Fairy Flash Prompt- Masks. This late because my computer was possessed by evil demons. Argh.

Disclaimer- Not mine.

This is from Gray's POV, just so you know.

We all have our masks: shields we put up to protect our soft insides, and never take down if we can help it.

We all have our masks; there's no exception. Everyone has a history, some just are shown more easily. Their masks are the thinnest, the ones that are made to most resemble their inner face. These are the true heros. Some may disagree, say that the true heros have no masks. Name one person who goes day-to-day without one, I dare you. Yeah, that's what I thought.

Natsu's is red like flames, is made of pure (fake) bravery and hot headed-ness (as predictable as that may be, it's true. All of these are, you know it's true because they are they're what you see everyday). I'm not saying he's not brave, nor that he's not rash. He's both of those things, but only because he puts them in place to protect a memory of a dragon.

Erza's is hard like cement, or more accurately, her armor. She is the strongest of all of us, though that in of itself makes her the farthest from being a hero. Her mask is covered in swords, though the blood is on the inside of the mask. If she had her way, none of us would have ever found out about chains and whips, boys and the demons who destroyed them all.

Mirajane's is sugar and spice and everything nice. You'd never guess that behind her nurturing, caring role, she's a broken warrior, sobbing with guilt. Well, maybe sometimes you can see her. She never was a very good actress.

Loki's mask is so flawlessly sown onto his face, sometimes you can almost pretend he's actually a playboy, you can almost pretend he's not really a person who just cares too much. Someone who doesn't just have a martydom-complex. Or a hero-complex. Or both.

And then there's Lucy. Sweet, innocent (until she gets mad, that is) Lucy, who is always trying to be stronger, always trying to catch up to Natsu and Erza. She is one of the heros, a person with a mask so thin, it's nearly non-existent. It's not that she doesn't have her own painful history, far from it. It's just that she's resilient enough to not let her father, who couldn't give two shits about her, get her down. That she's forgiving enough to help him when she thinks he's in trouble. To be able to accept Natsu, the moron, Erza, the warrior, and me. Amazing enough to get everybody to drop their masks around her, because they know that she really cares. It's not an act, she'd protect you to her grave.

And then there's me.

I have a mask of ice. It's cold, and slippery. Most of the time, it freezes me, numbs me, gives me a rest from the pain, the hurt, the cold. Ice is so hot it burns, and so it doesn't matter if I get frostbite; I can't feel it. I was content. But then Lucy came, and she's so warm (really truly warm) she melts the frost off every time she talks to me. It's my weakness, her being able to remove my mask so easily. But then, I don't think she minds the face underneath.