E/O Challenge: Word is Worn.
Special Present for Platinum Rose Lady, Sam girl. Sam is not feeling well.
Potential Spoiler: S4 specific, but schmoopier
Word Count: 100 each
Three drabbles this week - related. Very related. So related they might not stand alone.
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"Sam—you okay?" A callused hand was pressed up to his forehead.

"'Course. Fine. Ready to go."

"Right. Get back in bed."

"I'm ready. Got dressed. Um, armed…" The room was all blurry. "Dean? Something's wrong with the room." He blinked. "How'd the ceiling move?"

"The ceiling's fine. You're on the floor." Dean grunted and bitched and Sam was on the bed.

"Won't let you go alone."

"Sam, you're worn to the bone."

He tried to grin. "I'm bad to the bone."

"Dream on. That's me."

"Why? 'Cause I'm bad to the blood?"

"No. 'Cause I'm older. I'm always badder."

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