Hi, Twigurl5000 here. I made this story two years ago, as a mere sophmore, bored in the summer time. As you can see, the first twelve chapters lack the writing skills I've aquired while away. I suggest you start this story at the chapter named SENIORS 11. Trust me, THAT'S where all the action starts up. I've actually contemplated just deleting all the previous chapters, but I appreciate my first ever story and all it's cringe inducing cheesiness. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Aang sat at his old computer desk and stared at the blank screen. He had never been much of a writer. He glanced at the clock again. "Dang it," he said. "Two hours and still nothing." He had an essay due for his english class in two weeks and he wanted to get it out of the way so he would have more time to spend with his friends. His cell phone rang.

"Hello?" he said

"Yo! Aang, Sokka wants to hit the movies. You in?" Toph's voice said from the other line.

"Sorry, I have to work on my essay," Aang replied.

"Ugh, you are such a nerd twinkle toes. That thing isn't due for like, another month. Only a total nerd would try to get it done on the first day," she said. Toph was one of Aang's closest friends. Sure she was stubborn, loud, rude, lazy, and a few other adjectives he couldn't mention for the fear of his life, but they had met on the first day of eight grade, and had been inseperable ever since. "Sorry ,Toph. No dice. I have to get this done. You know I have work." He protested. Aang worked at the movie theatre. He liked his job. It paid pretty well, and he got to watch all the movies he wanted. "Oh c'mon Aang, please?" Toph begged.

"Nope. I need to finish this thing," Aang said.

"Your going to the movies whether you like it or not," she threatened.

"Good bye Toph," he said, preparing to hang up the phone on her.

"I'm outside already so just get your twinkly ass down here!" she yelled hanging up the phone. He heard two impatient honks from outside. Aang sighed, he knew it was impossible to win an argument with Toph. He clicked out of the empty page and turned off his old computer, knowing that he'll have to sign up for over time if he ever wanted to buy a new one.

Aang ran down his creaky old stairs and grabbed his jacket that was hanging in the hall. He scribbled a quick note to his grandfather, Gyatso, and bolted outside. He stepped into Toph's dark green mustang with black racing stripes. Toph 's foot was on the gas before he buckled his seatbelt. Aang hated riding in Toph's car. For one, she was reckless, always checking messages on her phone or eating and it made Aang nervous.

"Glad you decided to come," she teased.

"Will you please slow down? Your breaking the speed limit by at least 20 miles per hour!" Aang said gripping the dashboard.

"I'm not breaking the speed limit…I'm breaking a record! MWAHAHAHAHAAA!" Toph said with a hysterical laugh. She swerved through cars and stop signs while grinning like a maniac. She finally slammed on the breaks spinning into a parking space.

"Three minutes and 24 seconds. Yes!" she exclaimed. "You know, one day your gonna kill someone in this thing. Or worse, yourself,"Aang said, shaking all over as he stepped out of the sporty car. "Oh, relax. You worry too much," Toph accused as they walked towards the movie theatre.

Inside they saw Sokka, Suki, and Katara. "Hey guys. I got MegaNerd off his computer. Finally." Toph said as she reached up to ruffle Aang's shaggy brown hair. Toph was a pale tenth grader with long, dark hair that was always uncombed and in a pony tail. She was short for fifteen, only 5'2. Every one else had always been taller than she, but it didn't matter to her. Until some one called her shrimp.

"So what movie should we see?" Katara asked. Katara was a lean, 16 year old junior with olive-toned skin. She had the same blue eyes as her brother, Sokka who was seventeen and a senior. He had his arm around Suki, also a junior, who always kept her brown hair cropped short past her ears. "Oh! Lets go see Green Hornet! I heard that movie kicked ass." Toph said. "I dunno, I wanted to see Gnomeo and Juliet." Katara protested. "Yeah," Aang said, always too eager to agree with Katara. "That looks pretty good," he said staring dreamily at her. "Hang on,hang on, there is no way in hell I am going to sit in some lame kids movie just so you dumb losers can laugh at a talking dog who says 'Squirrell?'," Toph said. "Yeah, we can always see Gnomeo and Juliet some other time. I wanna go watch the Green Hornet blow things up likeKA-BOOOMM! PWEEEM! BAMBAM! WHOOSH!PYOOM PYOOM-"

"Okay Sokka we get it." Suki said covering her boyfriend's mouth so he wouldn't further embarrass himself. "Lets go so snoozles can shut up," Toph said. "Five tickets to The Green Hornet," she told the teller. When they bought their tickets and popcorn they all settled in their seats. "I'm going to the bathroom before the movie starts," Katara said. "I'll come with you," Suki stood up and followed her out the theatre.

"What is with girls and using the bathroom all the time?" Sokka asked shoving snow caps into his mouth. "You got me," Toph said. "So…hows life?" Sokka asked trying to be conversational. "Oh shutup and choke on your candy," Toph teased as she stole one of Sokka's Dibs. "I have to pee," she said as she stood and walked towards the bathrooms. Before she went in, she heard someone talking.

"…..Zuko asked about you at the party last week. Twice." Toph heard Suki say followed by an anxious squeal from Katara. "Really? Damn, I had to work. What'd he say?" Katara pressed.

"Well, He walked up to me and said 'Have you seen Katara tonight?' and I said 'She had to work'. You should have seen his face, he got all sad. It was totally cute." Suki said with a sigh. "Oh my gosh! Then what?" Katara asked even more anxious than before.

"He just walked away looking even more sexy than before. The second time he asked me where you worked."

"AAAAHHH! Did you tell him? What did he say?" Katara said. Toph could practically hear her swoon. Ugh, spare me. She thought to herself. She wanted to barge in there and tell them to shut the hell up and that it wasn't that important, but she also wanted to hear more. She listened in as Suki explained Zuko's response as they tried to decipher the hidden meaning behind his words. Soon, they just started talking about his butt.

"You remember a couple weeks ago when we saw him at the gym?" Suki asked. "Oh yeah! And he was bench pressing like…180 or something. Damn, he's strong!" Katara sighed. "And when he took that shirt off, Wow…. That was almost too much!" she continued. "And he was totally checking you out," Suki said. "No way! I thought-"

"Hey! Hurry it up! The movie's about to start!" Toph yelled finally walking in the bathroom. Their conversation had gone from weird, to puke inducing and she definently did not want to hear anymore. They waited for her as she came out of the bathroom and they walked into the theatre together. "Well, its about time," Sokka slurred from a mouth full of popcorn. Suki sat in her seat next to him as he put his arm around her. Katara sat next to Suki, Aang next to Katara, and Toph was on the end.


"That was pretty good." Aang said as they walked out of the theatre. "Are you kidding me? That had to be the best movie ever!" Toph said. "Did you see it when the car got cut in half? AWESOME." Sokka said using his arms for emphasis. "Enough Sokka." Suki said . "It wasn't that good. It was pretty scary," she added. "Yeah. Well I liked it.," Toph said. "Uh oh, I'm about to miss curfew. I've gotta go," he said. "Aww yeah! Time to see if I can place a new record!" Toph yelled excitedly. I should have stayed in the house. Aang thought as Toph ran towards her car. "Come on Aang, pick up the pace! I thought you were on the track team!" she yelled. "That was last year! I'm in the National honor society now!" he yelled back. "I'll see you later guys," he gave a shy wave to his friends as he ran towards the car.


"Toph, where on earth have you been? And why didn't you answer your phone? I spend hundreds of dollars on that damned iPhone and you don't even answer when I call. As a mother, I'm almost offended," Toph's mother,Poppy, said as she waited for her daughter to hang up her jacket.

"Mom relax. I told you I was going to the movies." Toph said. "No" Poppy said, "you ran out of the house yelling 'Bye mom!' That hardly counts as an explanation to where you've been. I was worried sick!" her mother exclaimed.

"Yeah, well …sorry. Look, I'm pretty tired so I'm just gonna hit the sac, alright?" Toph said climbing the vast staircase in the foyer to the mansion where she lived. "Fine. Don't let it happen again, Toph. I mean it." Poppy called from the bottom of the stairs. But Toph had already ran up to the third floor to her messy room. Clothes and CD's were scattered making the floor hardly visible. Toph plopped down on her dark, sea green comforter and closed her eyes, dreaming of laser cannons and exploding cars.