To avoid writer's block for my main story, Learning How to Love, I've decided to do a oneshot! Yay me! I just love Anwar so much :) Tia's name in this story will be Aria, just like in my other story.

Tonight was the night. Tonight was the night that he would confess to her.

He was taking her to go stargazing at Sunny Hill for her birthday. Her friend, Rex, held a birthday party earlier and he had given her a necklace then. Sure, he was nervous about giving her a necklace, but that was nothing compared to what tonight would be like.

He was staying at what used to be the abandoned house- now his house- and was getting a blanket out of his closet.

He took a deep breath, held it, and walked out the door.

"Hello?" Aria opened her door to see him standing with a thick blanket under one arm. She giggled and asked, "What's this all about?"

He returned her smile with one of his own. "Happy birthday." She laughed as he grabbed her hand and dragged her to Sunny Hill.

They made small talk on the way there, and laughed at jokes Anwar had said about the weird guy with the afro that lives under the castle.

When they reached the old tree, Anwar laid out the blanked for them to sit on. After he finished, he sat down on it and patted the spot next to him.

She happily sat down and they continued their light-hearted conversation.

While they were chatting, Aria spotted a shooting star and had pointed it out for Anwar to see. They watched it for a few moments before it disappeared.

"Did you wish for anything?" asked Aria. Anwar smiled and shrugged.

"Maybe I did, maybe I didn't." she gave him a playful punch on the shoulder and laughed.

"I did." She gazed up at the sky with a mesmerized expression. He couldn't help but ask what it was she wished for. "I can't tell you, or else it won't come true!" he rolled his eyes at the old superstition.

Aria stuck her tongue out at him, laughed, and went back to gazing at the stars.

They were quiet for a while, but it wasn't awkward. Just being in the other's presence put the other at peace.

"Hey Aria," he finally spoke up. Aria pulled her eyes away from the dots of light and turned to Anwar. "You know how that one time I asked you about love?" she smiled at the memory and gave a nod. "Do you, well… love anyone?" her cheeks turned pink and she looked back at the stars.

"I'll tell you if you tell me."

He gave a disappointed frown. "That's not fair."

"Life's not fair." She smirked.

He smiled at her playfulness. He, too, looked up into the sky. "Yeah, I guess I do." She jerked her head away from the sky and turned to him with her eyes and mouth wide open.

"What? Who?" he could see the disappointment in her eyes very clearly, even though she was trying to hide it.

"Why do you want to know?" She blushed and turned her face away.

"I don't." he chuckled and turned back to the stars. Aria slowly turned her face back to his.

"So, uh… who do you love?" Anwar's smile only got larger as he turned his head to her. When their eyes made contact, they both knew.

"Aria…" She swallowed.


"What do you mean, 'yeah'? I just told you." Her eyes widened as he said this. He laughed and wrapped his arm around her. "Since you don't seem to understand, I'll just tell you, then."

He moved his head closer to her's, and when their lips made contact, she shuddered.

"I love you, Aria." She stared at him a moment longer with a blush still clear on her face. Finally she smiled and snuggled into him.

"I love you, too." Both were at peace, and were watching the stars.

There was a breeze and Anwar pulled her closer.

"You know what?" asked Aria.

"What?" she gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

"My wish came true."

Okay, okay. Back to the other one..