Are You Okay

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the episodes… This story revolves around the time Stella gets

attacked by Frank. Please Review. I want to know if you guys wish for me to continue this story. Constructive criticism is also welcomed.

Ch. 1:

Mac was sitting at is desk relieved that they ended their last case.

They had finally caught the serial killer that grabbed his victims in a subway, stole them away, tortured them, and then finally slaughtered them.

He's been on the job for a long time but he still can't get over at what man can do to another.

He sat there a little tense thinking about the past. He heard a knock at his door ad looked up to see his top CSI and best friend walk through the door, Stella.

Smiling a little he says "Hi."

"Hi," Stella replies then a short silence.

"Are you okay?" Stella asked even though she knows Mac will say he is fine even when he's not.

"Yes, I'm doing okay," he says half lying.

He was just bending the truth a little he tells himself.

Chuckling to herself Stella walks over behind Mac then started to massage his shoulders.

"Then why Mac are you so tense?" she teases while shaking him a little.

He should have known he couldn't get anything by Stella. They've known each other so long they couldn't lie to one another.

Or in this case pass off that everything was okay.

Relaxing a little at the magic Stella was working with her fingers he says, "I can't get anything by you can I?"

"Not on your life Taylor," she replies.

Smiling Mac responds, "Well truth is I was just thinking… even though I've done this for so long it always surprises me what man can do to another man."

Kneading Mac's shoulders Stella says, "Well, Mac that's how the world is… it sucks to say it but it's the cold truth."

Sighing Mac remembers how cold the world can really be.

"Yeah I do know how cold the world can really be," he whispers to mostly himself.

Silence followed then the feeling of someone kissing him on the side of the temple and whispering "I'm really sorry about Claire Mac… I'll see you tomorrow."

Mac stared after Stella as she walked out the door and then disappeared down the hall.

Mac was left by himself the feeling of Stella's hands still on his shoulders, and the side of his temple still burning.

Thinking about his ex wife Mac was torn between the past and the present.

If only he could let go.