Title: Fevered

Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own the boys, I just like to play with them.

Challenge Phrase: worn

Word Count: 118

Other Participants: Too numerous to mention.

Get Well Soon PlatinumRoseLady


Sam was totally worn out, the fever having sapped the strength from his too hot body. He felt like he was suffocating as he struggled to breath, each breath seemingly a chore to get in and out.

"De." he pleaded as he reached out blindly with his hand seeking comfort from his big brother. "Too h-hot!"

Dean swallowed nervously as he grasped Sam's hand and felt the heat burning him up from the inside out.

"De, ple-ease."

"Shhh, you're going to be alright tiger." Dean soothed as he stripped his baby brother to his boxers, then picked him up gently and carried him to the bathroom, easing him into the lukewarm tub, Sammy to weak to fight it.