One for All and All for One


Adopted by me Kyuubi...formerly belonged to Locokitsune


Rated M For Language, Sexual Themes, Nudity, Strong Sexual Content and Incest. If you are not above age 18 then you should not be reading this.

Their will also be some Yuri in this fic so don't flame me for that.


Author's Note


Naruto and Tayuya were walking through the mall laughing and talking about different things. "Remind me again why we are here?" Naruto asked his sister as they walk into another store.

"I need to get some new clothes and you needed to get out of the house." She answered with a snort, "Plus I need to know if it this will good on me." Tayuya said holding up a shirt.

''This isn't going to be any of those, does my butt look big in this moment?'' he asked only for Tayuya to slug him in the gut.

''Shut up you smart ass fuck-face.''

''Jeez,'' Naruto began rubbing his stomach. ''You really need to work on your temper.''

''And you really need to work on your mouth.''

''It doesn't have too...I have boobs so you must obey,'' she answered with a cheeky grin doing an 180 in her personality.

''I swear...'' he said as a young woman walked up.

''Hello, my name is Hotaru, can I help you?'' the salesgirl who looked eerily enough their age asked.

"Just looking , Hotaru,'' Tayuya answered with a kindly smile.

"Everything is 15% off today, if you need any help please ask." she informed them as she walked off to help another person.

''Well at least you didn't scare this one away.'' Tayuya said as Naruto scowled.

''What the hell? You ask me I come here with you today if you're just going to insult me I'll leave.''

''I'm just teasing you,'re such a pussy sometimes.'' she said pushing some clothes into his hand. ''Now hold this while I try this on.'' Tayuya said as she walked over to a changing room.

After a few moments Tayuya emerged wearing a red button-down short-sleeve shirt and a pair of khakis.

"Does this look Okay?'' she asked as Naruto nodded.

"Looks good on you."

''Hhm...'' Tayuya then frowned and grabbed some clothing from Naruto's arm. She disappeared back into the changing room and stepped out wearing a a white sleeveless tank top and black skirt. ''How about this?''

''I think you look fine too...'' he answered, wondering just what she wanted him to say? Tayuya looked good in most of the things she wore.

Tayuya sighed and grumbled baka before she disappeared into the changing room again. After an hour of changing clothes Naruto found himself carrying bags as they made way to another store.

''Can we stop to get something to eat?'' Naruto spoke up as Tayuya shrugged.

''Fine...but you're paying.'' she said as Naruto sighed and they stopped at a burger joint. The lunch was quiet for the most part as Tayuya was quiet for the most part. Though that changed when she noticed Naruto check out some purple haired in skin tight black pants that accentuated her rear.

''The hell you pervert can't you stop thinking with your dick for two seconds?'' she angrily snapped at the blond to his confusion.

''Tayuya what the hell is up with you? I mean you've been going ape shift on me all day?''

''That's why you're a baka. You really are clueless to a girl's feelings...let's just go.'' she said dumping her mostly eaten burger in the trash.

Naruto sighed and followed after her just wondering what he did now to set his sister off? It wasn't like he said much of anything that would piss her off. So with bags in hand he decided he was going to confront her when they got home.