okay, for any of those who have read "Inuyasha's Son" I"m redoing it cause that was my first attempt after my writing skills have improved a bit... And for the record I'm teaching myself in writing till I can go to a good collage... anyway, enough with the authors note, here's the story!

The battle for the jewel was complete. The jewel had disappeared along with Naraku. Kagome had wished for the jewel to disappear. Where ever it was, it was hard to say. There was nothing but peace now with Inuyasha and his friends. Miroku and Sango were now married. Kagome and Inuyasha were expecting a baby. Inuyasha was very happy to be a father. He knew that he would protect his child with his life, along with protecting his mate.

Time had passed since Naraku's disappearance. No one knew where the half demon was but they didn't care. For he hasn't shown his ugly mug at all. Kagome and Inuyasha were outside, under the god tree. Inuyasha held his young son. Their son was only a few months old but they haven't thought of a name for him yet. They just couldn't decide. But then, Inuyasha handed their son to Kagome. Something was wrong!

He could sense a demon coming. And coming fast. There was no telling what this demon could be.

"Go to the well!" Screamed Inuyasha.

"I won't leave you!" Screamed Kagome.

"You have too! Our son has to live! Along with you Kagome! I can't lose either one of you! Go! Please!" Replied Inuyasha.

Kagome didn't want to leave him. But she knew that he was right. Sure, their son was a half demon. But he was still to young to survive this kind of battle that was dawning upon Inuyasha. So, Kagome did the only thing that she could've done. And that was to run to the well. Without the jewel, there was no way that she could return. For, the well had no sealed itself. Her only way back was Inuyasha. But... he was in a battle, that the outcome would become a mystery.

There were no sounds at this time of the night. It was dark, cold and quite. The only sound that was made was the sound of the crickets. But, through the darkness was the sound of a baby's wail. Kagome stared at her son as she said with a small smile "we haven't named you yet... Your father... and I just couldn't agree on a name... Cause you were a blessing to us... But no name sounded right..."

She sighed to herself as she gazed at her son's face, that looked so much like his fathers. Kagome kept her small smile as she said "you look so much like him... There are no other names that seem to fit you... but one... You're my little boy... My little Inuyasha..."

15 Years Later

A young teen is walking down the streets of Tokyo. His hair was long and silver, with two black stripes in it. His hair was just past is waist but the black stripes were only a few inches from the bottom. His clothing was a red shirt, blue jeans and a black baseball cap. His golden eyes stared at the streets of the city. The fumes from cars hurt his sensitive nose as he breathed in the air.

All this teen could do was stare at the sky, thinking, wondering why he was the way he is... Wondering why he has... sesnes that no one else has. He has super strength, speed, and a great sense of smell and hearing. These were powers that no human could have... These... these were powers that something... unhuman would posses.

'What am I?' Thought the silver haired teen. All his life, he had wondered the same thing. What he was... He wasn't sure what the hell he was... His mother... a very kind and normal woman... But his father... he wasn't so sure... For he's never met him... Why was that? Didn't his father want him? Did he even want to stay with his mother...? Those were one of the many things he wished to know, but never got a straight answer...

"Yo Inu! Wait up!" Screamed a males voice.

The teen turned around to see a boy with short black hair and blue eyes running up to him. The other teenager is wearing a purple shirt with black jeans. The silver teen calmly asked "hey Takai, what's up?"

"Same old. Spending time with my old man when I get home." Replied Takai.

Takai saw the sadden look in his friends golden eyes as he said "I'm sorry dude... I... I keep forgetting that you don't have your dad around... I mean..."

"It's okay Takai... It isn't your fault... I guess my old man just didn't care about me... Or my mom..." Replied the silver haired teen. Takai could only sigh. He's heard this ever since he first met Inu. There was no mistaken it. Inu just couldn't get over the fact that he didn't have a dad... They just couldn't get over that, and Inu's mother hasn't dated once. It was like she was still in love with Inu's father...

Inu stared at the sky as he said "I'm just gonna head home. I promised my mom that I would go home after school before I go to help my uncle at the shrine." Takai could only nod. Inu was a strange guy. Not including his heritage. In fact, the only people that knew about Inu's abilities were himself, and Inu's family. Takai is Inu's only friend... No one, could ever accept Inu for who or what he is... Takai only had once wish and that was for his best friend, to find the happiness that he deserves...

"I'm home!" Screamed Inu as he kicked his shoes off at the door and replaced them with blood red slippers. Inu walked into the kitchen and the only person in the house was a woman with long black hair, the same length as his own. She was wearing a long green dress. The woman hummed a lovely tune as she was cooking.

Inu could only smile as he said "hey mom."

The woman turned around as she stared at her son. She has chocolate brown eyes as she said "oh Inu! Your home. Your Uncle Souta called. He said to come to the shrine as soon as you can. Also, he said to bring that red kimono of yours this time."

Inu could only smile at his mother. Even though her smiles were always fake when she stared at him. He couldn't help but smile. His mother was the only person in the world that he wants to help. After all, he only wants her to be happy... Truly happy... He had suggested for her to date, but she always said the same thing, and that was "I'm sorry Inu... But I can't date..."

But he would always ask her "why? Are you still in love with the old man? The one who left you alone to raise me?! The freak with the dog ears!" But he couldn't bring himself to hate her. After all, he couldn't help with who she loves or doesn't love... Inu slowly took his hat off, to show that he has two silver dog ears, the stripes in his hair were also on his ears. They started at the tip of his ears and down to only stop a few inches from the bottom.

His mother kept her smile up as she said "I made your favourite, ramen."

Inu couldn't help but jump for joy. Ramen, his favourite meal in the world. Running upstairs to get rid of his bag, to only run back down and sat at the table. Inu was slightly jumping in his seat as he waited for his mother to hand him his cup of ramen. But, as he stared at his mother, he couldn't help but stare at her. Deep in her eyes, was the sadness that he knew so well... The sadness that she used on him every time... every time that she would look at him... He never truly understood why she stared at him like that...

But... he wants to know... He really wants to know... His mother was grabbing her purse as she said "I have to leave Inu. I got called a little while ago... The hospital needs me to help them with a elderly woman. I know it's short notice but I hope you understand...." Before she could leave, there was a sound. The sound of her son's claws tapping the table. She didn't turn to face him. Knowing that he wanted to ask her something...

"Mom... tell me something about my father... Please..." Asked Inu.

"I'm sorry... But I can't..."

Smacking the table as he stood, Inu screamed "WHY THE HELL NOT! I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW WHO THE HELL MY FATHER IS AND YOU WON'T TELL ME A DAMN THING! I'VE NEVER SEEN PICTURES! OR ANYTHING! NO NAME! NO INFORMATION OF WHO HE IS! WHY DON'T YOU TELLME!!!!" What he saw next, was what shocked him. His mother turned around with tears in her eyes. Inu, slowly sat back down as he stared at his mother with wide shocked eyes.

"All I can say about your father... Is that you don't just look like him... But you can also act like him..." With that said, she walked out the door. Leaving a very shocked teen.

Inu just sat at the table. Eating his ramen. There was nothing he could do now... He's never yelled at his mother before... Let alone make her cry... 'How could I have been so selfish...? Asking about my father when talking about him upsets her... I should be ashamed with myself...!'When he finished his ramen, he grabbed his hat, his kimono and walked out the house and locked it on his way out.

Inu slowly walked through the streets of the city. There was no mistaken it... Now he knew why his mother was always sad when she stared at him... It was because he looked like his father... And almost acted like him... It does explain a lot... But does his father... have the ears? Claws? Fangs? Silver hair and dog ears? And everything else that he can do that no one else can? Maybe he has more questions then before. And very few answers...

Inu had slowly walked up the stairs to the shrine. He hadn't realized how far he had walked. Must have been in very deep thought to not have noticed this. He walked into the house and said "Uncle Souta, I'm here!"

A young looking man walked into the hall. He had short brown hair, and the same chocolate brown eyes as his mother. The man also wore a red and white priest kimono. Inu just stared at his uncle as he said "I didn't have enough time to change... So, I just brought my kimono here. You don't mind if I change here do you?"

Souta shook his head as Inu walked upstairs to the spare room. There was no mistaken it. Souta had seen the look on Inu's face. The look that Inu has when he's thinking about something he regrets. As soon as Inu walked down, his uncle asked "what happened this time Inuyasha?"


"You can't lie to me, tell me right now what happened!" Screamed Souta.

Inu sighed as he explained everything that happened at home. Demanding about his father, making his mother cry and about what she said to him before she left for work. Souta calmly listened as Inu explained all that has happened. And of course, Souta could understand all that's happened. For he too, had suffered growing up with out his father.

"I didn't mean to make her cry Uncle... Really I didn't... I just wanted to know about my father... I didn't mean to lose my temper..." Said a shamed Inu.

Souta calmly said "I can understand that Inu. You wanted to know about your father. It's understandable. Just give Kagome more time and she'll tell you alright?"

Inu could only sigh. This was the same thing that he was told when he was a child. He waited alright. But it still got him no where. His mother, will never tell him about his father... Never... Souta calmly said "how about you go and get a old vase for me in the shed. I need to clean that out so we can sell it later."

Inu nodded and ran toward the shed. He knew everything about the shrine inside out. After all, he spent most of his childhood here at this very shrine when his mother had to work. It was better to grow up here, even if he didn't have friends at the time. But as he walked, he could hear a voice. One from long ago. He could have sworn that he's heard the voice before. But he wasn't sure where...

"Go to the well!" Screamed a voice.

"I won't leave you!" Screamed another.

"That's mom's voice... What's going on?" Asked Inu.

"You have too! Our son has to live! Along with you Kagome! I can't lose either one of you! Go! Please!"Replied the mysterious voice.

The voice sounded so familiar to Inu. It said to go to the well... when it was talking to his mother... It must have been a memory that was buried deep within his mind. Walking to the well house, hoping that maybe he would find something in there. Sliding the door open, there was nothing but darkness. The room was filled with not just darkness, but dust, cobwebs and the strange smell... A very old scent that he wasn't sure of... But one scent was his mothers... And... his?

What was his own scent doing here? That doesn't make sense! Slowly, Inu made his way to the well. Maybe he would find something inside the well. At least, he hoped... When he looked inside the well, there was nothing. "What the hell was that voice I heard?" Asked Inu. Sighing to himself, he was about to go back to the stairs in the small house. But suddenly, he felt dizzy.

Everything in the room was spinning. He couldn't think. Everything just went fuzzy. Inu took a few steps back, and hit the well. Causing him to fall backwards, into the well. The last thing he could remember seeing, was his uncle. Running toward him, with his arm stretched out hoping to catch him. His uncle screamed out "INUYASHA!!!!"

After that, there was nothing. Inu had passed out. His mind was surrounded by nothing, but the darkness that lived in his heart, his soul... The darkness of being alone...