Everyone's alarms went off at 6am the next morning. "Ugh," House moaned, reaching over Cuddy and shutting it off. Cuddy opened her eyes and looked groggily at him.

"We have to meet downstairs in half an hour," she informed him. "You better be packed."

"Never unpacked!" House said happily.

"Good," Cuddy said. She crawled out of bed. "Only time for one shower." She looked at him suggestively.

"Hm," House said. "Two people, one shower. Oh, I think I've heard this one before!"

"And we're already both undressed. How convenient." Cuddy took House's hand and led him eagerly into the bathroom.

A few floors above, Cameron and Thirteen were already awake. Thirteen had already packed the day before to take her stuff up to Cameron's room, so she was showering first. Cameron was packing all of her clothes, folding everything carefully. She was so immersed that she didn't even realize Thirteen had gotten out of the shower and was watching her.

"Wow, you're neat," Thirteen commented. Cameron looked up at her.

"Just one of my annoying qualities," she said. "Hope it's not a turn off."

Thirteen moved over to the floor where Cameron was sitting and sat down next to her. "Nothing could turn me off from you," she said, giving the other woman a kiss.

"I made coffee for you," Cameron said when she pulled away. "It should be done now." Thirteen hopped up, still wearing only a towel, and went into the kitchen, pouring a cup of coffee for herself and Cameron. Cameron closed her suitcase and joined her in the kitchen.

"I love it when you walk around in a towel," she said.

Thirteen looked at her, amused. "This is the first time I've walked around in a towel," she said.

"Not the last, though, right?" Cameron asked hopefully.

"Definitely not. Hey, maybe you could come over to my place tonight. We could get pizza or something."

"Sounds great," Cameron said, grinning.

"Great," Thirteen echoed.


The tired and hungover doctors all piled into the black Yukon at 6:30 to drive through L.A. for the last time. Cuddy stuck the keys in the ignition, and immediately, music came blasting through the speakers.

All the single ladies!

All the single ladies

All the single ladies!

All the single ladies

"Holy shit!" House said, turning off the music.

"We must have been really blasting it last night," Cuddy commented. She started the car and they left the hotel, driving through the quiet streets. Everyone in the backseat was falling asleep within a few minutes. Thirteen had her arm around Cameron. House looked back at the whole group.

"You know, they're not that bad," he said. Cuddy smiled.

"Careful, House. You're almost being decent."

House sighed. "I can't help it! It's your fault. You make me happy."

"I do?"

"Unbelievably happy," House said. He reached over and stroked her hair. "Will you be my girlfriend, Lisa?"

"Of course, Greg," Cuddy said, with a slight laugh. It was weird to call him by his first name.

"Good," House said. "And we can reenact that shower scene at my place tonight."

"Sounds like fun," Cuddy said with a grin.

"I'm still awake," Cameron murmured from the backseat. Cuddy blushed and focused all her concentration on the road. House merely smiled and rested a hand on her thigh, keeping it there for the entire car ride.


"I'm gonna miss this place," Taub said as they waited in line to check their bags.

"Me too," Cameron said. "Even though I had to run through the hotel naked at two A.M."

"Count your blessings," Kutner said. "Taub and I had to walk into a crowded bar naked!"

"At least you aren't going back with one eyebrow," Foreman said.

"At least you didn't break up with your girlfriend," Chase said sulkily.

"Hey, you know what they say," House said. "What happens in L.A., stays in L.A."

"I think it's 'Vegas'," Thirteen said.



The plane ride home was not nearly as uneventful as the one on the way there. Everyone was tired and pretty much slept through the whole thing. As they woke up for the landing, Chase turned to Foreman.

"So. You liked Thirteen, eh?"

"Yeah," Foreman said. "A little."

"Since our hopes were totally crushed, maybe we could go for a drink or something tonight?" Chase asked hopefully.

"Are you…asking me out?" Foreman said, looking at Chase strangely.

"No, dude, just as bros," Chase said quickly. "Unless…well, I did experiment a lot in college."

Foreman laughed and patted Chase on the back. "We'll see," he said. The plane landed and Chase stood up to get off the plane. Well, that was odd, he thought to himself.

Wilson met them at the baggage claim.

"Why's Wilson here?" Thirteen asked when they saw him.

"You think I rode my motorcycle here that early in the morning?" House asked incredulously. "Wilson gave me a ride."

"Hey everyone!" Wilson said. "How was the trip?"

"Great!" Cameron said enthusiastically. Everyone else agreed.

"What did you guys do?"

"Um…" Taub began.

"Well…" Kutner said.

"It's a long story," Foreman told him.

"Whoa, Foreman. Are you…missing an eyebrow?" Wilson asked, looking at him peculiarly.

"What? No!" Foreman said, turning away quickly. Wilson exchanged looks with House, who simply grinned and mouthed I'll tell you later.

When everyone had gotten their bags, they all walked out to the parking lot. They stopped occasionally to say goodbye as people got into their various cars. Soon they reached Cameron's.

"You've got my address, right?" Thirteen asked.

"Yep," Cameron said. "See you tonight!" She kissed Thirteen quickly on the lips. Thirteen squeezed Cameron's hand and walked to her own car, which was a few yards away. Wilson just stared.

"Busy week, huh?" he said, turning to House. House slid his arm around Cuddy's waist.

"Oh, you have no idea."

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