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Prompt: Worn
Prompt 2: some Sam malady


Sam is beside himself, I can tell. He's slipping into madness, bit by painful bit. The looks he throws me, alternating between crazy and murderous, speak volumes… even if he can't anymore. And thank God for little mercies!

It's been three hours since the voodoo-priestess did unspeakable things to him. Three hours in which he literally screamed himself hoarse.

Now he's just sitting there, knife in hand, motionless. His cheeks flush with fever and his skin clammy from sweat.

My only hope is to get free of the worn shackles tying me down before Sammy looses his battle against insanity.

To Be Continued...

A/N 3
: Get better soon, Rose. I bet sickly Sammy helps a bit with that. :-D