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Fire Emblem



Okay, you. Yeah, you. Don't look around! I'm talking about you! Now, you either clicked on this story because: a) you like the authoress's other writings b) you thought 'what the heck' c) you were simply bored or d) it sounded interesting. Now, this story is not entirely a lie. Okay? Now, before you start shooting off your mouth/mind about how this momentarily has nothing to do with Fire Emblem, you just hold your horses. In order to get to the "DIE YOU SON OF A-!" part, I first need to explain the situation. I suppose the best place would be to start at the beginning.

'Ello. My name is Mihara. I am only fourteen years old. Almost fifteen. I have layered brown hair and hazel eyes. I have quite a few defections: my eyesight has been steadily dropping since I was younger, so I wear contacts, and my hearing has been declining as of the past three years. It's beginning to be quite troublesome, honestly. I have two older sisters. One is nineteen, almost twenty, and one is twenty-two. They've both moved out of the house, although the younger of the two is only in college. I am therefore left at home with my parents, my dog, my two barn cats, and two horses. Then, there's always my friends. I have a fair few. In our "gang", as my mother labels us, there's me, two – sometimes four – boys and four other girls. Most of us are in the band at school. I play the clarinet, and am taking cello lessons.

I am known in our school as a tomboy. I haven't worn pink since, like, first grade (only because my mother forced me to wear it), I wear dresses for only weddings or special occasions, I ride fourwheelers and go-karts – in mud, after it rains - I ride horses, and, quite frankly, I scare the crap out of boys. I do a lot of labor work with my father, so I have developed quite nice muscles, if I do say so myself. Some found that out the hard way.

I'm also quite tall. At about fifteen, I'm directly on six feet tall. No, seriously. I would jump in front of ten bullets for my friends. No more than that, since I'd probably be dead by then. If humanly possible, more. I'd push them out of the way of a double decker bus, I'd give them rides, and I love having friend time with them. I'm quite daydreamy, and like many other people, dream of flying. I love flying, I love fantasy, I love things that aren't real.

There. I have pretty much told you all about my boring life. Don't be too enthusiastic. Because what comes next...I'm not even sure if I woke up.


Mihara instantly kicked off her shoes as she walked into her empty house. Another long day. She had lasted another drama-filled day at her school, had to watch three major fights, all of which erupted right before her. She was loaded with homework, but tossed her thirty pound messenger bag on the closest chair before collapsing onto her couch. She sighed heavily, dragging it out to emphasize to herself how tired she was. She glared at her schoolbag just before a yawn escaped her lips.

What the hell. She was tired. Homework could wait til after a small nap. She draped an arm over her closed eyes and relaxed.

How much later it was, Mihara didn't know. Someone, however, awoke her from her wonderful dream. She had had it many, many times. She was flying, running from some people who wanted to capture her and test on her. There was always someone, but she couldn't tell who, who would save her. He was like a knight in shining armor to her. Whoever was waking her up shook her gently at first, but Mihara groaned quietly and flipped over on the couch, murmuring for whoever it was to let her sleep. The person insisted. They shook her again, a little harder than before. Mihara hissed again for the person to let her be. She heard the person sigh and walk away. She grinned faintly, thinking that she had won.

Only she didn't.

The person came back silently with a pot in one hand and a wooden spoon in the other. The person fiercely smacked them against each other, the noise being quite loud to Mihara's ears after so long in silence. She leapt off the couch and screamed, "I'm up! I'm up, for God's sake!"

But her eyes then widened at who she was staring at. The first thing that caught her attention was that icy blue hair.

No one had icy blue hair. Unless it was dyed. But then, Mihara saw cat ears. An orange head wrapping...blue markings across his face. The clothes...his face...

Mihara's heart thumped. "You're...you're not real... You..."

Ranulf, the warrior of Gallia and right hand of Gallia's king, stood before Mihara with an agitated look on his face. He set the pan and spoon aside, and his face was replaced with amusement. "I'm not real?" He chuckled. "Well, that's quite rude, isn't it?"

"I'm...I'm still dreaming, aren't I? You...you can't really be Ranulf...standing in my living room..."

Ranulf sighed and outstretched his hand. He pinched Mihara's arm harshly, Mihara yelping from the sudden pinch. When he stopped, Mihara blinked, nothing having changed.

"This is no dream," Ranulf insisted, his voice low and soothing to Mihara. "I have come for you."

"Come...for me? For what?" Mihara rubbed her arm from where Ranulf had pinched her.

"You must return to Tellius with me, Mihara Sitona." The Cat warrior stated bluntly.

"...What? Me? But what for? You're not even real! You're a man- laguz in a video game!"

"Must I pinch you again?"

Mihara flinched slightly.

"Come now, Mihara. You will return. I promise." Ranulf held out his hand, giving Mihara an assuring look.

Mihara, after a moment or two, took Ranulf's warm and rough hand. Ranulf grinned. "You see? That wasn't so hard." He then raised his voice, "Okay, Yune! We're ready!"

The human girl barely had time to sputter "Yune?!" before her world went black.


Mihara groaned and opened her eyes. She heard voices, but had no idea who they belonged to. One, she picked out, was Ranulf's. She could feel that she was laying on a soft bed.

Did I really just get brought to the continent of Tellius from Fire Emblem...? Mihara stirred, moving her head about. She did happen to see Ranulf looking her over. He said sarcastically, "One would guess that you haven't traveled like that before, Lady Mihara."

"Where am I?" Mihara croaked, not realizing that Ranulf had called her 'Lady'.


Alt-! That's the name of the new country of the hawks and ravens! Since they combined countries! But...how am I here?!

"Not very chatty, is she?" another voice commented.

Mihara turned her head and saw two more 'familiar' faces. Janaff – the Hawk King's eyes...and Ulki – the Hawk King's ears. Mihara's eyes widened once more. Ulki faced Janaff and Ranulf, "I believe she is intimidated."

The other dialogue faded from Mihara's ears. She was too busy staring at Janaff's and Ulki's wings. They were two different colors, and they were so beautiful. Mihara wanted to reach out and stroke them...

"Are you listening?" Ranulf demanded.

Mihara snapped from her little dreamy world with a stuttered, "Wh-what?"

Ranulf grinned again with amusement, making Mihara feel a little safe around him. He said, "You haven't noticed, have you?"

"N-noticed what?"

"Your eyesight. And your hearing."

Mihara couldn't help but notice that Janaff had opened his mouth to add something, but he shut it. Although, now that Ranulf mentioned it, her eyesight seemed a little blurry and her eyes hurt. Not needing a mirror, Mihara raised her hands to her eyes, removing her contacts. Mihara looked around. How was everything so clear to her?! Then, she did realize that many things sounded louder than she was used to. She could hear faint speech from the next room over. She could hear animals outside. She could hear the laughter of children, and their footsteps as they ran. Then, she heard the flapping of wings more loudly than anything other thing. Mihara turned to Ranulf for answers, but he simply said, "Sit up and look behind you."

Taking a moment, Mihara pushed herself up. She slowly turned her head around, and her eyes became saucers. On her back, attached to her shoulder blades, were wings! Wings! She had light red feathers, the bottom feathers looking much, much darker, like maroon. She saw that she had a darker shade of hair. Black. It looked black. She raised her hands to her ears, and they were pointed, like how the hawk's, raven's, and dragon's were. She turned back to the two hawks and the Cat, muttering incomprehensible words. Janaff gave her a small smirk of sympathy. "It's a long story..." he muttered.

"Well, I would like to know!" Mihara snapped, her voice quiet and shocked.

"Perhaps Tibarn would be the right hawk to ask," Ranulf suggested.

As if his name were a cue, the Hawk King himself strided into the room. Mihara stared at him, resisting the urge to gap. Tibarn, the ruler of Altiaire, was much larger in person. He was well built – extremely muscular, large, powerful wings, even in his half-beorc form. He had a stern face, but it was quickly replaced with something softer. How to describe it, Mihara didn't know. He had his arms crossed and he was staring at Mihara.

"You," he said in a low voice, "are Mihara, right?"

Unable to speak, Mihara nodded slowly.

"From Earth?"


"Do you know why you are here?"

Mihara had meant to glare at Ranulf, for he told her nothing, but she couldn't tear her eyes away from the mighty Hawk King. She shook her head. Tibarn nodded understandingly. He offered, "How about we take a walk?"

Mihara stood up, walking out with only Tibarn, the other three staying behind.

This can't be happening! I'm in a video game world! I spoke with Ranulf! I saw Janaff and Ulki! I'm freaking walking with the mighty Tibarn! Oh man, oh man...when I wake up...well...I don't know what I'd do...

-What if this isn't a dream?- another part of Mihara pointed out.

It can't be, she thought as she silently followed Tibarn, How can it be real?!

-It is. Ranulf touched you. You're with the king of hawks. You have wings. You have made it real. You always wished and now it's true.-


-Relent and accept. Look at the proof around you. Altiaire. Tibarn. Ranulf. The life.-

Before Mihara could scold her voice, Tibarn stopped walking, Mihara slamming on the brakes. She most definitely didn't want to bump into Tibarn! He was so much bigger than her... She looked around a little and saw that they were out on a balcony. There were such large trees around wherever they were actually located. There were many forms of life flying and walking along on the ground. Yet, most had wings. She did admit – it was hard not to believe. But still...

Tibarn turned towards her. Mihara stared back at him, feeling a little nervous. "Mihara...you do not remember anything, do you?"

Mihara chose her words carefully. "Re...member? Remember what?"

"When you were only a young one – two years old – you were stolen from this world."

Mihara's heart thumped in her chest. "What do you mean?" she demanded, her voice a little steadier.

"Your mother had just put you to sleep-"

How could he know something like that?!

"-and someone snuck inside the castle. He stole you from your crib. Your father went in a rage, chasing this person down, trying to get you back, but...he was too late. The man had spoken with Ashera – the goddess. He paid a price and had you transported to the planet named Earth. Because you were so young, your wings didn't have a chance to grow in. Your ears dulled, and you appeared to people as a simple beorc."

"H-...How would you know something like that?" Mihara whispered.

Tibarn sighed softly, turning so that his back was to Mihara. He remained silent for a while. Mihara stepped up beside him. "How do you know about that? Is that true?"

"Every word is true. Because, Mihara..." Tibarn's eyes narrowed as he struggled to get words to form, "I...I am your father."


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