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"Higurashi I... wow y-you look beautiful," the teenage boy seemed out of breath like he had raced all the way over from his house to talk to her. Kagome was too shocked at seeing him at the door that she missed his compliment and therefore didn't thank him; she didn't notice that his eyes began to roam her body but someone else did. Inuyasha became angry when the human male that kissed his mate the last time she was here at the door stopping them from leaving; he became more enraged when his rival's brown eyes began to wonder down his woman's body where they shouldn't have been.

Hearing a growl coming from behind her snapped Kagome out of her stupider and forced her to address the matter at hand. "H-Hojo... what are you doing here?" She place a hand on Inuyasha's t-shirt covered chest to try and calm the rubbling, she didn't want Hojo to question where the noise was coming from.

"I'm... I'm glad I caught you Higurashi, I thought I would be too late... when Eri called and told me."

"What! When did she call you! Why did she call you!" Kagome was shocked and angry that the other girl called and told him about her business; truthfully Kagome didn't want Hojo to know about her leaving, she just didn't want to deal with it... it wasn't really his business. But now, thanks to her so called friend, she had to set him straight.

It was then that the rest of Kagome's family noticed that someone was preventing them from going to dinner. "Kagome dear what's going on... oh hello!" Mama moved around Inuyasha to see who her daughter was talking to, she was a little shocked to see the boy from her school standing there. Mrs. Higurashi had nothing against the boy, and if Kagome had been a normal girl, she would have been more than happy with him coming over all the time. He was a sweet boy really, always concerned with Kagome's health; he would make someone a very good husband. But that someone wasn't her little girl, mama knew how the other girls were always pushing Kagome into dating the boy; in the beginning she was fine with that. But as this past year went on and Kagome became closer to Inuyasha, the older woman knew the boy didn't stand a chance. And right now at the moment she could tell that Hojo was going to try and plead with Kagome to rethink her decision; mama was sure it wouldn't happy but she wanted to hurry this along, she felt bad for the boy she really did... but nothing was going to stand in the way of her having puppy eared grandchildren.

Seeing the lady of the house approach immediately brought Hojo into a respected bow, "Good evening Higurashi-sama!"

"Hello dear... um, we're about to go out for dinner... may I ask what you need?" Being the nice woman that she was, mama was about to invite the boy to join them but a quick look to her daughter made her rethink that, she also heard Inuyasha growling again and tried to calm him with her motherly touch on his arm.

Hojo was unaware of what was going on around him and just continued with his reason for being there. "Higurash,i may I speak with you please, Eri told me of you're leaving for the states... and of the proposal, I believe you-."

"You believe what boy?" Inuyasha finally spoke up, unable to remain quiet any longer; he wrapped his arm around his mate's waist and drew her into his chest to show the rival male that she was taken. If the boy dare challenge their mating Inuyasha would gladly show him who the alpha male was and he would wipe the floor with his blood.

"Inuyasha calm down please... mama."

"Inuyasha dear let's wait for Kagome down stairs okay, come on," Mrs. Higurashi calmly unwound the boy's arm from her daughter's body, it looked as if the half demon wasn't going to move but mama was more forceful and tugged him along and out the door; for a second there she thought she was dealing with a real dog that was fighting his leash.

Kagome watched as her half demon and the rest of her family head down the shrine steps towards the street, where they would patiently wait for her so they could go... okay well her family would wait while Inuyasha would most likely pace the sidewalk until she was in his presence again. Which of course brought her back to the reason she was still here, amd that was the boy still standing in front of her.

"I apologize Higurashi, I don't wish to keep you from dinner, but I just... I can't sit by and let this happen."

'What? What is he talking about?' "Hojo... what are you talking about?" Kagome went to lock the door and moved away from the house, half of her was hoping he would stop what he was trying to do... but the other half knew he wouldn't. Everything was going her way, the man she loved chose her and she was beginning her family with him and everyone was happy about it... well it seemed almost everyone was.

"Higurashi please listen to me... you're making a mistake!" Kagome's body went completely ridged and she stopped walking which almost caused Hojo to crash into her smaller figure.

Now Kagome was always gentle with him, she felt bad that he had such a big crush on her and in the beginning she thought he was what she wanted too. The cutest, nicest boy in school was every girl's dream come true and come to find out he was interested in her of all people. In the beginning of the year she remembered describing to her friends her ideal boyfriend and she realized that Hojo did fit that... but then that fantasy started to change the longer she was in the feudal era. Somehow her charming, smart, handsome boyfriend morphed into the rude, possessive, yet still very handsome in his own unique way half demon that she was with now. When comparing the two Hojo couldn't hold a candle to Inuyasha, he was still a boy where Inuyasha was a man that she needed... a man that would be able to protect and provide for her and their children, she had no doubt about that. So that begged the question of how was she making a mistake?

"Excuse me Hojo, but how am I making a mistake?"

"Well... do you realize you've agreed to move to the states with a complete stranger! You are not even of age yet to marry and he is far too old for you!"

Kagome turned to face the boy; she felt she needed to be face to face in order for her next statement to get through clearly. "With all respect Hojo but what I do and how old he is isn't your business."

"But Higurashi."

"No let my finish! Hojo, you think I'm marring a stranger, but I'm not... I've known him for a very long time and I trust him with my life."

"But we... we've be on dates... and I k-kissed you at the fair."

"And that was a mistake that I shouldn't have allowed to happen, I never meant to hurt you or drag you into the middle, but I was angry at him that night and that was why I went with you... just to get my mind off of him."

"But I don't understand... you never mentioned another... another guy before, and now all of a sudden you're marrying him?"

"Hojo, I didn't mean to lead you on like that, and in my defense I wasn't really the one that asked to go on that one date... that was the girls' idea, mainly Eri and Yuka because I was worried about Inuyasha. I tried to stop them but they put it in your head and I just felt bad if I doused your hopes."

"Is that why you were so distracted that day, and you left me at the restaurant?"

"I have to be honest with you, a few days before Inuyasha got into a very big fight protecting me and he was hurt very badly... I wasn't sure if he was going to pull through. And then we got into stupid fight and I walked out, I was afraid that those hateful words would be the last ones I said to him," Kagome knew her story was partly a lie, but she couldn't tell him that Inuyasha had a fist pushed through his stomach by his brother and in order to protect her he forbid her from returning to the feudal era... no she definitely couldn't tell him that. But just thinking about that horrible incident caused Kagome to become upset all over again at about what happened.

Hojo knew how sweet of a person Kagome was and so she would worry about someone that was hurt. He was shocked when he heard her trying to suppress soft cries behind her hands but he could easily see her small frame shaking. "Higurashi... I'm sorry please don't cry, I didn't mean to upset you. And I could never blame you for being concerned for another person... I guess I should have known back then that you weren't really interested. I mean if you were you wouldn't have left right?"

"Hojo... I'm sorry."

The other teen rapidly shook his head, "There's no need to apologize... but I still think you're making a mistake; I mean are you willing to leave your family to go the states and marry this guy... what about the age gap? What happens if in a few years he decides you're too young for him and he abandon's you!"

Kagome had to hold back her laughter at his wild accusation, Inuyasha was probably the last person that would do that even if they were actually going to the states. "Hojo calm down, I know for certain that Inuyasha would never do that; and though he may not look like it but he treats me like a princess. He's taking this job to provide for me and make sure I have everything I want... he loves me, and I love him."

Hearing her declaration for the other man Hojo knew now he would never be able to change her mind, "Higurashi... Kagome, I hope he remains the way you say he is now and he treats you like you deserve... I won't bother you anymore... I hope you have a great life," with a heartfelt smile the boy turned and headed for the stairs; Kagome had a feeling that she would never see him again after this.

"So... did you have a nice talk with the boy?"

When Kagome came down the stairs a few minutes after Hojo left she wasn't really in the mood to deal with the cranky half demon. "Inuyasha not now," she didn't want to be mean to him because she knew he had witnessed the kiss between the two; however, she didn't want to continue the conversation and have her family get involved.

"So when do you want to talk about it?" Inuyasha pushed off the wall he was leaning on to move toward her, nowhere near done talking; both her mother and she kept him from confronting the rival male and so now he needed to know what happened while he was out of sight.

Kagome shot her warrior a hard glare that promised a sit when they were alone, but even knowing he was pushing her buttons and would suffer the forceful body slam to the ground Inuyasha wasn't going to allow them to go to dinner without getting his answer. "I'll tell you after dinner okay? We'll go get dessert," Kagome whispered so the rest of her family didn't hear. A little bit more settled, knowing that she gave into him, calmed the dog's rage and he nodded agreeing with her deal so the family could finally head out to dinner.

"So Kagome, honey... do you have everything you need for tomorrow?" Mama was trying to act like the question wasn't anything too big to worry about; she was a very good hider of her emotions. Inside she was falling apart that her baby was leaving the nest at such a young age, and it farther upset her that she would never see her daughter after tomorrow morning. She wouldn't be able to give her little girl the wedding she dreamt about since she was born, and she wouldn't be able to help the new young couple like a mother should and the worse thing about it all... she would never meet her grandchildren, her puppy eared grandchildren.

"Yes mama we do, Inuyasha will bring them over when we... leave." This discussion was finally getting to Kagome; it finally hit her that she would never see her family again after tomorrow.

Inuyasha was the only one at the table able to confirm that both women were barely holding back tears; he felt horrible and despite what Kagome told him that this was her decision and she wanted it, he still wanted so badly to tell her to stay and be with her family. But his mouth refused to open because he knew he was too selfish to just give her up. Knowing he couldn't do what he knew was right he tried to comfort her as he could while they were in the restaurant; and since it would be impolite to pull her into his lap at the table, her grandfather would no doubt have a heart attack, he settled for lacing his fingers in hers as he grasped her hand that was laying in her lap; he knew that was the right choice when he saw her smile and grip his hand tighter.

After their orders were placed and the waiter was nearly scared out of his apron when Inuyasha growled at him because he was eyeing Kagome, the family waited patiently for their food to arrive; it wasn't quiet for long though when grandpa decided he needed to get a few things off his chest. His daughter-in-law was so excited that the two kids wanted to marry that she gave them her blessing without thinking much about it, but he wanted to know what was planned when they left tomorrow... he wanted to make sure his precious granddaughter would be properly taken care of.

"Now boy tell me... what exactly do you plan to do when you leave tomorrow with my granddaughter?"


"Well I'm not gonna eat her if that's what you're worried about."


"Inuyasha what grandpa, I'm sure is trying to ask, is if you would please tell us how you intend to care for Kagome once you return to the past?" Mama was a little gentler with her question trying to calm the boy and maybe give him the confidence he would need to tell them his plan.

"Well... she'll need a hut because we can't stay in Keade's forever... especially when the pups come."

"Pups? You going to buy Kagome a dog Inuyasha?" Kagome had picked a very bad time to take a drink of water when her little brother asked that question because she began to choke and then repeatedly coughed to try and clear her clogged throat.

"Oh that would be so sweet to have a family pet!" Mrs. Higurashi was already envisioning a cute little white dog wagging its tail and waiting for them at the door; she was so caught up with her vision that she completely missed Inuyasha's growl. The half demon was livid at what his mate's family was suggesting, and what did a domesticated animal have anything to do with a pup.

As he was trying to rattle that around in his head, Kagome finally caught her breath, "Mama, Sota... a pup isn't a dog, since Inuyasha is a..." Kagome looked around to make sure no one else was listening or the waiter wouldn't suddenly appear, "A half dog demon he refers to children... as pups." She calmly explained and then waited for her family's reaction to this information.

Of course Mama was the first to recover, and at the mention of children her eyes lit up again. "So you do plan on having them!" Kagome could see her mother was barely hanging on to her chair waiting for their answer, and she was quite sure that when she got the answer not only will she jump up and probably began to scream but the table wouldn't stand a chance either.

"Keh... of course we'll have pups, why wouldn't we?" Was her family completely insane? Not having pups would like telling Inuyasha not to breathe, it was in his basic instincts to breed and yes at one point he was ready to face the fact that he would never have a mate and pups... but now with a woman he loved ready to be his mate his once buried instincts were now at the forefront of his mind.

"Well Inuyasha, in this era some women don't wish to have children and they have the right not to have them," Mama explained, Kagome knew that wouldn't be the end of his questions now though.

"But why wouldn't they, do they not wish to continue their family line? Do their mates approve of this?"

"Some men don't... but some do, some women also cannot have children, there could be other reasons also." The conversation was cut off there as the waiter returned to the table with their food, but Kagome could still see the confusion in her half demon's eyes and she knew she would have to finish where her mother left off.

Half way through the meal grandpa spoke up again since his question wasn't really answered to his liking. "Boy, you still haven't answered me to my liking."

"I already told you I would build her a hut, what else is there? She has my protection already, and I am able to hunt and fish easily so she'll never be without food... isn't that what a human mate does?" Inuyasha was trying to be nice but answering questions while he was trying to eat was pissing him off very much.

"Yes that's what a husband does for his wife but I also know how things went about in your time... men were known for stealing young girls from their villages and forcing them to be their wives, and it wasn't uncommon to have more than one wife... many of the girls were pregnant before they were married if they ever were. My granddaughter will not be one of these women, we are only able to give a small blessing here because of so little time but I want your word as an honorable man that you will marry Kagome properly before bring her to your hut!"

When Inuyasha's honor was brought up Kagome felt the boy stiffen, Inuyasha's word was one of the only things he had and when his honor was in question he would fiercely defend it. "Inuyasha."

"You think I would dishonor Kagome in such a way? Not that it means much to you but a demon mating ceremony is far more binding than anything humans have come up with whether in this time or mine. During the mating the two halves of the soul become one, I will be able to feel when Kagome needs me and it will keep her safer, it will also make her stronger against the human sickness that are there. But seeing that type of ritual will only please my demon half I will also allow Kagome whatever she wishes for it. That is my word on my honor I would never bring Kagome to our home before she is properly my wife."

"Well... that is all I ask then."

With Inuyasha's word and grandpa satisfied for now, mama paid the bill and the family left the restaurant. Much to Inuyasha's displeasure it had begun to rain while they were eating, this meant no walk with Kagome and he would not be able to find out what the boy spoke to her about. Since that plan was scratched they decided to just head home to relax for the rest of the night.

Upon arriving home mama set to make tea and bring out dessert, Kagome and Inuyasha were sitting on the couch while grandpa watched TV and Sota was sitting on the floor with one of his handheld games. Inuyasha was partly interested in the little noise maker the boy had but he was too comfortable on the couch with his mate to move.

Mama brought tea and cookies from the kitchen and began passing around the cups once she reached the coffee table; their conversation before their dinner arrived was still floating in her mind and she kind of wanted to get a little more information. "So um... how many... pups might you kids plan to have?"

This time luckily Kagome hadn't been drinking anything when the question was asked... Inuyasha however had just inhaled about half his cup and was now burning his throat trying to fight from spitting it back out which would only be gross and highly impolite around the company here. "Inuyasha are you alright?" Kagome panicked seeing his face become red, from choking or embarrassment she wasn't sure; however, she knew he wouldn't answer her mother's question which meant she would have to.

"Oh Inuyasha dear I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you."

"No mama he's fine, it's just that type of talk is more of a private matter between husband and wife and not freely discussed among a group," Kagome rubbed Inuyasha's back to soothe his coughs and help with his embarrassment.

"Oh..." mama seemed disappointed and Kagome never wanted to make her mother upset... plus she did say they would tell her family about the kids, just maybe not as much as she originally planned.

She didn't want to mess up the future by giving her family every little detail about the children, and besides they were going to use that bit of information to sway her family if they refused to allow her to marry Inuyasha; but since there wasn't really and fight about that they never told them. "Well mama... in the feudal era you can't really decide how many children one has since there is no birth control there," Kagome blushed feeling very uncomfortable with the three men in the room... more specifically grandpa who was now more focused on what she was saying rather than what was on the television. Inuyasha's gaze was also on his mate, his mind trying to process what this 'birth control', was; he never heard of it before and couldn't remember if she told him at one time.

"But Inuyasha and I have thought about maybe... six pups."

"SIX!" The combined shocked scream from her family didn't really faze Kagome because she was expecting it, Inuyasha's ears flattened to his head waiting for the screams to continue and for mama to retract her blessing to their union.

"Is this true Kagome? Six... six pups, how many do you think would have Inuyasha's ears?"

"Wait what?" said appendages a top the half demon's head shot up at mama's words... that wasn't what he was expecting to hear.

And apparently Grandpa wasn't expecting it either. "That's all you have to say! Kagome is too young to have a kid let alone have six! She's still a child herself and too young to have one."

"Keh... Kagome has been ready to have a pup since her first blood, and considering she's been in adulthood on the other side of the well since she first set foot there, she's quite old to be having only her first pup," Inuyasha was prepared for grandpa's harsh words and immediately went to defend Kagome when he started.

Yes she was seen here as being far too young to have children, from what Kagome herself told him was that girls were to finish school and then they may marry and start a family. That was when the girl was eighteen years, and in the feudal era that was quite old to have their first pup... of course sixteen was old too. Inuyasha had seen many a time when young girls had their first blood, immediately their fathers would seek out a man able to marry their daughter; with the traditions and such completed in a few days, the girl would end up pupped within the year. This would happen rather often during the humans' lives so by the time they were eighteen years they could have up to four or more kids... Kagome was already starting off behind.

"Grandpa, I know I'm a bit young to have a baby but I'm ready when the time comes; I've been caring for Shippo since we met him, yes he's older and more independent than a newborn would be but I know I can handle it."

"I'm sure your grandfather knows you can handle it dear, and I know Inuyasha will be there for you when the time comes."

"Keh...yes ma'am."

"Good... six grandchildren!" Mama squeaked in excitement while cleaning up what was left of dessert and heading into the kitchen.

"Feh... women are crazy, mention one little thing about pups and they get all excited... and she didn't even know that Izzy has my ears; I'm quite sure she would find a way to pass through the well just to play with them." Inuyasha slouched back on the couch, more relaxed now that everything was out in the open; Kagome giggled when she saw his laid back expression.

"See I told you everything would be fine, and mama loves the fact that we plan on giving her grandchildren... even if she won't be able to meet them," Kagome draped the top half of her body over his and snuggled into his chest.

Inuyasha didn't bother to go into detail about the fact that their pups were most likely still alive in this era... he was over two hundred years old and still considered barely out of pup hood in the eyes of demons; it would be too confusing to try and explain it. He also didn't want to give mama hope that she would meet them because who knew where they lived of if they did survive till the present.

"Inuyasha... would you please come up here."

"No... the old man would attempt to kill me, though I know that would never happen... I ain't taken any chances." Inuyasha refused to move from the spot next to Kagome's bed he had been using all week while she slept. Kagome had decided to be a little playful, seeing as this would be the last night she would be sleeping in this room; she wanted to share that with him.

"Inuyasha why not, grandpa won't know, he's bedroom is downstairs he wouldn't come up here... please. Don't you want to share at least one night in a comfortable bed with your mate?" Kagome slyly reached over to rub his ears knowing that would be his undoing.

But she was sadly disappointed when he ducked out of her reach and moved across the room to sit against the wall. "Kagome don't tempt me, I gave my word to your grandfather that we wouldn't do anything until we were properly married."

"Inuyasha I would never want you to go against your word, but a man and woman can lie in a bed together without anything happening between them."

"No Kagome you don't understand, I cannot lay in any bed with you, it's taking everything in me right now just to stay in the room... without ravishing you," Inuyasha's faced flamed as many different images came through his mind about his innocent little mate.

"Inuyasha I don't mean to temp you, I just haven't had time to be alone with you all week and... I miss you." Kagome pouted and idly played with the sheets she was laying on.

"Not tempting my ass Kagome, you keep it up and I'm sleeping outside," he stood and moved to the window to make his point clear.

"No wait! I'm sorry, I won't do it anymore... please don't go."

The couple settled down and Inuyasha was able to return to his post by her bedside. He was only able to remain so close because he kept remaining himself that tomorrow she would be his.

The next morning was very somber, it was the first of September so it was a little crisper out than it had been; however, the light nip in the air didn't detour the family from having the ceremony outside like they planned. Kagome and Inuyasha didn't know how long they would have until they needed to go back so they decided to have everything ready to leave right after the blessing; Inuyasha had moved the bags that Kagome wanted to bring with them into the well house to be ready.

Now the couple stood under the goshinboku with grandpa reciting his short blessing, mama and Sota were the only witnesses but they were the only ones needed anyway. "Kagome are you absolutely sure you-."

"Yes grandpa... I'm certain," Kagome took a hold of Inuyasha's hands trying to get him to focus back on her since grandpa's words caused him to growl and almost lash out; thankfully her touch calmed him like she thought it would, allowing the blessing to be finished.

Grandpa afford a few prayers to the gods to watch over the young couple as they started their new lives together, and prayed that any children that came from their union would be healthy as well; Kagome had to hide her giggles at that part because she knew grandpa didn't really want to say it. There was no doubt in either teens' mind that the man was picturing six little Inuyashas running amuck in feudal Japan.

"Kagome dear are you sure you have everything? Why not take a little food too?"

"Mama we're fine really, when we get back to lady Keade's she is going to give me a few pointers, but you've taught me all I really need to know to cook; I don't want to cheat by using things from here."

"Okay well at least take some ramen, it's Inuyasha's favorite and we have plenty."

"Surprisingly mama, he was the one that shot down that idea when I suggested it." Inuyasha knew how much Kagome was giving up to be with him so he thought the least he could do was give up his favorite snack from here; besides, Kagome wasn't that bad a cook as he always made her out to be, and with a little more training under Keade he was pretty sure she would be able to make better meals.

"Don't worry mama we'll be okay, Inuyasha will take good care of me." Kagome drew her mother into a deep hug, this would be the last time she would see her and so she put everything she had into that one hug, "I love you mama."

"I love you too Kagome," Mrs. Higurashi was half tempted to refuse to allow Kagome out of her arms, but she knew there was a young man waiting outside that loved her just as much and would do anything for her... that gave the older woman reason to allow her daughter to go. Kagome said goodbye to her brother and grandfather giving each a hug and kiss before she finally left the house.

They decided it would be easier if the family didn't see them off, Kagome knew she would cry and so would her mother and Inuyasha would feel uncomfortable with it all. She wanted to be strong for everyone... because she knew the minute she was on the other side of the well she was going to fully break down, of course while Inuyasha wasn't present.

"So... you sure you ready to go, we can stay longer if you want, they really didn't give us an exact time to be back." Inuyasha was leaning against the wall of the well house closest to the door when Kagome entered; he could smell the beginnings of tears but didn't say anything because he knew she was trying to hide them from him.

"No no... they've waited long enough for us and I'm sure the children want to go home too."

"Keh... the pups are fine and the older... us should know how hard this is for you so they can wait; it's not like they're going to leave while we're here... they want us in the past," Inuyasha just felt he should throw that out there to make her feel less pressured.

Kagome loved how considerate he was being right now, not once did he ask if they could leave early though she knew he was uncomfortable with being here. He also never complained like he normally did, heck he even left Buyo alone and didn't torment him, the cat was completely shocked. And now he was trying to make her feel better by allowing her to stay with her family longer. "No really Inuyasha it's fine... I've said my goodbyes and I'm ready to go back, I miss everyone."

Inuyasha didn't want to go against her wishes, I mean he wasn't trying to push her away, so he nodded and went to pick up the three large bags they were bringing with them. He was stopped from his immediate action when he felt Kagome approached and placed her hand on his shoulder; he was about to stand back up thinking maybe she changed her mind and wanted to stay for the rest of the day, but then he felt her lips brush against his cheek. "Kagome?"

"I just wanted to thank you for letting me stay the whole week... I know it wasn't very fun for you with how Sota was pestering you to play video games and grandpa not really happy about the whole situation. It really meant a lot that you were here too," she smiled while brushing her fingers in his hair, coming upon his puppy ear near the top of his head she gave it an innocent tweak.

"Keh... you're giving all this up to be with me... it's the least I could do not to complain while you were here; and of course I was staying with you, honestly woman what goes through that brain of yours?" Inuyasha went back to retrieving the bags, having no problem lifting all three over his shoulder with one hand.

Kagome fought herself not to sit him for the rude comment because she knew being defensive was how he handles things and he too would miss her family. "I still want to say thank you anyway... I really appreciate it." Kagome giggled seeing the red coating dusk across his cheeks, since Naraku's death Inuyasha has been more open about his feelings with her; and now being able to share moments like this with him made saying goodbye to her family not hurt as much. "Come on Inuyasha... let's go home."

The half demon pulled her close and nuzzled the side of her face, "Do you know how long I've wanted to hear you say that?"

Kagome giggled again and wrapped her arms around his neck pulling her even closer to his body, "Well now you will be to hear it all the time... let's go home."

As Inuyasha was preparing to jump in the well, Kagome took one last look at the house that was seen through the open well house door, 'Goodbye everyone... I love you.' She buried her face into her love's strong neck, trying to stop the tears from falling.

Inuyasha, as the time shift occurred clutched on to Kagome a little tighter just to make sure she made it through, without the jewel he was afraid she wouldn't be allowed to cross; but his fear died quickly when his feet touched the bottom of the well and his nose was filled with the clean forest smell of the feudal era he was used to plus the light weight of his woman still clinging to his neck. 'Thank you...' He wasn't sure who he was thanking but he was grateful to them none the less.

Without the buzzing of the city noise in the background or the bad smells clogging his nose, Inuyasha was able to breathe deeper and that meant he was able to indulge in his most favorite scents of all... his soon-to-be mate; and since they were alone he was going to take ever advantage of it. He dropped the bags to the dirt pact floor and snaked his hand around her hips, pushing her up against his body, the other hand was already on her back moving up to tangle in her dark locks.

Feeling his claws gently teasing the back of her neck caused Kagome to squirm and giggle under his touch. "Inuyasha... stop... that tickles. I thought you said we had to wait?"

"We do but it doesn't mean we can't 'foul around' as you humans call it."

"And where actually did you learn that from?"

Inuyasha pulled away from her neck, where he had been nibbling, to answer her, "Sota told me, he asked if we did it and when I told him I didn't know what that meant he explained it... wait till the monk finds out there's a word for his lecherous flirting."

"Wait wait no you won't tell him anything or you'll have to risk Sango skinning your hide... and I won't be helping you if that happens," Kagome pushed him away to get her point across. Inuyasha immediately nodded his head but wasn't really paying attention to what she was saying; he knew agreeing quickly would give him what he wanted faster which at the moment was to be able to kiss her again. 'He didn't hear a word I said... he thinks I'm just going to allow him to continue,' Kagome's thoughts were interrupted by his sharp fangs gently grazing her ear lobe causing her to shiver, 'Okay if he continues to do that...' "Inuyasha."


"Um... are you two done or do you plan on making Inu down there? I personally don't think that's appropriate or highly sanitary... what do you think brother?" The new voice at the top of the well caused the couple to freeze and Inuyasha to drop Kagome, who fell to the floor of the well.

"Ow! Inuyasha that hurt!"

"S-Sorry Kagome," looking her over to make sure she wasn't really hurt, Inuyasha's eyes then locked with the boy who was peering down into the well at them. 'Damn brat... ruined everything!' "You better not be up there when I get out or I'll make sure you aren't born."

"You can't really do that, one if you did Karin wouldn't be born either and two I'm quite sure you'd have to talk to mom before deciding that," Maru smiled down at his father, a sly glint in his eye which ticked Inuyasha off.

"I don't have to ask anyone's permission to keep you from being born you brat!" Of course making Inuyasha mad made him do stupid things and one of those stupid things was he opened his mouth without thinking.

"WHAT! Inuyasha how dare you, you will do no such thing... sit!"



Once he crashed into the dirt next to her, Kagome stood up and dusted off her shorts and t-shirt. "Maru... since you father is being a jerk do you think you could help get these bags out of the well for me please?"

"Um... I can't, but I'm sure Inu can... brother?" Maru looked over his shoulder probably to where his older brother was standing. A couple seconds later Kagome was engulfed in a warm black light that was slightly similar to her own powers yet she could feel traces of demon aura laced in too. Both she and the bags were brought out of the well and placed gently on the grass where she was greeted by both her boys.

"Thank you Inu."

"You're welcome Kagome."

"So Kagome... how's grandma?" Maru's response was a smack to the back of the head by the older boy. "Ouch! Inu what was that for!"

"You shouldn't ask of things that aren't your business."

"No it's alright Inu I'm fine with answering, mama is doing great Maru, she gave her blessing to Inuyasha and I so hopefully we will be able to marry soon. So where is everyone else? How was the week here?"

Maru shrugged his shoulders, "Well nothing really... a few demons but nothing we couldn't handle, some guy named Hojo came through a few days ago with his wife... he said he knew you and his wife's name was Kagome too... it was a little weird."

'His wife's Kagome too? Of course, that explains why the Hojo in the future discovered that family scroll... all I have to say is thank the gods it's not me.' "Really now, I hope you were all pleasant to our guests."

"Feh... if they know what's good for them they drove him out of my village," Inuyasha recovered from his sit and had jumped out of the well himself and made his way over to them.

"Your village huh? And since when has it been that?" Kagome rolled her eyes at his childish behavior, he was just finished dealing with the boy from the future trying to take Kagome and now that boy's ancestor was lurking around... Inuyasha wasn't going to stand for that.

"It's been mine since I decided to start protecting it and it sits at the border of my forest and uses the trees to build their huts and hunts the animals for food... so it's mine!"

"Wasn't the forest named after you because you were stuck to a tree in it and the villagers feared going in there because they were afraid you would come back to life and kill them?" Maru just shot that out there scratching at his chin lightly.

"Pup... you're pushing it."

"What I'm just stating facts, besides the guy seemed like an idiot and when he asked about mom... Inu threw him out of the village, got pretty good distance too with how skinny he is and his big baggy clothes... it was really funny," Maru began to cackle just bringing the picture back up into his mind. Inuyasha was shocked to hear what the older boy did and he too began to laugh, quite proud of his pup and he wished he was there to see it.

Kagome however wasn't happy one but about how Inu handle the situation, "Inu, I'm surprised at you, why would you do such a thing?"

Though he looked indifferent, like always, when she addressed him Kagome could spot the small flicker of guilt shoot across his eyes before it completely disappeared a second later. "He is married and should not be asking about you, and would you rather have me throw him out or have father sharpen his claws on him instead?"

"Hm... you might have a good point there, but you still didn't need to throw him out; he's only human and you're far stronger than a normal half demon... you should be more careful alright?"


Kagome knew she wouldn't be able to stay mad at Inu for any amount of time and it was only in his nature to protect her since he was such a fierce mama's boy, and truthfully she didn't want him to change. "Well... when those two over there are able to compose themselves we can head back to the village," Kagome glared over her shoulder at Inuyasha and Maru who were trying to quiet their laughter but every time one tried to clear their throat the other one would only laugh harder causing the one that was trying to calm down only to start up again. "But at the rate they're going that might take all afternoon."

"Maru is immature... Inuyasha however should act his age," Inu turned and started walking in the direction of the village.

"Hey! I act my age you little brat, maybe you should at yours for a change!" Inuyasha growled, but the other boy didn't show any sign of acknowledging him. 'Are they sure he's my pup, cause he seems more like my brother than me.' Inuyasha sobered up quickly at that thought and took off after the boy and Kagome but first he snatched up the bags everyone else seemed to forget.

"You're what! But why... so soon, I thought you would be able to stay for at least the rest of the day," Kagome was so happy seeing almost everyone in Keade's hut when they arrived.

Miroku was outside tending to a small fire that had a few fish roasting over it, apparently earlier that morning Sango caught him flirting with one of the village girls and now was in the 'dog house' so to speak. "Ah my friends you have returned, how was your trip?" he was hoping to receive some sympathy from the three men in the group.

However since Inu sided with his mother on everything and Maru was never a fan of the monk's player ways, both pups ignored him and went inside. And Inuyasha wasn't stupid, he knew if he spoke to his friend while he was being punished he too would share in Miroku's fate of not being allow inside. "Monk I suggest you not worry about us and think hard about why you're out here, and pray Sango allows you to sire an heir," Inuyasha was careful with his wording, and as reward received a smile from his mate as she lead him inside.

However their happy mood was shattered when Karin's words were spoken. "Mother said we have been here too long as it is, who knows what else has changed from our time... we must leave today."

"Feh... then if your parents are so eager to leave where are they?" Inuyasha didn't miss how their older selves weren't present among the group; and judging by their scents they haven't been there for over a day. 'They had better not be...' He stopped his thought as a shiver ran down his spine, thinking about them in... the act was just creepy enough without visualizing it too; that would be suck in his head all day and he wouldn't be able to look Kagome in the eye.

"Mother and father had gone to speak with uncle Sesshomaru about something and then mother is now mediating in the field just outside of the village, she needs to have her powers at their full to get us back... father is most likely near there to protect her," Anna explained quickly seeing the look on her younger father's face, she wanted that gone immediately.

"So then you really are leaving," Kagome felt horrible, she didn't want the kids to go. She felt so close to them, like their real mother and now she would have to say goodbye; she just lost her family and now she was losing them all over again.

"Don't be sad mommy," Yuki didn't like seeing her mother upset and ran into her arms to hug her.

"Yes momma you don't need to be sad, it's not like we're going to be gone forever," Izzy came over a rubbed Kagome's shoulder to try and make her feel better.

"You're right... but it's going to be hard to say goodbye again," Kagome squeezed Yuki closer to her body and buried her face in the little girl's soft hair.

Inuyasha could already smell her tears and could tell Inu could as well because his whole body tensed; he could never handle his mother being upset. He too couldn't deal with Kagome crying and he planned on doing something about it. When no one was looking he slipped out of the hut, and may his way to where he could smell his older self.

"What the hell are you thinking just deciding to leave all of a sudden!" Anna was indeed correct in saying that her parents were directly outside of the village so it was very easy to find them.

"There was no sudden decision Inuyasha, we told you a week ago that we would be leaving when you returned... you both have returned have you not?" Kagome, who didn't even bother to open her eyes or break her meditation, still had that scolding tone to her voice.

"Of course we both returned, what you think I'd just leave her there!"

"Stop shouting pup, neither of us are deaf nor do we wish to be anytime soon," full demon Inuyasha had been leaning against the tree directly behind his mate, not caring for how his younger self was behaving.

"I can do whatever I damn want to!"

Kagome relaxed her posture and opened her eyes, giving the boy her full attention, 'I swear he's worse than both my sons combine.' "Inuyasha what exactly is the problem?"

"The problem is that you're leaving today, Kagome had to say goodbye to her family once already and now she's going to have to do it again," Inuyasha was worried that everyone being taken from her would leave some lasting effect; Kagome was yet to shed tears properly and that wasn't like her.

"I understand your fear Inuyasha, but she will be fine... all she needs to know is that you are a solid in her life. It will be a few rocky months to come and she will miss her family a lot but you just need to be there," Kagome was the only one that would know what her younger self was thinking, when she too had to say goodbye to her family it was hard... but knowing her husband was there to help did soften the blow.

"But... how do I help her? When my mother... when she died I couldn't grieve and I'm not the emotional type," the half demon looked between the older two for advice.

"Husband... would you care to enlighten your younger self?" Kagome looked over to her mate, which was her subtle way of telling him to get his butt over here and help her.

Ignoring her wouldn't do him any good so he didn't bother to argue with her, pushing off the tree the demon approached the other two," It's not hard to do pup, you have plenty to do to distract her during the time. Humans have specific rituals to marry which you are aware of and so she will be busy with that, also you need to build a hut so you don't free load off Keade anymore," his ranting stopped when he felt his woman rest her hand on his arm, that was a signal the two had when Inuyasha was getting too close to giving information about what was to happen.

Luckily younger Inuyasha seemed to be dense at that moment and completely missed the sign, "I know my responsibilities and how to build a hut... and we don't freeload off the old woman, I protect the village and bring her meat... and you trying to make me mad won't make me forget what we were talking about before, why won't you wait until tomorrow to leave? Just give her another day."

"We can't, we don't know how much has already changed, honestly we should have left right after Naraku's death, giving my younger self that week with her family has already pushed it... I'm sorry Inuyasha," Kagome felt horrible that she couldn't do anything to help the young boy. Inuyasha knew his pleas were going to be ignored by the couple and he wasn't one to beg continuously, he just accepted what was to be... he only hoped Kagome would too.

Trying to delay the inevitable was useless and Inuyasha made no attempt to stop the couple as they stood and headed towards the village; however, Inuyasha wasn't expecting them to head into the forest. 'Why are they taking the long way to reach the hut? Circling the village to enter the other side makes no sense.' His thoughts were answered when he followed and found that they weren't even heading for the village, on the road that lead through his forest towards the human safe heaven the couple turned to go farther into the woods. 'They're not even going, it's like they never planned to and now they're heading towards... the well!' Continuing to follow, Inuyasha caught brief whiffs of the pups' scents and also his own pack... this was it. There was no end of day, sunset goodbye, this was happening right now.

While he was gone to talk to their parents, the pups must have told the rest of the group that they were leaving now, so when Inuyasha crested the tree line he wasn't surprised to see everyone else waiting for him.

"Inuyasha?" The soft whisper of his mate's voice caused the half demon's ears to twitch and his eyes immediately locked on her. Kagome had changed out of her modern clothes into a simpler kimono one of the women had given to her, she would no longer be able to time travel after this day so she figured she might as well blend in now. To Inuyasha himself she looked beautiful and his heart beat a little faster knowing that she was to be his forever. Kagome blushed at the intense gaze Inuyasha was giving her; he was so handsome and intimidating when he did that. "W-Where did you disappear to?"

Hearing her stutter caused him to chuckle, he didn't think anyone caught him leave and he wasn't gone that long to be missed but leave it to Kagome to be the one to notice. "I didn't go far woman so don't worry about it." The half demon approached her side trying to do what his older self suggested to just be there for her. He also couldn't miss that she was still holding Yuki in her arms like a child clinging to a teddy bear.

"Daddy be nice to mommy, she's sad," the youngest pup scolded sounding just like her mother which caused Kagome to giggle and squeeze the little girl tighter to her.

"Hey wench don't try to kill the pup, just because she's half demon don't mean you can't suffocate her!" Inuyasha still couldn't understand why she was so emotional over this, yes leaving her family in the future was hard but this wasn't goodbye to the pups... hell Inu would be returning fairly soon if Inuyasha got his way; so there was no reason to be this upset.

The group watched as the older Kagome approached the well, suddenly her spiritual power flared out but unlike how it killed Naraku the demons in the clearing were not purified or even burned but it; instead it gave them a warm calming effect causing them to relax. Her power then engulfed the well and bathed it in a pink glow for a brief second before disappearing again; the field returned to normal and only those with spiritual power where able to tell a difference in what happened.

Once she changed the well's magic to allow her family to return to their time Kagome turned to the rest of the people in the clearing," It's time." Hearing their mother's call, five of the six pups went to her side, having already said they're goodbyes in the hut... well more like the girls doing it and the boys just stood off to the side.

"Mommy I have to go, please put me down," Yuki was trying to wiggle out of Kagome's arms to go over to her mother and siblings but Kagome didn't want to let her go... she didn't want to say goodbye again.

'No... no I can't do it again, it's too soon, I thought I could handle them leaving but I can't. What if... what if Inuyasha changes his mind once they leave, what if he said he wanted to be with me just to please them? What if he leaves me and I'm alone? No they can't leave yet,' Kagome knew these thoughts were really wild and out there and Inuyasha would never do that, but when you're in a panic your mind will run and you will agree with it.

"Mommy I have to go now," Yuki didn't want to be mean but her family was waiting for her, she needed to go or they may leave without for her at least that was what she feared.

Inuyasha could sense both girls were distressed and his mind raced with what to do to ease them, he even look to his older self for the answer; but the demon didn't do anything to help, it was time he stood up and be a man. Kagome stiffened when she felt two strong arms embrace her and Inuyasha began to nuzzle her cheek. "Kagome... she needs to go," he whispered calmly into her ear.

"But... what if," Kagome was now crying over everything, the dam broke and she hated that she couldn't be stronger.

"I promise you... they'll be back, but you have to let her go first," Inuyasha brushed her tears away with his thumb and gently began to pry open her arms to release the death grip she had on the pup. Kagome refused to believe him and fought to pull out of his embrace; however, after a few more minutes of him talking to her calmly and assuring her this would not be the last time she would see the children, Kagome finally allowed Yuki to leave her arms.

The minute the pup jumped down and ran over to her family Kagome immediately latched on to Inuyasha in comfort. The boy stiffened at her touch since he knew everyone was watching them to see how he would handle the situation, but Inuyasha most have shocked them all when he pulled Kagome closer.

Shippo, who had been off to the side the whole time, moved forward and hopped on to Inuyasha's shoulder, "Kagome... it'll be okay, don't worry."

The priestess' head shot up from Inuyasha's chest to meet the little boy's green eyes, a whole new set of tears came forth when she realized she had been neglecting the fox child; he should have been the first one she went to not the children. "Oh... Shippo!" She quickly snatched the little boy up into her arms and brought him to snuggle between Inuyasha and her body, comforting him like a mother would a child.

Seeing the happy little family brought a smile to the older miko's face as she looked to her mate, "They'll be okay now." The demon nodded and lowered his demonic power that was covering almost everything in the area and blocking certain scents from being known.

The other dog demon present in the field looked to his mate's future self. 'It can't be...' Inuyasha looked to Shippo to see if he could smell it too, but the child was too busy focusing on his mother to worry about what going on around him; Inuyasha also realized he may have never been around women in this condition. He looked back to the older couple and it was confirmed when Kagome blushed and nodded her head. 'She's pupped... seven pups.'

"Hey mom you think this one could be a boy, we're kind of being out numbered here," Maru of course was the first to pipe up and embarrass everyone; this time both Anna and Izzy smacked him of his rude words.

"Brother, you do realize mother has no control over that... it would be father to decide," Karin explained, though she too was angry by her twin's words.

"Oh, hey dad you want to help us a little here I mean come on we're drowning in girls!" Again he was smacked by his sisters but it was his father's glare that ultimately shut him up.

With all questions finished and goodbyes said the younger group was shocked when the family was surrounded by Kagome's spiritual power, and much like what happened when the dog form of Inuyasha attacked the teenage Kagome, a brilliant flash of white light shot out causing the group to shield their eyes until it finally died down.

When the light was completely gone was when Kagome opened her eyes too look for the older versions of herself and Inuyasha and the children that had been coming in and out of their lives for nearly three months but... no one was there, the eight people vanished as if they were never there to begin with. 'They're really gone.'

Inuyasha was thinking the same thing, it amazed him that one minute they were in their lives and making things hectic and entertaining and now they were gone, not even a trace of their scents were left.

It was quiet in the clearing as the six pack members basked in the memories of the last few months and the relief to once again release that Naraku was finally defeated and their futures were undoubtly changed. But the group couldn't relax yet because there was still plenty to do in the upcoming months ahead, and many things needed to be planned out and few things were still unanswered. Both Inuyasha and Miroku had planned to start building their huts tomorrow for the girls and hopefully start those families very soon.

"Well my friends I say we head back to lady Keade's for lunch." Miroku smiled innocently but Sango wasn't buying it.

"What exactly do you have planned monk?"

"Why Sango... why do you always assume the worst of me?"

"Because for someone that is supposed to be a hold person... you aren't very holy."

"I am truly hurt by that accusation, I'll have you know I am a highly spiritual man and practice my religion when it is called for!"

"Yeah... and obviously those times of calling are never when a pretty girl is around," Shippo, who had moved from Kagome's arms back to Inuyasha's shoulder as the group moved away from the well and back to the village, spoke up feeling the half demon would protect him if the monk decided his words were out of line.

"Shippo that does not happen!" Miroku tried to defend himself but no one else was listening.

During the walk back Inuyasha and Kagome had slowed down to have some alone time before rejoining the others; and since Miroku was trying to get back into Sango's good graces and Shippo loved busting his chops with every word, the baby fox demon bound off to join the demon slayer and monk that were heading into the village to continue the bantering; hearing the three arguing even as they entered the village caused Kagome to giggle, some things never change.

"So... are you okay?" Inuyasha's caring words and how he wrapped his arm around her waist and drew her into his side as they continued to walk made Kagome smile.

"Yes I'm fine really... but I'm going to be honest in saying I'm going to have bad days and miss my family a lot more."

"Keh... I'm not worried about it because I'll be there no matter what," Inuyasha nuzzled the side of her head before giving it a brief kiss to show he was giving his word. Kagome blushed at his act and snuggled closer into his side knowing she would be okay because he would be at her side forever.

The couple enjoyed the quietness around them as they entered the last leg of the road that would bring them to the village, when a thought popped into Kagome's head. "Hey Inuyasha..."


"What did Maru mean by he was drowning in girls and for his father to see to a boy?"

Inuyasha hesitated when answering her, should he tell her that they were going to have seven pups or shouldn't he? In the end he decided to keep it a secret," It wasn't anything important wench; the pup was just blowing hot air."

"Oh..." Kagome suddenly moved away from the half demon with her arms folded over her chest, this confused the boy but he didn't get the chance to question her. "... Sit boy!"



"Inuyasha I know that was a lie and until you decided to tell me the truth you can sleep outside," Kagome then continued on to the village leaving her mate in his hole.

'Damn, she better take this stupid spell off this damn necklace soon!' Once he was able to stand Inuyasha took off after the foaming girl, "Kagome come back here!" More commotion could be heard ahead as the two entered the village and took one more step toward their future.


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