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He could feel her with him. Staining him with her human, female taint.

Gabriel, his beautiful Gabriel.

So pure of heart and soul, so dedicated to his cause that not even hell on earth could sway his judgment and resolution. Gabriel would not admit it even to himself, but it was not love. Maybe a longing for contact as humans often did, or the reaction from loosing control and slaughtering so many.

He believed it was just a passing flare of rutting.

Yes, he could feel the tenderness and savoring of their coupling, he felt it so clearly because it was Gabriel. His beloved, the only one he loved, could love. He felt it so easily through their bond that even as he paced and shook with anger, his hands ran through his long dark hair and pulled chunks free from his scalp.

He could sense Gabriel's climax mounting, though the other probably did not even know what he was experiencing beyond just feeling. But he knew, he had tasted sex before with both women and men. But as he dropped over the edge to momentary oblivion, the only name on his lips was 'Gabriel'. The only face was Gabriel's.

He spun on his foot sharply, cursing that whore of a fallen arc angel, his white eyes wild and fierce like an animals.

Pull out of her Gabe. He whispered in his own mind, pleading silently to the one who could no longer feel him.

Pull out.

They kissed tenderly.

See what you are doing.

She gasped and he tensed.

Don't do this to me Gabe!

The man's back arched, his mouth open in silent pleasure as his eyes clouded, his veil on his heavenly powers rescinding momentarily to give a full blast of everything to the man on the other side of their unconscious bond.


The longhaired man screamed. His hair damp with sweat, the muscles in his neck popping out with the tension, his whole body humming and shaking with fury.


His furious cry lasted longer than he thought he could while limited by his human body. His head rose to the sky and still he screamed his rage and betrayal. His eyes flashing alternatively between gold lined with red and the most fluorescent blue.

His lungs felt ready to burst, spittle flew from his mouth, when he finally collapsed onto the stone floor beneath him.

His stomach heaved but nothing came forth as he curled on his knees, the feeling of hatredlovebetrayalrevenge flew through his being, exhausting him with their intensity.

But even while his body had given out, his soul still cried and screamed.


Whew, that's done!

I really like this movie, the first time I saw it I bawled like a baby, and I'm not afraid to admit it. I bought it of course, and no matter what anyone says, this movie is Boss!

Everyime I watch it I still cry......