One for All and all for One!


Adopted by me Kyuubi...formerly belonged to Locokitsune


Story Start


It was your everyday bright and sunny morning in the city of Konohagakure no Sato. There were birds chirping, dogs barking, hell there was probably a chipmunk in the bushes humping a turtle. You have to be careful around those Chipmunks, they'll hump anything. Though that didn't matter to one blond teenager. His name was Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze and he was part of a 'special' family. No they weren't emotionally or mentally unstable.

The environment wasn't hostile just a bit unusual in it's dynamic. "Wake up, little Naruto-kun,'' Came the soft sing-song voice. "Wake up it your first day of school." The Red-head followed up with. She had a look of innocence about her with her flowing red hair done in the style of a pony-tail and Jade eyes. She looked about 16 years old wearing an white Top that hugged her small C-cup breasts and a yellow skirt that reached down to her ankles. Her Sandals were a shade of red darker then her hair and her skin was lightly tanned.

''Damn it Fuuka move out of the way. I'll wake him myself!" shouted a different more violate voice. It was another red-head who had similar features, with large chocolate brown eyes. Her clothing was a bit less modest, her hot pink shirt cut off around the shoulders hugging her bust which was slightly larger then the previous red-heads and a red mini-skirt that stopped a few inches above her knees. She wore a pair of black sandals. She had brought up with her a bucket of cold water that she promptly splashed the blond with after her declaration.

"Ahhh! Tayuya what the fuck!" Shouted the blond haired boy as he lept from the bed. He slightly shivered as his black silk pajamas, a present from a distance relative for Christmas was now soaked.

"Well numb-nuts you would've been late for school if I didn't do something!" Tayuya told him with her usual 'spunk' as most people put it.

"You know, for an older sister you really could be a little nicer!" The blond haired boy replied. His Cerulean blue eyes showed much annoyance, which broke from the gaze by another involuntary shiver as his wet clothes clung to his skin.

"Guys, guys knock it off." Fuuka told them. It wasn't unusual to see the two siblings fighting but after awhile it got annoying.

"Fine just get out I need to take a shower,'' Naruto told them getting ready to take a shower.

"What you afraid of? Your sisters seeing your tiny little dick!" Tayuya teased as Fuuka dragged her out of the room.

"Man, for twins they really are different," said Naruto walking towards the bathroom. "I mean one tries to start fights while the other tries to stop them." Naruto finished shutting the door.


An hour later


"Ah, now that was refreshing." Naruto thought walking out of the bathroom wearing a towel around his waist, only to see his older step-sister, Satsuki, wearing a small black skirt that reached her angles not to mention a black shirt with a skull on it. She also wore a black bracelet on her left wrist that went with her long ebony locks and part of her long bangs over her left eye, petting their pet fox Kyuubi in in her lap.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Naruto asked her looking for some clothes in his closet.

"Nothing, mama just wants you to come down to breakfast." She said standing up and putting down Kyuubi who quickly ran to her little pillow.

"Okay I'll be down in five okay." Naruto told her as he started to change after Satsuki left.

Five minutes later Naruto came down to the kitchen wearing black cargo pants, a black jacket with a hood opened to show a dark orange shirt, red tinted goggles (like Obito's), and a necklace with a bright blue jewel between two silver beads.

In the kitchen he saw his Okaa-san Kushina, Satsuki, Tayuya and his other Okaa-san Mikoto all sitting down at a large circular table for six. In Konoha same-sex marriages had been approved but it was still rare to see many same sex couples use this privilege because even with times being as current as they were the, that type of relationship was stilled frowned on by many.

Naruto, Fuuka, and Tayuya the natural born children of Kushina by Minato, who lost their Otou-san when he was gunned down by his enemies in his line of duty as a cop. Satsuki's father was murdered by her brother who committed suicide afterwords. Turned out her Otousan was trying to sell her and her mother to some rich guy as sex slaves for money.

Soon after, Kushina and Mikoto got together as friends supporting each other, until it blossomed into something else entirely.

And here they are after seven years Fuuka and Tayuya age 16 while Naruto and Sasuke are 15.

Walking up and taking a seat and gobbling down his food in a matter of five minutes Naruto began to speak. "Man I can't believe its already time to go back to school!" Naruto said looking at the clock on the wall reading 7:27.

"Well it is. So stop complaining about it.'' Kushina told him taking another sip of coffee.

"Your mothers right Naruto. You started complaining when school was over too, you really need to makeup your mind." Said Mikoto after taking bite of toast.

"Well I got used to school and liked hanging with my friends, and here I got used to sleeping in." Said Naruto sighing.

"Whatever!" Said Tayuya finishing her breakfast. "We've gotta leave if we wanna get to school on time."

"Yeah," Said Fuuka grabbing her bag and putting it on her shoulder, ''The train takes around twenty minutes so we'll need to leave... now!" She said running out the door.

"Hey wait!" Naruto shouted after them as he rushed out the door.


Train Line


The siblings made a mad dash for the door but unfortunately got their late. Their were only two seats left and Satsuki and Fuuka got to it first. The other two siblings saw someone get up and they made a mad dash for it. Naruto made it first then said, '' Well, well, well looks your gonna have to catch the next train, its what you get for throwing water on me." Said Naruto, his head resting in his palm.

"Like hell I am!" Tayuya declared plopping down on his lap. The intimate position they were in caused Naruto to blush. "Wha- are you crazy!- get off- this isn't right!" He told her, more like shouted which caused a few people to turn and stare at the screaming teen. "Would you just shut up, we're not doing anything sexual, I mean I'm your Aneki for Kami's sake."

"Ugh, fine." Said Naruto, not liking it but accepted it. The blush on his face diminished albeit not much.

"Good." She said shifting to look ahead while unknowingly grinding against Naruto's crotch.

'Ah, man that felt good... oh shit I'm getting hard!" Thought Naruto feeling his shaft poke his sister in the ass. 'I'm so dead.'

'What the hell is poking me' Tayuya thought rubbing up against it only to hear Naruto gasp. 'Oh my god that's his...'

Grinding against her younger brother's erection again to hear him gasp once more she thought 'Oh you like that, well I've got something for you.' She thought mischievously.

After about seven minutes on the train it stopped having everyone other than the siblings leave.

'Play time.'

Dropping her bag on accident Tayuya bent over to pick it up. Her skirt clung to her tight and round bottom. Not to mention her shirt raised up slightly giving him sight of her lower back and black lace Thong she was wearing.

'Oh man her ass looks so good, oh man I'm becoming Kiba!'

Leaning back a little she began to grind her clothed pussy against his dick.

'Uh! Mmhm! it's better than I thought!' Tayuya thought through her clenched teeth as shivers were sent through her body.

Moving off of him, she turned to face and got on her knees.

Naruto's blush spread across his face when she started to unzip his pants.

"What do you think you're doing?'' Naruto whispered so no one up front would here them.

"Shhh, don't worry I'll be quick." She told him unbuttoning his pants and pulling down his boxers to reveal his erect, seven and a half inch manhood. "Well guess you're not so little."

"Okay just hurry up!" Said Naruto looking around frantically.

"Somebody's impatient aren't they."

She started by flicking her tongue across the tip of his manhood causing him to moan slightly. She knew about this because whenever she went to her friend Kin's house the girl was usually watching pornos. Tsuchi Kin was a major pervert, something well known by her peers, but Tayuya liked the weird sex addicted girl regardless. She remembered some of the things she saw and began to mimic them, one of them was to swirl her tongue across the tip while massaging his sack. Naruto continued to groan as a spurt of pre-cum landed on her lips.

Tayuya licked the salty substance to see what it tasted like.

'Not bad, kind of salty though, weird!' After her assessment she decided to push the tool into her mouth and started to slowly bob up and down.

"Ahhh."Naruto moaned loving the feel of his sister's mouth on his tool.

Seeing that as sign to continue, she brought her herself up until his cock nearly fell out and went down until it hit the back of her throat in turn making her brother bite his lip and grip his seat. She slowly picked up the pace, occasionally running her teeth over the head. Tayuya Namikaze was by no means a slut. She was your average every day teenage girl with urges and fantasy. Despite her behavior and rumors she was very well a virgin, well if you don't count a vibrator, courtesy of Kin then she was a Virgin. It was just a one time thing and Tayuya was curious on how it would feel. But now, as she gave her little brother a blow job she felt heat build up between her legs as a few drops of her wetness seeped into her panties.

Naruto couldn't help but groan as his sister's hot and wet mouth went to work on him. It was incredible, something indescribable. Though unfortunately it wouldn't last long as his balls tightening.

"T-Tayuya I'm... g-gonna c-cum." Said Naruto quietly.

She pulled back all the way to the head and started to twirl her tongue and hum moving her head side to side.

This was too much for him as he exploded in her mouth, she barely swallowed it all, watching some of his seed drizzle out of her mouth and on her chin.

"Yummy!" she said catching the rest on her chin with her finger and then licking it off.

Putting his now limp dick back into his pants she sat down in the seat next to him.

"Maybe next time we can do more." She told him, flashing him sly smirk.

Naruto smiled back at her while panting a little.

He was about to say something until he heard Fuuka calling them from the front saying that it was time to get off.

"Okay it's 7:53 we should be able to make it in time if we walk fast enough!" Said Sasuki walking along with the others.

Seeing the school in sight they started to run to their different groups.




"Man it was so cool you should've been there!" Said an over-active boy with brown shaggy hair, wearing a plain black shirt, white shorts, and black/white shoes , and what seemed to be red upside down triangles on his face.

"Kiba, man it was just a beach." Said a hefty boy with bright brown hair and swirls on his cheeks. He also had on a big grey coat, blue jeans, and big black boots, stuffing his face with chips.

"No it wasn't!" Said Kiba practically screeching.

"Choji just leave him alone, he's too troublesome." Stated a boy yawning lying on a bench. He had brunette hair done in a pineapple like ponytail, he also wore a blue/gray jacket over a brown shirt, tan cargo shorts, and sandals with socks on.

"Oh, what's so troublesome today Shikamaru?" Asked a voice right behind the group of three.

"Eh?, Naruto, Satsuki!" Kiba called out, running over to hug them... and get a feel on Satsuki's ass.

"Hey, Kiba!, what the hell do you think you're doing Kiba!, because whatever it is isn't going to work Kiba!" Satsuki gritted out as she said the dog's boy name, tightening her grip on his hand.

"I just wanted a hug." Whimpered out the boy trying to keep in the pain.

"Well I didn't know hugs went that low!" She hissed, twisting his hand again.

"I'm sorry, just let go!"

"Ugh, fine I'm gonna go talk to Hinata and the others and remember, NEXT TIME I'LL CASTRATE YOU!" Satsuki shouted, releasing the poor boy's hand.

"I-is s-she on s-st-steroids!" Stuttered out Choji backed in a corner with Shikamaru holding each other.

"Don't know, still can't find the needles." Naruto stated with a slightly amused look on his face.

Hearing the bell ring they all went inside for their first day back at Konoha Academy.


Hope you guys like the revision of Locokitsune's story…I will try to update the next chapter when I can.