Title: Gone too long
Author: Woodburner
Challenge Word: Worn
Word Count: 100
Disclaimer: They still aren't mine. I'm just playing with them.
A/N 1: For Platinumroselady who is sick too. Get better soon.
A/N 2: Last week MadServer and I managed to tune in to the same wavelength, so if you enjoyed my 'dry' drabble, you'll love hers. Go check it out if you haven't already done so, it'll be worth your while :)

John takes one look at Dean and regrets being away so long this time. Dean wearily nods his head towards the bedroom where his little brother is languishing in bed. He's done everything he could think of but he's only 13 and he's been up three nights solid with Sammy.

Sam is tossing and turning and John's surprised he hasn't worn a hole in the mattress. He's covered in spots and there are tear tracks down his face, evidence that at some point it's all been too much for him. John knows instantly what the problem is.

Sammy has chickenpox.