Ok....so here it goes. This is a Harry Potter/Naruto crossover. There will be eventual yaoi. There will be an OC. This is all mentioned in the summery...yes?

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There will be some things modified for both the HP and Naruto world, but I'm going to keep this as cannon as I can, while still going out with my plot.

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Uchiha sighed, brushing a stray lock of hair away from his face. He gazed at his 'students', who were currently bruised and bleeding. "Not bad..." he informed them quietly, "But if I can catch you, you're far to slow."

With a dismissive wave of his hand, he sent them away. Six of the seven children he'd been ordered to teach left, eagerly scampering away from his cod obsidian gaze.

The last, a boy who was small for his age, with straw blond hair and green eyes gazed at Sasuke for a moment, before offering him a water bottle. "Kabuto-sama told me to give this to you. He said he had a feeling you'd stay out longer than the rest of us."

Accepting the offered drink, Sasuke surveyed the boy quickly. He still had hope in his eyes, and wasn't half the warrior that Orochimaru wanted. He'd need more training, and to see a real battle before he was sufficient.

Waiting until the boy vanished, Sasuke looked to the sky. It was dark now, storm clouds rolling in rapidly. For a long moment, he felt a pang of regret for the village he'd abandoned. It seemed that in Konoha there was always sun, a constant contrast to the sky in Oto.

Taking a sip of the water, Sasuke stretched slightly, and began to walk towards a private area he enjoyed training at, refusing to allow rain to discourage him. He downed the rest of his water, before taking off, a flash of lightning illuminating the area momentarily as he moved.

He continued traveling for a while, rain quickly making the branches he left from slick, and chilling him to the bone. A noise that didn't blend into the sound of thunder reached him, and he halted instantly. He gazed around, Sharingan flaring, looking for the source of the noise, a person following him.

He looked to the left, seeing a silhouette during a flash of lightning. He took a step forward, careful to stay on the branch, as a wave of vertigo washed over him. Instantly he took a step back, pressing against the trunk of the tree as he swayed. His fingers dug into the bark, as he struggled to stay upright. His gaze flicked around once more, and he was suddenly only aware of the world spinning around him, darkness closing in on the edges of his vision, and the ground hurtling towards him.


Dark eyes slid open slowly. The first thing their owner noted, was the fact he was on the ground, staring up at the branches of the tree. As he attempted to clear his mind, attempting to figure out where he was, a sound reached his ears; footsteps."

"What in the world? Are you alright?" A slightly stern voice asked, even as a shadow fell over him.

Faster than he could consider moving, he was on his feet, back to the trunk of the tree. Eyes wide, he surveyed the woman who had spoken. She was stern looking, with lips pressed tightly together, and was possibly in her fifties or later, despite the aura of knowledge she gave off.

"W-who are you" He managed to ask, sudden nervousness taking over, "Where am I?" He knew they were near a castle, with a lake near it. He was confused, he had no idea what language that they were speaking, only that it came easily to him, words he had no knowledge of swimming to the surface of his mind.

The woman looked slightly taken aback by his questioning, as if the answers were obvious. "I am Professor McGonagall, head of Gryffindor House, and teacher of Transfiguration." She replied, "Who, are you?"

"I'm...I don't know." He frowned with confusion as the knowledge escaped him, "I...I don't remember...."

She sighed, "Very well, I suppose I have no choice but to see how Albus feels we should deal with you." She pulled out a thin stick, and instantly (and much to his shock), conjured a dark blindfold. Before he knew what she was doing, it was tied around his eyes, effectively cutting off his vision.


The journey, which he only supposed was through the castle he'd seen, was long, and the path impossible to memorize blindfolded. Eventually however, they stopped, and McGonagall was murmuring something. Then there was the sound of something moving, before he was pushed up more stairs, being greeted by the sound of several things moving, twisting and tinkling.

Finally, the blindfold was removed, presenting him with a view of a large office, with nearly every surface covered in objects. A large flame colored bird gazed at him from a perch, eyes oddly intelligent for an animal.

At the desk sat a man who's beard and hair were silver and long, but Sasuke found himself unable to look at the mans face closely enough to look at anything else about him. He gazed at McGonagall, "Pomona told me she saw you with a boy, I presume this is him?" She nodded, "Very well, Minerva. I will handle things from here." Frowning slightly, the teacher nodded, but left.

The man turned, and surveyed his guest, cleared his throat softly, and spoke. His voice was calm and almost soothing, shocking the younger of the two. "So young man...Who are you? And what are you doing here?"

"I...I don't know." The dark haired boy breathed."I'm confus-"

He felt a sudden pressure on his head, and in his minds eye he saw fog, thick and unrelenting. Startled he looked up at the older man, their gazes meeting.

A gasp caught in his throat as he saw azure eyes hidden behind the glasses. A memory, so strong it was frightening, pushed itself out of the fog. It's strength threatened to bring him to madness before it surfaced. He saw a flash of something to color of sun, possibly hair, brilliant blue eyes, blazing with determination that mingled with fear, before slowly bleeding into a deep crimson red. He gasped aloud as pain rocketed through his body, a shout echoing through his mind.


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