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Colby hadn't been feeling well following his unscheduled meeting with the spill waters of the dam. He had a minor concussion but as this receded over the following days a nagging cough had taken its' place.


"Yeah Don?" Colby winced as his bosses shout cut through the haze of fatigue and pain he was in. He wasn't going to let on that he had seen his doctor and been told that the persistent pain in his chest was pleurisy brought on by one of his collisions with the spill way walls and that not only did every cough make him want to curl up and die but breathing was no walk in the park either.

"Go home you look like crap and sound even worse"

"Yeah Granger, " Megan piped up, "quit barking at us and spreading your germs."

"I'm fine Don, I just need some more cough meds, David is grabbing some on his way back from CalSci".

Don gave his agent a raised eyebrow, shrugged and carried on with his report. "Your choice, don't say I don't look out for ya man."


David returned with the cough medswhich Colby snagged gratefully and took a large swig out of the bottle, sighing carefully when he had finished looking pleased with himself when he didn't cough. Not two minutes later a call came in and the team saddled up and went out into the night, Colby tucking the bottle in his pocket.


"What do you need from us Officer?" Don asked speculatively.

"I didn't want to drag you guys out here for a car accident but the driver of the vehicle insisted, he was pulled from the vehicle barely conscious but passed out soon after, he has been identified as a federal judge, hence the call Agent Eppes, vics' name is Edward Manner".

"Who is in the back of your squad car Officer?" Don asked.

"The victim's daughter, in the back of the vehicle, unharmed with her nanny, a Miss.....Trent, they haven't said a word to anyone since we got here" The officer said, once again consulting his notes.

Dons gut was telling him something, the car front ended into a tree on a straight road on a clear night and the victim was a federal judge.

"I think it would be best if we could get Carrie and Miss Trent checked out at the emergency room and see if we can get them talking. We also need to see if Mr Manner is awake so we can asked him what exactly happened. COLBY, MEGAN" Don called across the road.

"Yeah Don?" Colby said, a slight cough following his answer as he trotted across the road with Megan at his heels.

"Can you take the victims daughter, Carrie and her nanny Miss Trent to the emergency room, they haven't spoken to anyone, see what you can get. Megan you go with him." Don was sure with his two best interviewers he was bound to get something.

With that Don watched his agents drive off with their charges. "David, Officer Buchanan, lets get going with the scene, it's going to get hot out here in an hour or two."

"Hot Agent Eppes? Damn hot, hotter than a snakes ass in a wagon rut." The officer quipped, non of them realising just how much of a problem that the heat would prove to be.

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