Title: Nature Show
Author: Mad Server
Rating: T
Characters: Sam, Dean
Word Count: 100, on the nose
Summary: Dean has an eventful morning, complete with h/c.
A/N: PlatinumRoseLady, there's no sick Sam in this one, but it's yours too if you want it. E/O Challenge; prompt word: "worn." Check out the C2 to see everybody's challenge drabbles!
Disclaimer: I don't own these guys.

"I don't want to talk about it," Dean says, a second before you look up from your book and register the semi-coagulated blood smeared over half his face.

Wordlessly, you watch him take his keys out of the door, awkwardly with one hand; watch him work his slow, stiff way to the couch, and lower himself cautiously, blanched, worn out.

You wonder how a bagel run could have given rise to this.

When there are ten stitches in his eyebrow, and the ice packs on his back and wrist have mostly melted, the drugs kick in, and he surrenders: "Geese..."


A/N 2: If the internet can be believed, this happened in North Carolina last April.