Fangs & Fins

Rose remembered the day her mother was killed quite well because it had been the day she had met Lewis.
Rose's mother had taken Rose and her little brother Elliot to the Fun Fair at Lily's school. Lily had helped organize the fair and was eager to show it to her family.
Though Rose secretly admired her 12-year-old sister, she pretended that she completely loathed the Fair and all the people who set it up when she really found all the different colors, stands, and people fascinating.
Lily was stationed at the climbing structure. It was pretty impressive, Rose thought. She stuck her hands in the pockets on her dress and stared at the structure.
Lily was shooting a glance at the boy next to her. He was blond, like Lily and Rose but was taller than both of them.
"Mum, this is Lewis Williams. He helped raise the money to get the structure here. Lewis, this is my mum, my sister Rose, and my brother Elliot."
"I'm four", Elliot said. He swayed a bit on the spot.
Rose found this strange, Elliot was quiet and never handled strangers well. Maybe he just had a good feeling about Lewis.
"Nice to meet you Elliot", Lewis said. He held out his hand and Elliot shook it. Lewis offered his hand to Rose.
"You must be Rose."
"Yeah." Rose gave Lewis' hand a good shake.
"Mommy I want to climb that", Elliot said. He pointed at the structure behind the table Lewis and Lily were sitting at.
Rose's mother took Elliot's hand. "We're going to go climb the structure. Rose do you want to wait on the stairs for us with Lily and Lewis? We'll be right back."
Rose's mom paid Lewis for the tickets and she and Elliot headed up the structure.
That was the last thing her mom said.
Rose sighed dramatically. Lewis was calculating how much money they had made in the last hour and Lily was rocking back and forth on her heals. Rose sighed and did what Elliot had done and swayed on the spot.
Lily and Lewis were discussing the amount of cash the structure had brought in. Rose found this rather boring. She snuck around Lewis and headed for the stairs.
Rose raced up the stairs as fast as she could. They were gray and metal and looked easy to slide off of, but she didn't care. She went up about forty stairs till she came to a small platform. The platform had a big metal chain in front of it with a "Closed" sign taped into it.
That was weird. Rose knew her mom and Elliot would be back by now if it was closed. And she hadn't run into them on the stairs. Maybe they had been the last ones to go before the structure closed.
Rose slipped under the chain and weaved her way around the little platform. There was a chair, the entrance to the structure, and a window with a metal linked screen, that opened into another room. Rose looked through the links and saw a man.
He was wearing a trench coat, even though it was hot outside, along with long black pants. He had his arms and head bent over something. His body was at a weird angle so Rose couldn't see what he was leaning over. She put her nose against the window and stood on her toes to see what it was.
At first, Rose couldn't tell what it was. Whatever it was, it was very pale and tiny.
The man was eating Elliot!
She took a step back and her leg hit the seat of the chair. The chair slide back and hit the chain. The chain wasn't hooked on all the way and the chair fell down the stairs, making a lot of noise in the process.
Rose froze. The man was slowly turning around. He had dark hair, dark eyes, and was very good looking.
He fixed his glare on Rose and she felt her heart beat faster than it ever had before. His mouth was bloody'
"ROSE!" a female voice screamed.
Rose looked on the floor at Elliot. He looked completely colorless, like someone had completely drained his little body of blood. Next to where Elliot was set on the floor, the man was sucking the blood out of her mother.
The man hadn't been eating Elliot, he had been sucking the blood out of him!
Rose started to shake all over. Lily had read her stories about vampires. They had always thought they weren't real.
"LILY!" Rose screamed, running down the stairs.
She nearly slipped on the metal a few times, but made it down to Lily. Lewis wasn't there, so Rose assumed he was taking a break.

"Lily, Lily! You have to come quick. It's Mum and Elliot! He was eating Elliot, and then he went after Mum! Oh, Lily, you have to come quick!" Rose panicked, her mouth rambling a mile a minute.
"Calm down Rose. What is going on? Who's eating Elliot?" Lily said, trying to calm her younger sister down.
Nothing could calm Rose down; not after what she saw.
Rose tried to speak more slowly so Lily could understand her. "It's Mum and Elliot. A man was eating them!"
"What? That's ridiculous! I'm sure you were imagining things." Lily assured her.
"No, this is real. Elliot and Mum are dead! I'll show you!" Rose grabbed Lily's arm and dragged up those forty stairs.
"This is ridiculous, we're wasting time! I'm sure Mum is very worried about us." Lily kept coming up with excuses the closer they got to that wretched room. The room where Rose saw her mother and brother eaten to death.
When they had arrived, Rose was hesitant on what she might find. She couldn't bare to look at her mother and brother in such a way. What she had already seen was traumatizing. Rose opened the screen and saw heaps and heaps of bodies laying everywhere. It was madness!
Rose looked at her loving sister's face. Her face was full of fear and despair.
Ten and twelve year olds shouldn't have to put up with this.
They both scanned the room to see if they could spot their brother and mother.
No where in sight.
Off in a distance, away from where Rose and Lily currently stood, a boy was helping his father.
But this was no ordinary father and son. They were vampires. The same that killed Rose and Lily's mother and brother. And what this boy was doing was helping his father get rid of the bodies.
"Now son, now that you saw how to attack a human and get your own blood, do you think you're up for it?"
The boy was unable to say anything at first; afraid of what his father would say.
"James! Didn't you hear me!?" his father yelled.
His father tended to be furious with him on many occasions.
"Y-y-y-es father, I did." James said, his lip quivering with fear.
"And, I think it's wrong. Nobody should go through this kind of pain. It's cruel!"
"Well, you better man up, because from now on, I won't be supplying blood." James' father yelled. "Do something about her will you?"
And with that his father was off.
Probably to kill more innocent people, James thought.
Why must he be a vampire? Why him? He wasn't special. He didn't ask for this. All he wanted was to be a normal ordinary boy.
He did as his father was told. He dragged the corpse of the woman outside near the fire pit.
While doing so, Rose and Lily were still trying to see if they could locate anything within sight in that room. Apparently the vampire that had killed their mother and brother was long gone. But the question still remained: Where were their mother and Elliot?
"Wait. Did you see that?" Rose asked. She could have sworn she saw someone dragging something. But it was much too dark and she couldn't see very well.
"I can't see a thing, Rose." Lily explained, hating this by the minute.
Rose started to get up to take a step into the room.
Lily noticed what she was doing and yelled at her through gritted teeth, "What are you doing? I am not just going to let you get killed too!"
"I have to know what's going on." Rose said.
And with that she was off. Not even bothering to listen to Lily's reaction.
As she went further and further into the room she noticed a light. That light must lead to somewhere outside.
And as a matter of fact it did. Soon she was outside and still trying to locate where her now dead mother and brother were.
Meanwhile, with James, every second he was dragging that corpse, the more guilt that had overcome him. This poor woman had died and for what? She didn't do anything wrong.
James jumped at the sound of the sudden noise. "What the-" He looked to the back of him, where the corpse lay, and scrimmaged through the ground, trying to find where the noise had come from.
Clink! His hand was resting on what looked like a piece of jewelry. He held it up. It was a locket of some sort with a purple gem in the middle.
This must have been on the woman's neck, he thought.
He figured it'd be best if he would keep it. It might be worth something one day. And it was the least he could do, saving this rare piece of jewelry that probably meant a lot to the woman.
He was about to start dragging her to the fire pit again when he heard a scream.
He looked in front of him.
The scream had come from a little girl that looked to be the same age as him. Blonde curly hair tied back into braids. And those eyes, he will never forget those ocean blue eyes. What should have been filled with happiness was filled with dread. He realized this was a relative of hers and he couldn't continue dragging this body to the fire pit.
So he did what he only could.
He ran, ran as fast as he could.

Chapter 1: "The Present"

6 years later

Rose was sitting in her normal booth at the Juicenet Café minding her own business, as usual. She usually keeps to herself, the hood of her hoodie up, blaring her iPod so everyone could hear every note and lyric.
Her sister Lily came over wearing her Juicenet Café uniform, to Rose's table to see if she was ok.
Lily was the over-protective older sister, and was really worried about Rose ever since she was ten years old.
"Not now, Lily." Rose said, turning up her iPod louder, definitely damaging to her ears.
Lily took Rose's ear buds out of her ears and grabbed her iPod.
"Hey! What was that for?" Rose yelled, grabbing her iPod back from Lily.
"All I wanted to do was say 'hi', and you have to turn it into this big thing. Is everything ok?"
Rose groaned.
Practically every day Lily asked her this and everyday Rose's reply was, "Everything's fine."
"If there is anything you need to tell me you can you know? I just want what's best for you." Lily always was the voice of reason. Trying to figure out why Rose acted like this every day for the past six years.
"There's nothing going on, Mum. Now please leave me alone!"
Lily sat down in the bench across from her.
"Whoa, is that what this is about, you miss Mum?"
"Gee, it only took you six years to figure that out."
"That happened six years ago, what's done is done."
Rose couldn't believe how cruel Lily was being.
"What's done is done? Lily, you don't know what it was like for me. Seeing her getting the life sucked out of her; literally. You weren't there."
"That doesn't mean it doesn't affect me. I'm mortified it did. But unlike you, I can move on. And that's something that you should be doing as well."
Rose didn't know whether to scream or cry. Her face was in distraught. "I'm going to pretend you didn't say that."
"Whatever, let's just drop the subject." Lily explained.
Suddenly, a loud commotion was overheard.
Lily and Rose looked in the direction where the noise was coming from. Turns out a big crowd of people came bustling into the Juicenet Café. Four people had walked over to the booth across from Rose and Lily.
"Ugh, look at them, they're despicable." Rose said, through gritted teeth.
Lily gave Rose a look. "You just saw them! How can you say that when you don't know anything about them."
Rose looked at the four people that were sitting across from them.
There was a guy with short brown hair that was flirting' it up with several girls. Another person that sat next to him was a girl that looked to be about her age, with brown hair that was tied back into a pony tail, seemed to be keeping her distance from the rest of the pack. Rose didn't even know why she was sitting next to this group of people. Across from her was a weird looking creature. In Rose's description of a 'weird looking creature' that was a girl or guy that thought they ruled the world. That everything was about them. The next thing she focused on was her blonde hair that made her look way too promiscuous. She was trying to flirt with the boy next to her, but he obviously wasn't noticing her. That's when she noticed what he was doing. He was staring right at Rose.
"What's with the creeper?" Rose asked Lily.
"Rose, don't say that, he's not doing anything wrong." Lily explained to her.
"Yeah, well he's freaking me out." Rose said. She then yelled across to the guy staring at her, "Hey, take a picture, it'll last longer."
"Rose!" Lily yelled.
"What? He was bugging me!" Rose exclaimed to Lily.
"That's still no way to talk to someone. Seriously, sometimes I don't know where you get off."
Lily was always like this. Telling Rose what to do. Rose was just about fed up with her.
"Why don't you go clean some tables or something?" Rose suggested to Lily, obviously trying to get her to leave.
Lily sighed. "Fine, I'll go now, but I've got my eye on you." Lily then left to see if there was work to be done around the Café.
Rose thought she was going to be all alone as soon as Lily left, but apparently she was wrong. Just then, the two guys that were seated across from Rose, were starting to get up, and walk in her direction.
Oh great, another clueless bunch of guys, saying, "I saw you from back there and just had to come and see you", Rose thought. Like she'd ever let that happen again.
They were getting closer and closer to her booth. Within each step they took, Rose got slightly grossed out and nervous at the same time.
They were now at her booth and talking to her.
"Hey, I'm Ben, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out sometime. We could go to my house and…chill." The guy that Rose noticed was the one with short brown hair and that was previously flirting with several other girls. The guy that was previously staring at her didn't say anything.
Rose answered Ben's question: "Um, sorry but I can't. I don't hang out with guys that just want to get into my pants."
Ben's expression was pure shock. Apparently, no one had ever turned him down; until now.
Rose noticed the guy standing next to Ben started to laugh.
"What? That was funny."
Ben, apparently too cool to have someone turn him down left the premises.
That left Rose and the mysterious guy that was just moments ago, staring at her.
"Oh, I'm sorry I haven't introduced myself." The creepy guy said to Rose. "I'm Woods; James Woods."
"What are you a 007 agent or something? And if you have the same intentions as your friend, you can leave now."
"Oh, trust me, I don't. So, I don't have to leave." James continued.
"Great." Rose said, sarcastically under her breath.
"So, what's your name?" James asked.
Rose was hesitant about giving her name. What if this guy turned out to be one of those obsessive people that wouldn't leave her alone? But she figured she better be nice, after all, it's the right thing to do; according to Lily anyway.
"Rose." Rose mumbled, afraid of what his reply would be.
Rose spoke more clearly and louder this time. "Rose."
"Rose, I like it." James told to Rose.
Rose looked up to see who just said that terrible remark. And she was not surprised to see Ben standing there.
James gave his friend a look.
"What, I just told the truth." Ben chuckled.
James faced Rose. "I think I better go, before this gets ugly."
Rose smiled for what seemed like the first time in six years. Wait, why was she smiling? She's only known this guy for five minutes and already she was under his spell. "Yeah, well it was nice talking to you." Seriously, where was this niceness coming from? Rose thought. She was never nice to anyone.
"Nice talking to you too, Rose." James said.
The way he said her name, reminded her of the way her Mom used to say her name.
He walked away, and the minute he was no longer facing her, Rose's smile disappeared. She was back to her depressed state, iPod and all.
After fifteen minutes of her usual depressing routine, she got up to leave and noticed a single red rose staring her in the face on the table.
She picked up the rose.
"What the hell?"

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