A/N: E/O Drabble Challenge, 100 words! Yay, I'm getting better at using less words!

Challenge word: worn

This is for PlatinumRoseLady. Hope you are feeling better!


Sam awoke with his brother's name on his lips, the amulet Dean had worn clutched in his sweaty hand.

He was sick, fever raging through his body.

Nausea overtook him. He stumbled to the bathroom, stomach convulsing with dry heaves.

When was the last time I ate?

He curled up on the floor, pressing his feverish face to the cool bathroom tile. There had always been someone to take care of him when he was sickā€¦.Mom, Dad, Jessica, Dean. But now they were gone and he was alone.

"Dean," Sam whimpered. "How am I supposed to do this without you?"