly as this was almost too much, but before he could finish, something caught her ear.

"Wait on that thought. Did you just say 'another one of my saints?'." Jeanne said surprised.

"Yes. You are also considered one of 'my saints' but it's a little too late to teach you what I teched Liane as 'they' will be hear soon." The God-emperor finished as he just look to the north-east.

"Who are 'They'?" Jeanne asked as, with the help of Liane, got up standing, though a bit wobbly.

" 'They' ... Are a force that would even make the army's and powers of Gilvaroth pail in comparison. Mortals with gifts given by dark gods to make them stronger, but turned into cold-blooded psychopaths, demons that no man of these lands had ever seen before, and leaders ... who soul purpose is to serve 'them' and make the end-time come." The God-Emperor said as two angle-like wings came out of his back, thinking that he was going to leave, Jeanne wanted to know one last thing.

"Before you leave, I must ask you a question. What is your name?" She asked as the God-Emperor who turned his head back around and looked at her with his ever-seeing eyes.

"My name ... is Glexen." Was all he said as the large wings then started to flap and he was in the air.

"I say my good lucks to you all. " And with that. He left, flying in the wind.

The village people decided that this god was right, but the only thing they did was stand there and be quiet, there fear for gripped them to the core, as if doing anything will anger the deity. Jeanne's friends however, realized that this god is helping them fight off 'them' for the time being, also realizing what the villagers realized, but actually have the guts to apologize to the two wounded saints.

"I say my humble apology's Jeanne. We didn't know what we where thinking, with Roger saying that ..." Richard started, only for Jeanne to stop him.

"It's alright. We have been though tough times. Roger ... He was a different person after Liane left and that thing had a grip on his damaged soul. I pray for mercy upon his touchered soul." Jeanne said as she just nodded in acceptance.

"La-hire didn't know what to do, so I just stay here. La-hire is sorry for not doing anything." La-Hire also apologized. he was too shocked that such close friends would do that to each other.

"It's ok there old friend. Doing nothing was probably the best thing for you to do." Jeanne said smiling. Her friends still are her friends ... she only wished Roger didn't do what he had done. Or he would be still living here now.

"We are all sorry. We should have never listened to Roger in the first place." Gilles said as Jeanne could only nod again.

"But ... what about 'them'?" Liane, like her old self. Was worrying about what may happen in the future.

"That, my love. We will just have to wait and see." Jeanne said as she slipped a arm around Lane's wast and brought her in for a fierce hug, almost losing her a second time would be catastrophic to her mind, and Liane hugged back, only kissing lightly on Jeanne's lips before burying her head into her shoulder, just happy that she is still alive.

Unknown to the whole village. Two horsemen where watching from afar and these where not your average horsemen. As bodes of dead mercenary's are lying around them, Both have had heavy full plate armor however one was colored silver along with silver furs on the shoulder pads and his helmet had two large gold horns along with gold details, his tower shield bears the 8 pointed star as the star itself was brass and the cape was pure blue.

The other warrior had black full plate armor with silver lining, the furs on the shoulder pads where a odd blue color, it's tower shield was an odd purple color as it has the same 8 pointed star, but it's in silver instead of brass.

These where not normal warriors as they are at least a foot or two taller than a human and thats without there horses.

Soon the two left to the north lands to tell there master the news of there 'failed' experiment.

In what remains of Denmark, 4 day's later.

Denmark, once a land of trees, open plains and humble people. Has been turned into a warped Iceland, where only the ruthless survive, where that the only gods here are the dark ones.

On these icy-plains is a army, tents put up for temporary refuge, among them are demons that no non-follower have seen alive, many of them sharping there own weapon/claws, while others wait or find way's to kill people and waste time. Barbarians that fight in brawler death matches and finally, Knights and warriors who can take out many enemy's without even have to break a sweat.

This army's size is unknown, as as far the eye can see, the oddly mutated tents of this numberless hoard seem to be many.

They are organized however, as the 'camp' has a total of 5 areas. Each decacated to a certain god, or in the 5th's case, God's.

Soon, the two horsemen ride though the camp, to the center, and in the center was the largest tent, the war master's tent. Soon the two horsemen dismounted and walked into the tent.

Sitting there, behind a warped desk, with plans to invade both Britain and France, was the leader of this black crusade. A man in the darkest of armors, the unholiest of markings, a helmet that can put fear into anyone but the people he leads, a sword ... a sword that can alone, destroy an entire army's and a cape of pure red, the material is unknown though but this was no normal warmaster the two knight have failed.

"So ... how is this 'Experiment' that would 'take care of' that damned saint of the false god?" the warmaster asked with little calmness in his voice. His invasion was post-poned for at least a good month so he has every right to get PO'ed.

"We ... have failed you master." They both went to one knee and bowed as a sign of forgiveness. "The Test was going well until this proclaimed 'God-emperor' himself stopped the possessed man from killing the saint." they both explained as they are ready for anything there master will give them as punishment ... even death.

"You have failed me and I don't take kindly to failures." the warmaster said as he got up from his chair and unsheathe his sword, the blade itself had fire-like pattern on it . The blade's color was a deep-onyx black and it glowed back and red with unholy strengths. He then stepped in front of them and in one swipe of his large sword, he downed both of them.

The two guards that protect the warmaster where not caught of guard as the bloody mess of two knights with slashed open chests.

"My lord ... What do we tell the troops?" One of the guards asked in mono-tone.

"Get the troops ready, We march to France to conquer. They will face the true power of the dark-gods." The warmaster said as the two guards just nodded and left.

"So they think they can prevent the end-time from coming ... HmHmHm. Such fools who try and prevent what the end-time prophesy. Soon they will face the wrath of the chaos gods and I, Aracon, Lord of the End-times will make sure that all will fall in the name of Chaos!" Aracon said as he then let out a Evil/Madman-like laugh that could chill anyone to the bone.

Narrator's POV.

... Some say that his laugh echoed throughout the whole world ...

... Some, to this very day, say that they can still hear the demonic laughter of the Everchosen ...

... None shall stand in there path.

The Hordes of Chaos have arise to conquer in the name of the dark gods.


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