Taking in a big gulp of air, I sat down on my bed and opened the Forks High School Handbook. I was going to a new school tomorrow. Again. I sighed and let the book drop to the wooden floor with a soft thud.

Just what I need. Another year of being invisible.

Because of Char... I mean Dad's job, we moved around a lot. And when I say 'we' I mean my dad and I. My mom died in a car crash seven years ago when I was eleven. I've always felt guilty about it because she was on her way to pick me up from school. Charlie says that it wasn't my fault and that Mom is watching over me from heaven. What a load of crap.

It was all my fault, even my Mom's husband, Phil said so. I couldn't blame him; she was killed just two months after getting remarried to him. Thankfully, I got to live with my real dad when Mom died, so I wouldn't have to deal with Phil's hatred towards me.

Charlie's like my best friend. We watch football on T.V. and play soccer in the backyard almost everyday. As you've probably guessed, I'm a major tomboy. My favorite color is dark blue. I hate pink. And this god damned room.

I looked up to glare at the light pink walls. God, I was going to puke. Actually, a little barf on the walls might help cover up that repulsive color. Maybe I could paint the room myself, I'm pretty sure Charlie has some paint in the garage...

"Bella! Get down here, the games on!"

Without thinking, I jumped up from my bed, threw open my bedroom door, and ran like a madwoman down the stairs to fling myself at the sofa. Grabbing a massive handful of popcorn, I shoved it in my mouth and asked Charlie who was playing.

"The Pittsburgh Steelers against the Chicago Bears" He responded.

Forgetting my worries, I sunk down into the couch and lost myself into the game.

School can wait, I thought, I'll pack up my things later.

It's just too bad I passed out on the couch with popcorn grease spread all over my face only to wake up the next morning at 7 am.