Who We Know We Are

Of course maturity level for guys….well it doesn't change most of the time. But for some it does but they hide it to fit in. The boys are always talking about girl they can get or who they had. Some girls would give in to their ridiculous habits but Taylor Mckessie doesn't. It's just not her. Though, there is one guy that she's curious about. That guy is Chad Danforth. At moments he can be stupid and it aggravates her. Other times he has this laid back attitude that she is attracted to. He also has this natural attraction to girls that has him curious.

He walked up to her. She seemed…different to him. Chad tapped Taylor on her shoulder and the moment she saw him, she quickly surveyed him and turned her back to him.

"She's got attitude!" Chad thought.

"Taylor, you can't act like you're important just to get my attention. You know that right?" Chad asked. His cocky side was coming out and Taylor would always put him in his place. He never saw this coming.

"I ought to be imperative to you, seeing that you're always asking me about homework," Taylor retorted.

Chad was stunned that Taylor had the audacity to challenge him. He looked at Taylor differently. Throughout the year, Chad would still say rude things to Taylor, but she would instantly talk back to him and let me tell you, I don't think Chad had ever been that embarrassed in his life. This made him be attracted Taylor even more, but he also started to dislike her, which was weird. Taylor felt the same way about Chad. She saw him as an arrogant, brainless ass that needed to realize that he wasn't the most important human being in the whole world. She also saw him as a handsome, strong, at times smart, sincere man. All year they would shoot each other evil looks and they would get into "intense discussions". Everyone would just sit back and watch because they knew that when the debates started, there was no stopping them.

"Well, at least I'm not a know-it-all wannabe!" Chad snapped.

"It's better to know it all than to not know anything!" Taylor said sounding too calm.

Chad looked at Taylor like she had lost her mind. His eyes blazed. Taylor and Chad were still staring at each other like they were about to kill each other, until Chad said something that shocked everyone standing in that hall.

"You're one to talk of what a person knows. I do know when to shut up and I know my place at this school. You think you're all that just because you're smart. So you have no right to come at me with that bull shit about knowing everything! I'm the only one who sees you for what you really are, a smart mouth bi-"

Before Chad could get that last word out, Taylor slapped him in the face. By now the whole student body was in the hall watching.

"Don't you ever call me out of my name!" Taylor yelled.

Chad smirked. Now he knew her weak spot, Taylor hated being called out of her name.

"I wasn't finished yet." Chad stepped to her and still had that smirk on his face.

Taylor burned with rage. She was near tears, but she wasn't going to cry in front of Chad so she gained some composure and stepped up so close to him that there was only an inch separating them. It was like something just snapped in her head and for that couple of minutes she was no longer Taylor Mckessie but someone completely different. She glanced at the people around her and blocked them out of her mind.

"Let's get something straight. You don't know anything about me, and you need to quit acting like you don't have any sense. You must be a fool if you think anything you say means anything to me. The only reason you act out and insult me is because you are too intimidated by me to do anything else." Taylor said. She was so heated that you could've sworn that there was lightning in her eyes.

Chad was once again stunned by Taylor's reaction so for a couple of seconds he didn't say anything. But Taylor pushed him over the edge.

"Now I'm done," Taylor said. She walked away.

They never said a thing to each other after that day. Chad didn't know what to make of him and Taylor's situation. He didn't know what it was about her, but it was as if he started to like her and her attitude again. Taylor would start to get more attractive and more mature each day. Chad noticed this, but didn't act on it because in his mind he still despised her.