Well after that last chapter I realized it needed a button. Hope you guys enjoy it. On to the finalie. DISCLSIMER: I do not own any of the chipmunks or the chippettes just the original characters i created and the story line lolzpeace

The chipmunks and chippettes wake up in a daze. Grass surrounds them as they each sit up, confused.

"How long have I been asleep?" Simon asks, rubbing his eyes.

"Depends," Alvin yawns, "how long have we even been here?"

"It feels like forever," Eleanore stretches, "I feel so stiff."

"Either way I had the scariest dream in the world," Theodore shutters.

"Yeah me too," Jeanette sighs, adjusting her glasses.

A bell rings in the distance, causing all of them to jump. "Guys we're really late for class." Brittany jumps up.

"Since when do you care about class?" Alvin laughs.

"I don't know, maybe because if I'm late one more time I'm going to get detention."

"Oh please I get detention all the time," Alvin shrugs, "so you bang erasers for an hour."

"Does it look like I need chalk getting all over this outfit?" Brittany yells.

Jenaette looks over at Simon and rolls her eyes, "Will anything ever change?"

"Apperently not," Simon shrugs, "but come on lets go before we're all late."

They scoop up their books and make their way to the building in the distance, each one haunted by a nightmare that felt so real.


They make there way into their seats just before the bell rings again.

"Ok students. Settle down." The teacher smiles, "before we start todays lesson, we have some new students to introduce to our school. The chipmunks and chippettes eyes buldge out of their head as Tiffany, Tati and Diane walk into the room. In a flash they all look at each other, memories of everything that happened rushing back. As the three girls walk towards them, they clench up in fear, holding onto each other for dear life. Is this some last resort to kill them off for good. But they simply sit in their seats without a care in the world. All throughout class, the chipmunks and chippettes keep an eye on the three girls that changed their lives forever. The bells rings and they leave their seats, not even a singl glace back at the chipmunks or chippets. That is until Jeanette grabs her pencil on the floor and notices a note on the floor. They all crowd around her as she opens it.

In neat script a single note stares back at them.

All is as it should be. Enjoy it. Because in a single flash, it can be gone all over again.


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