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Kagome's POV

It started out like any typical week, I have a few tests I need to study for, and Inuyasha is being and idiot; refusing my request to go home. Which of course resulted in us arguing, and eventually me sitting him, and then I left for home.

"Don't you dare follow me Inuyasha! These are my finales and if I don't pass I have to take summer courses; so just stay here!"

Okay, so a week later I'll admit I was a little too mean to him, and probably shouldn't have sat him those extra ten times to get my point across; but I was planning on making it up to him with a whole box of ramen and potato chips.

'Okay note to self, next time I pack all this ramen, make sure I have my giant yellow backpack. Agh! How am I going to get out of the well with this?' I was really cursing myself now that I left my usual pack at home; with it being the summer and no classes, I left it at my house and was using a smaller one that didn't extend to the jumbo size.

Once I had passed through the void that connected the present to the past, I dropped all my stuff on the well floor. "Inuyasha! Inuyasha are you up there? Can you hear me; please Inuyasha I need help down here!"

"Kagome... that you?"

I could see the half-demon peek over the lip of the well, slightly on edge; no doubt he was still shaky over my outburst last time we talked. "Inuyasha could you please come down here, and get this box, I can't climb out with it."

"What's in it?"

'What is this, twenty questions?' "It's ramen... for you," I could see his puppy ears twitch, and in five seconds flat he was at my side at the bottom.

"Why is it for me? What I do?"

I shrugged my shoulders while looking at the ground to hide my on coming blush, "W-well I wanted to thank you for giving me the space I needed last week; I got through all my exams and am free all summer now! I also wanted to apologize for using the rosary so much at the time, you didn't deserve that... I'm sorry."

"K-keh, come on l-let's go back to the village; there's something we need to talk about," he didn't look at me when he said this, which didn't sit well with me. He lifted the box and me with ease before jumping out of the old well.


When he placed me on my feet, and continued onto the village not bothering to look back to see if I was following him; this only meant one thing... or one person. 'Kikyo.'

I tried to get his attention the whole way back to the village, but he didn't even so much as look my way. 'It's the only reasonable explanation as to why he won't look at me. Don't cry, he never said he wouldn't ever go see her again; but why did he sneak away while I went home? She could have taken him away.'

As we got to Keade's hut I couldn't stop my heart from pounding in my chest, Inuyasha went inside to probably stash the ramen in a place where Shippo couldn't find it. But as he touched the mat that covered the door, it flew open and a dark haired child ran passed him.

The kid stopped just before bumping into me, "Oh, excuse me!"

"Izzy, watch where you're going kid," Inuyasha barked, and then headed inside as if it was nothing, which was odd because Inuyasha never took well to children.

The child turned around with a smile, "Okay daddy, I'm going to go pick herbs for grandma Keade, bye!" The little girl took off up the hill into the forest at the same in human speed Inuyasha possessed.

I stood frozen from the moment the child spoke; my heart felt like it was in my throat and I was on the verge of tears, actually I could feel them sliding down my cheeks freely now. 'Inuyasha is... she is... he's a father?'

Note: New little story I thought of while watching the last few episodes of the series... so sad they didn't finish it to the end of the manga or make a 5th movie... it's almost been a year since it was finished... I'm going to cry now.