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Carlisle's pov:

Ahhhh another successful day at the hospital. The trees whipped pass me as I ran past the river on my way home. CRASH!!! I heard form the direction of my home. Uh-oh Esme was going to be mad.

As I got closer I heard the sound of raised voices. I quickly ran up to the door and opened it. That was when the noise hit me.

"Emmett, you play way too much. Leave Bella alone."Edward screamed

"You leave Emmett alone. Bella needs to toughen up," Rosalie growled.

Alice and Jasper were sitting on the steps watching and taking sides. Of course, they were both with Bella. And poor Bella was sitting at the table blushing. When she noticed me she gave a weak grin and said. "Hello Carlisle how was your day?"

"It was great. I saved two lives"I said.

That was when I saw my angel. She looked beautiful with that angry scowl. She flew into my arms and gave me a kiss.

"Hello honey how was your day?" I asked her.

"Horrible, these kids have been misbehaving all day. And they broke my irreplaceable Byzantine Empire vase."She replied.

"That's it kids family meeting" I said.

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